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Archive of August 2009

Dads weigh in over child support

Mon 31st August 2009:

By PHIL HAMILTON – The Press Fathers are backing a Families Commission proposal for more shared parenting ahead of a review of the child-support scheme. Inland Revenue will shortly release a discussion document on possible changes to the child-support scheme. In response, the Families Commission has released an issues paper that suggests child support should […]

New Dad requiring info on guardian rights

Thu 27th August 2009:

Hi. Can someone plse advise where i can find info my rights on me now being a legal guradian. I have just won access for my 20month young daughter. By the end of the year I shoud be having her on a regular basis every second weekend. I need to know things like ‘ how […]

Change the “Anti Smacking Law” Prime Minister

Wed 26th August 2009:

Written by Barbara Faithful Dr. Muriel Newman has produced the attached impressive editorial on the chicanery behind the smacking referendum and its aftermath. In my view some highlights of it are :- Firstly, she points out that the 54% response rate to it (so derided by the anti-smacking lobby) “is almost the same as the […]

Waitakere Focus on Fathering Week ’09

Starting on Monday, the third year of NZ’s greatest week! Monday evening launch with Mayor Bob, photography awards for local schoolchildren plus Rex McCann and Harald Breiding-Buss, among others, as guest speakers. Free Toolbox parenting nights with Pio Terei, Fun in the Mall at Westfield Henderson all week, Raising Teen girls and Raising teen boys […]

Women who strike fear into their partners

Tue 25th August 2009:

In this mornings Hearld Kiwi women are an unusually possessive lot – if you believe their partners. A national survey reported today by the Families Commission has found that one in every seven Kiwi men say their partners get angry if they speak to other women, compared with only 9 per cent of women who […]


Sun 23rd August 2009:

Hi all Has any body been able to lay a charge against a woman with police on either false pretence, mental abuse, fraud,making a false statement? Or lay a protection order against a woman? It is a long story with me, but the latest is I have had a protection order placed on me from […]

NZers vote ‘NO’ for smack as criminal offence

Fri 21st August 2009:

Oh, yeah!!!! 😀 Almost 90 per cent of people who participated in a referendum asking New Zealanders whether smacking should be illegal have voted no, preliminary results show. When you consider this referendum was about ‘the people‘ versus ‘the state‘ with all it’s power and tax payer money, this sure was a landslide. Read more.

Is Women’s Refuge Covering Up for Ms Lui death

1) In this article Refuge says education on protection orders needed : it is stated that the protection order could not be served on Ms Liu’s husband, Nai Yin Xue 2) In this article Violence in dumped toddler’s family it is stated that Mr Xue, a 54-year-old magazine publisher, last appeared in court in June, […]

Forum of the Family 2009

FAMILY MATTERS ’09 Last year, we had almost 200 delegates and over 60 organisations represented. This is an opportunity for pro-family pro-life pro-marriage organisations, scholars, lobby groups and individuals to come together to encourage and inspire each other, and be equipped to speak up for family issues in NZ. The Forum on the Family is […]

Man’s status now that of slaves

This story jumped out at me yesterday. An older man takes exercise in the Rotorua Redwoods Forest, a huge public reserve. He’s a bit unusual in his manner. He dares to say “a good day for it” to a woman also exercising who passes by him on the track and this “made her nervous”.

$1.5b owed in child support

Fri 14th August 2009:

This mornings Dominion Post Almost a third of liable parents are shunning child support obligations, the highest rate in five years. At June 30, the child support hole totalled $1.5 billion. Inland Revenue is chasing more than $527 million owed by parents, with more than $1 billion owed in penalties. Fathers in Manukau and Gisborne […]

Birthday Wishes for my Son

Tue 11th August 2009:

I sent an email to my son today on his birthday and share it only becuase it will hopefully remind us all what wonderful children we have, I am not seeking any credit or back patting for this, just thought you might like to hear it. Dear *edited*, It is seven years ago today that […]

Lundy Bancroft Seminar – re: Shaping our Radical Feminist Future

Wed 5th August 2009:

I was fortunate enough to receive free entrance to the workshop on Domestic Violence by Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project. My day started with a map showing directions to the venue. OK, so all who know me well know I always get lost and some of you know how I end up far away and asking […]

Male Education Workshop

Tue 4th August 2009:

Are today’s boys and young men more destructive and out of control? What can we do to ‘hook’ boys in to learning and raise their achievement? Do we have different standards and expectations for boys and girls? The workshop will answer these questions by examining a number of powerful ideas. These ideas impact on young […]

Domestic Violence – from Ideology to Inclusion

Mon 3rd August 2009:

Should Domestic Violence in New Zealand be portrayed as men are batterers and women are victims? Should we really be shown one sided abuse through Family Violence campaigns, policies, advertisements on TV and radio? Should our laws, police work and community care reflect this Ideology of men are bad and women are good? Here is […]

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