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Archive of February 2010

Mayoral Father’s Breakfast

Sun 28th February 2010:

Parents Inc. holds a number of one off events throughout the year, the largest being the Auckland Mayoral Fathers’ Breakfast. This event was first launched in 1994 by the then Mayor of Auckland, Les Mills. Over the last 15 years thousands of fathers have attended this hugely popular annual breakfast. “Being a Dad is the […]

Violence will Increase as Fatherlessness Increases – says Family First

Family First NZ says that violence in our community and towards people of authority such as the police will increase as long as we downplay the significance and benefits of strong marriages and committed fathers. “The response of governments, even today, has been more money and more laws. Yet this fails to deal with the […]

New laws affecting men and other social moves

French men who seem likely to be violent towards their wives and female partners will be tagged and monitored under new feminist law. The proposed measure means men who have received court orders to stay away from their partners will wear an electronic bracelet and if they break the order, police are alerted. Parliament is […]

Standard Prenuptial Agreement

Thu 25th February 2010:

Craig writes: I’m looking for a standard form prenuptual agreement. One that I can fill in two names and a date, after reviewing the wording. I’ve never heard of one, Craig. I would imagine that they usually contain details of specific assets which are intended to be excluded from jointly owned Relationship Property. I’m not […]

Angry that her ex-husband had won an order to have the children for the first half of the holidays

A Queensland mother has been sentenced to life behind bars for the gassing murders of her two children and the attempted murder of her teenage son. The woman, who cannot be named, was found guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday night of two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder after […]

Vote for Father and Child

Tue 23rd February 2010:

There may not be many organisations out there who do front level work supporting dads and pro-active stuff with health agencies and other groups, one is Father and Child. In Auckland they are hiring a new coordinator, supporting other fathers groups, encouraging teen dads and helping raise awareness of how PND can effect dads, plus they run the […]

Child Support entanglements

Mon 22nd February 2010:

I post in the hope of the collective wisdom giving me a clue. I have deliberately used gender neutral terms. I do NOT want this to degenerate into a slanging match over gender based issues. The background is real, and very sad. If there is a detail missing please ask. Parent 1 is a US […]

The Tiger Woods Story

Sun 21st February 2010:

Tiger Woods is a victim of domestic violence, but he’s the one who makes a humiliating apology and begs to be able to continue providing his violent wife with a billion-dollar lifestyle. The media have largely ignored the domestic violence, and the public are only interested in how genuine and remorseful his apology seemed. Imagine […]

Men’s Health Australia takes on Minister for Status of Women

A leading men’s health organisation in Australia claims that the Minister for the Status of Women, Hon Gail Gago MLC, misled Parliament by maintaining that false statistics on the Government’s Don’t Cross the Line anti-violence campaign website are accurate, back in October 2009. The Minister defended the misleading statistics in Parliament, claiming that “the data […]

Jamaican Men’s Movement

Fri 19th February 2010:

I think it is appalling when men who study men’s issues under ‘gender studies’ at university condemn father’s and men’s groups who stand up for fathers and men to have equal rights. Women have come a long way changing society for females while men are still stuck in the past. Up until 2004, when a […]

Victim Support Creating More Victims

Mon 15th February 2010:

Victim Support is offering up to $250 to “victims/survivors” of “sexual violence”, towards the costs “of dealing with the immediate effects of the crime and investigation”. Examples of such possible costs are given but the list is open-ended. See the information below. My response: 1. Why has “sexual violence” been singled out as qualifying for […]

Swedish parents pay for nanny state failures

Sat 13th February 2010:

Sweden made it a crime for parents to smack their children. Now youth crime is climbing at an alarming rate. Their government’s response is that as of September parents will pay the financial consequences of their children’s crimes. Read about it here:

Shared parenting – Do you think children have a right to a relationship with both mum and dad?

Fri 12th February 2010:

Lately I have been receiving e-mails from mothers introducing themselves as being in a shared parenting arrangement. It is nice for me to hear this because after 2/3 generations not very good at sharing, we have a new generation mediating between each other well. I am worried though, because I have been to a radical […]

Are women children?

Thu 4th February 2010:

The courts (and feminists themselves) operate on the principal that women are children. If there is something favourable about being an adult then it is the woman’s human right to have it. However when it comes to responsibility and consequences then women will be treated as a child. For example in Britain a man who […]

Should I get married?

Wed 3rd February 2010:

I am young enough to be a father but too old to rebuild all my life after divorce again. I still want to be an involved father more than anything in the world. Until just recently I thought this meant I needed to get married again. However the dates I have had recently have caused […]

Should Men’s Advocates Work as Access Supervisors?

Mon 1st February 2010:

Over recent weeks there has been heated (and often abusive) debate about Union of Fathers’ president Alan Harvey working as an access supervisor. He is not the first men’s advocate to have done so – Craig Davis from Shore Fathers has also been employed in this position, and likewise faced a torrent of abuse and […]

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