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Wed 28th February 2007

IRD Assessments – Peanuts for the Monkeys.

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 11:20 pm

Its that time of year when the Tax Police are busy issuing their Child Tax Assessments.

Don’t forget to object to your assessment. It doesn’t matter if you are unsuccessful and it costs you nothing except a few minutes to draft an objection letter.Its your legal statutory right to object.Objections cost IRD as they have to respond to the letter and review your objection. Every letter they have to write and every phone-call they have to answer is a cost of compliance. Imagine how much it would cost if 1000 parents objected!

Now we are all familiar with the saying :”you pay peanuts you get monkeys.” and IRD has its fair share of monkeys administering child tax. I’m all for being kind to monkeys and would encourage others to do the same. Every time IRD writes to you they seem to include an addressed envelope so why not take the time to send it back to them? (No stamp required!) I would suggest that you put in a little note saying “Peanuts for the Child Tax Monkeys” and 2 or 3 peanuts.

Lets call it a peanuts for the Child Tax monkeys campaign. The purpose is simple, increase the cost of compliance.

1) It costs the monkeys to open the letter
2) Its takes the monkeys time to read the note
3) It takes the monkeys time to dispose of the peanuts
4) It costs money while the monkeys talk about the peanuts.
5) It can be done frequently and targeted at major monkeys (E.G. David Udy, Ken Pope, Heather Styris……)

Compliance and the “Compliance Triangle” is the holy grail of child tax collection. Increase the cost of compliance and the Dogma of voluntary compliance fails to keep the collection costs down!

Operation 2008 is slowly building in its attack on the compliance model used by IRD with the aim being for members to make it cost $10 dollars for IRD to collect 1 dollar of child tax.

Get sending those peanuts and keep reading. This is just a small beginning of that escalating non violent direct action targeted to explode at election time in 2008 .

N.B. No insult to monkeys intended and no peanuts were consumed while writing this article.



Message from CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Filed under: General — domviol @ 9:59 pm


cyfswatch Says:
February 28th, 2007 at 9:16 pm e

Message from cyfswatch:

We did NOT delete the blog – we have made contact with wordpress to try to ascertain what might have happened. We will keep you posted. Blog is saved so won’t be an issue, plus we have the watchingcyfs mirror site. May have been hacked? Not sure.


CYFSWATCH New Zealand HAS GONE AGAIN ???????????????

Filed under: General — domviol @ 7:52 pm

Has CYFSWATCH New Zealand been got at ????????????????????

Its gone again

The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

You can create your own free blog on WordPress.com.

Tue 27th February 2007

Fatherhood and BULLSHIT.

Filed under: General — triassic @ 7:37 pm

The dictionary describes fatherhood as:
to act as a father to somebody, especially giving advice, comfort, and protection.

The Family court describes it as:
all the above unless Mother doesn’t want it, then just give us your wallet.

For the last four and a half years I have held on to the belief that the Justice system would have within its fold some wisdom. Wisdom is the love of truth and knowledge. Our system has little of that. Did you know that there has been no study to understand the effects on a father of false sexual abuse on his children by the mother? Wouldn’t you think that understanding these effects might give Judges some wisdom in dealing with the aftermath? Judges tend to think that fathers are bullet proof and that he should be able to handle any crap sent his way. If a Father raped the Mother of their child you can imagine and understand the reaction of the Judge. He would be sympathetic of her fear of him and realise that a normal trusting relationship would be difficult. He certainly would not accuse her of “not working with him and always being mistrustful of his actions” and then stating “therefore you are not suitable for co-parenting so fuck off” (abreviated)

Take it from me, the family court is a joke and treat it with respect at your own peril.

