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Archive of September 2021

Complaint about Judge going to first hearing

Thu 30th September 2021:

Complaints about NZ court Judges are not rare. Complaints proceeding to a hearing are extremely uncommon. Last season there were 162 complaints. This year, 363 complaints. Statistics show that complaints about the Family Court have doubled. The Judge is entitled to have name suppression. Judicial Conduct Commissioner’s Alan Richie on his said “On my assessment, […]


This is what separates the men from the women and the boys from the men – if you care about your country, you don’t have a choice but to understand and discuss these issues when politics fails to function.  AUKUS is

Why Men & Boys Are Struggling and No One Cares – Dr Warren Farrell

Tue 28th September 2021:

Warren Farrell is a political scientist, activist, and author of seven books on men’s and women’s issues including his latest title “The Boy Crisis”

Mr Peter Joyce describes the process how he managed and got through false sex allegations.

Bettina speaks with New Zealander Peter Joyce, the author of Dry Ice, which documents the seven-month ordeal which followed a false allegation of historical rape. Peter, a retired English teacher, first heard about the allegation when a detective turned up at the door and announced Peter had been accused a rape by a daughter of […]

Update: No response from HRC so I made this video

Sun 19th September 2021:

Previously I posted the open letter to the Human Rights Commission asking them to do more for men, but they have not responded even though I did send them a reminder. So I have started a video series highlighting their human rights violations. Here is part one.

Gender Issues Around Covid

Fri 17th September 2021:

I can understand the reluctance to discuss covid and the need to be careful about how this is discussed. I’ve seen the situation censured twice recently.

Timaru Tragedy – 3 under 10–twin-girls-aged-3-and-sister-of-7–had-recently-arrived-in-new-zealand Link to Article There are likely many Covid-19 tragedies so far untold, with people accepting their position in the belief that their circumstance was unavoidable until we have a unique tragedy that actually makes us all sit up and realistically analyse such questions. It’s not the first time that an event like this has […]

Covid Deaths v Suicide Deaths

Thu 16th September 2021:

It has long been said a photo is worth a thousand words. I attached 2 photos. And as we already know, its 4 males to 1 female. The Government is trying to save lives, right? If you are male, it isn’t you.

Teenage Boys

Fri 10th September 2021:

Interesting research published about teenage boys. Teenage boys more at risk from vaccines than Covid You don’t see very much of that these days, do you?

Father’s Day Lockdown

Sun 5th September 2021:

Have we ever had one of those before? Good or Bad … how’s your day been.

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