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Archive of April 2018

Improving Submissions by Understanding Public Policy Analysis

Sun 29th April 2018:

Many submissions to Governments are based along the lines of “I Want”. These submissions often fail to respect the reasonable interests of other affected parties. As a result, they tend to be less persuasive to politicians, when the consider making changes to Government policies. More persuasive submissions will be based on offering the politician a […]

Making United Nations Human Rights Submissions (and Date)

Universal Periodic Review from NZ Human Rights Commission website This process allows NZ citizens and residents to make a complaint directly to UN. In other words, the NZ Government cannot suppress the complaint. Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights provides a more detailed summary about the UPR here.

I am campaigning to increase child and spousal support payments

Fri 27th April 2018:

TV3 The Project yesterday had a sympathy based item about how men have it so easy after separation and women need more Government supports with no strings attached.

Archive ?

Tue 24th April 2018:

I had a look at the Feminist Art Exhibition, on at the Auckland Art Gallery. It is showing until Sunday 16th June 2018. I was quite surprised that the painting that I thought had the most “feminist” punch, was not in the Feminist Collection. It is in the Main Collection, nearer to the entrance.

The Life and Times of Clarke Gayford

Jacinda Adern is our 3rd female Prime Minister, however what is substantially different is the public inclusion of her partner (Clarke Gayford) by comparison to the husbands of her predecessors Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark. With the presence of social media it has been much easier for Gayford to put his political oar to the […]

The Mothers Project

Sun 15th April 2018:

The Mothers Project: connecting women in prison with their kids People’s right probably needs to be respected to provide support for whatever particular group they wish to. Others, especially men, perhaps could set up a similar support system to help male inmates locate and reconnect with their children, including help to understand Family Court documents […]


Mon 9th April 2018:

Tony Robins is another celebrity to be brave enough to come out against the #metoo movement. He joins feminist Germaine Greer And Catherine Deneuve to name a few. Article here The celebrity life coach told the audience he wasn’t “knocking the #MeToo movement,” but was “knocking victimhood.” He addressed the crowd, asking them to consider […]

Walking Wounded

Sun 8th April 2018:

Picture: courtesy of The Alexander Turnbull Library Walking Wounded is a picture taken by Henry Sanders (New Zealand official war photographer) 100 years ago, at Courcelles 6th April 1918 – who knows if they ever made it out alive, or what their lives may have been like afterwards. It was the title that caught my […]

Nicola Willis and Agnes Loheni

As a result of recent resignations within our opposition National Party two new faces head for parliament from their current list. 48 Nicola Willis – central Wellington 49 Agnes Loheni – Mangere The anti-male attitude of the left wing is well entrenched and well known – if we weren’t recently reminded with Genter’s little outburst […]

Resigned from Society

Fri 6th April 2018:

This is an issue that I’ve been watching for a while but wasn’t decided how to pitch it. Basically my concern is, that too many men after years of dedication to a career are unceremoniously retired from their position based on bias against men. In saying that,

Professor Jessica Palmer

Long serving dean of the Otago Law School Professor Mark Henaghan is stepping aside from his position and will remain at the University for the remainder of the year, while his deputy Professor Jessica Parker will fill the position. Henaghan is not unknown for his recognition of men’s issues within the legal system, and his […]

Judge Stephen Coyle – Whāngai Decision

It is, as we know, unusual to see Family Court decisions in the media. While this one has its basis in a dispute between the court and the Ministry of Social Development over a Whāngai (informal adoption) case I have highlighted the authoritive statement by this judge which I am sure many will find interesting. […]

The Case of Tania Baron

Recently employed as a Police Inspector, Tania Baron’s exit from her position has been closely examined by the media. Stuff News understands: That her departure is related to Ms Baron forming a relationship with a 17 year old boy whom she met at a local cycling club.

Warwick Pudney in AA Magazine

Tue 3rd April 2018:

Warwick Pudney is profiled in the autumn 2018 AA magazine, as part of their feature “We can be heros”. Warwick will be speaking at the NZ Men’s Summit 2018 this Friday 6th April. His presentation is titled: A short history of the Family Violence Industry and a glimpse of the Future for Working with Intimate […]

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