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Archive of Child Support

It’s so easy to get political change? DV

Wed 3rd June 2015:

Greg Andresen, of Men’s Health Australia, is a persistent and sharp political operator. I have heard many men in NZ complain “Why doesn’t someone [else?] talk to the politicians and get everything sorted out?”. If I have tried to explain what is required to communicate well to politicians, I have been attacked as defeatist and […]

Administrative review

Sun 17th May 2015:

Originally when my ex wife and I split we had two houses. One was the family home and the other, a rental we co- owned with my ex brother in law.We also had additional debts that my ex had raked up. So when I decided to keep the family home and my ex, took the […]

Student Loan Debtors Choosing Bankruptcy

Mon 6th April 2015:

The big question here; If a student loan debt (a debt to the State) is expunged by bankruptcy, why does a child support debt still exist after bankruptcy?

How to have a working Child Support system.

Thu 2nd April 2015:

I have been on both sides of the NZ child support system. It is a system that has completely failed by any useful measure. It is an income tax on some people based on their marital status which has nothing to do with supporting children.

Please recommend a Child Psychologist experienced with writing reports for the Court

Thu 26th March 2015:

Hi guys, Could you please recommend a Child Psychologist experienced with writing reports for the Court?

Hike in Child Support upsets a female

Mon 9th March 2015:

BRILLIANT!!! However hard I try not to appear sexist, the mainstream media gives me no options.

What do you call organizations you are terrified of?

Thu 22nd January 2015:

What is the difference between IRD and ISIS? Both terrorize non-custodial parents. One kills quickly, while the other kills you slowly over time.

Examples of Family Court rulings on Admin Reviews?

I’ve been assessed at a ‘potential’ income which is three times greater than my actual income as a result of a staggeringly unfair Admin Review. As a result I’m launching a counter review, as well as taking the existing review to the Family Court to challenge the review findings. I’m needing to find examples of […]

‘Active dads’ could tackle child poverty

Thu 4th December 2014:

Murray has already drawn attention to this article on Stuff yesterday in a comment, but I think it deserves a post of it’s own. It is written by Rene Smit, who I met many years ago at the Dunedin Father & Child group. ‘Active dads’ could tackle child poverty.

IRD… Confuse Say…

Sun 9th November 2014:

So I’m just a little confused with the IRD and how they work out “nights per year” for child support.

Who really murdered the “angel”?

Tue 21st October 2014:

Cold case: Death of ‘angel’ devastates dad – National – NZ Herald News The biggest crooks here are the IRD and everyone involved with the Child Support system. The father in all faith would have complained to the Police, should he have had the slightest inkling of his daughter missing. But the Child Support system […]

Child Support and Salary Sacrifice. Are they F’n Serious!!!!!!

Thu 25th September 2014:

Hi Folks, Well there I was thinking I could salary package my car and try and save a bit on tax and running costs each year. But, stupid me hadn’t realised, until I read the following article , that if I salary package my car I will have to pay even more in Child […]

Non Resident for Tax Purposes. Does IRD still enforce Collection now that she’s abroad permanently?

Tue 23rd September 2014:

Sorry about the boring title folks but I am a bit curious about how IRD can force me to pay Child Support after the mother has been out of the country for a year or more. The mother of my children has taken my 2 kids to Canada to live permanently. All 3 (her and […]

The right of the child to know

Wed 10th September 2014:

Many men who have visited the MENZ site will be interested in this decision which relates to birth certificates. STUFF NEWS artice: the truth will shock boy The complete article is quoted below:

Reproductive Rights For Men

Mon 18th August 2014:

The September 2014 issue of M2 magazine features several articles about fathers, “just in time for father’s day”. One that is likely to be of interest to MENZ readers is by family law researcher Zoë Lawton titled “The Rights Of The Father“.

Robin Williams – A Great Men’s Advocate

Wed 13th August 2014:

Yesterday the world reeled from the sudden death of Actor/Comedian Robin Williams. Today tributes will flow, and rightfully so, from all corners of the earth, from those who knew him and worked with him, to those who respected and enjoyed his immense talent – he was a rare talent that could seize any moment, and […]

Child Support amendments delayed a second time

Tue 12th August 2014:

Child support overhaul delayed Revenue Minister Todd McClay announced today the first of the reforms in the Child Support Scheme Amendment Act would be delayed a year because of the “complexity of the reforms”. “Inland Revenue has informed me… it needs more time to implement the new scheme to the high standard that the Government […]

Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Support

Sun 8th June 2014:

The Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, has asked the Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee to inquire into the Australian Child Support Program. Although it is not clear what the driving forces for the inquiry are this is certainly a far more substantial effort than we have seen in New Zealand. […]

Evaluation of Child Support Act for Children and Parents

Sun 1st June 2014:

4 Objects See: “¢ The objects of this Act are- o (a)to affirm the right of children to be maintained by their parents: o (b)to affirm the obligation of parents to maintain their children: o (c)to affirm the right of caregivers of children to receive financial support in respect of those children from non-custodial […]

Fighting Corruption overt and covert

Sun 25th May 2014:

Playlist: Depths of corruption 10 talks 2h 22m · Curated by TED Corruption manifests itself in many ways, some subtler than others. From anonymous companies to bribes to unjust electoral systems, these talks take you deep into ethically murky territory and offer bold ideas on what we can do about it.

Budget 2014

Thu 15th May 2014:

Budget 2014 The Government has fairly successfully managed the costs and social upheaval associated with Christchurch Earthquake. The budget has addressed large tax cuts to the top end of earners and generally not addressed tax evasion, particularly by corporations and wealthy individuals. These problems pervade the western world, as a result of ownership of political […]

Labour’s compulsory kiwisaver will kill dads

Sun 11th May 2014:

With all the discussions going around Labour’s proposed policy on compulsory Kiwisaver, I was quite surprised there was hardly any discussion around how this would impact the non-custodial parents in this country, a group that consists mostly of males. Labour wants to make a compulsory 9% off the gross wages. Anyone paying child support is […]

Ideology and Dysfunction in Family Law canada by Grant Brown

Wed 7th May 2014:

By Grant A. Brown | May 6, 2014 For several decades now, fathers have faced significant, widespread bias in family courts across Canada. But as author Grant Brown shows in this free e-book, many of the popular prejudices behind this bias simply have no basis in law or fact. In Ideology And Dysfunction In Family […]

Legislation and Policy Changes for this Election?

Work Required to Change to Open Marketplace for Parenting Plan Certification Services Below is a list of areas of legislation needing to be changed. This has been taken from my Submission to Review of Family Court. Please add points left out into comments. Where suggestions I have made are unrealistic or unfair to women or […]

Womens Election Agenda March 2014

Tue 6th May 2014:

A 100-point Women’s Election Agenda Aotearoa 2014 has been released, calling for action on violence against women and many other issues. I don’t think there is a page in it, that wouldn’t breach the Human Rights Act, but for the Government exception. mcb. womens election agenda march 2014 final.pdf The link above was hurriedly password […]

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