Here is a summary of what I have learnt over 4.5 years

1. Society does not want fathers to be hands on. Just financial providers.

2. Women want men to be sensitive but just sensitive to their needs.

3. Judges believe that men are the instigators of violence until they prove
themselves innocent beyond reasonable doubt.

4. Judges interpret a women lies as “unfortunate”

5. Legal Aid Services are an agency to help women to destroy men.
They break their own rules in order to aid a woman in “distress”

6. The Police are political when it comes to applying law in Male Vs Female. Misandry rules.

7. The courts are administered in a dubious way in which a Judge can have
transcripts altered or even deleted to stop any enquiry into the way they
conduct a case.

8. A Man’s Human and Civil Rights are only as good as the integrity of the woman he
has a relationship with.

9. Becoming a father is the worst mistake a man can make in this society.
If I had sons I would have them all sterilised.

NZ abuse identification training to help Britons

Filed under: General — tonyf @ 6:08 am

A New Zealand training programme helping to identify child abuse trauma in mental health patients will soon be helping victims in the United Kingdom.

University of Auckland psychologist Doctor John Read has been commissioned by the professional development journal of the Royal College of Psychiatry in England to describe the training programme.

Dr Read said: “Childhood physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect are extremely common experiences among those who suffer from serious mental illness .

“It is incumbent on all our mental health professionals to know how to ask about past abuse and how to respond appropriately.

“Sadly, this is still not the case, largely because of the over-emphasis on diagnostic labelling and medication.”

The one-day training programme has been running at the Auckland District Health Board since 2001.

Funding was currently being sought to make the same training programme available in Britain, Dr Read said.

“We are delighted that British psychiatry is taking the lead from Auckland in prioritising the taking of trauma histories when undertaking mental health assessments.”

The training programme was based on University of Auckland research on the relationship between abuse and severe mental health problems, including psychosis, he said.

Dr Read’s paper called “Why, when and how to ask about childhood abuse”, will be published in the March edition of Advances in Psychiatric Treatment.


NOTE: The comments expressed in these articles may not reflect that of the post author

Mon 26th February 2007

Bradford Bill

Filed under: General — dpex @ 11:26 pm

I remain very concerned that Bradford’s bill is being touted as an ‘anti-smacking’. It is not that at all. This bill will outlaw ‘all’ forms of violence toward children which, on face-value, seems like a damned good idea.

However, what is completely missing throughout is a definition of violence.

Over the years, at this site, we have all read reports from men who have been deemed violent for little more than a look or a huff.

The power this bill will give to the small group of CYF mad-persons amongst the sane CYF workers, to wreck even more families, is beyond imagination.

This small group of CYF mad-persons, which from what I have observed on CYFWATCH, is limited to about 100 out of some 1500 otherwise decent social workers, will have a field-day with this new legislation if it passed.

These social misfits will be able to remove children and bust up more families with even less substance for reason than they are required to have now….and even now it ain’t very much.

This bill must be stopped.

Personally, I have never had to do much more than give my kids the ‘evil-eye’ to get them to understand that some behaviours were unacceptable….but then I do really good line in ‘evil-eye’, even though my kids learned quickly that it was an act.

But I find it perfectly acceptable to force a child away from danger, and although I don’t actually understand why some children need a smack, I accept a mild jobbie to a hand as okay when parental skills, or whatever influence is working to muddle the amazing results returned from mutual love and respect between adult and child fails.

But as soon as that light slap turns into a thwack, then my red-lights turn on. Countless now are the times I have stopped to ask a ‘parent’ why they just hit (not slapped, but hit) a small child, or have remonstrated with a small child with language fitted only for the gutter, and had the pleasure of seeing utterly perplexity on the face of the hitter, followed by a violent response.

But, so far I have managed to talk my way past the inevitable angst of a challenged ‘parent’ and been rewarded with an attenuation of vitriol.

Don’t get me wrong here. They haven’t all stopped to consider the error of their ways and thanked me for interceding, but the F-words and C-words (all adjectives used to describe me, in front of the children concerned) have slowly died away to mumbles and the odd ‘bugger’.

The only people (and I use the word loosely) who have the wish and ability to enforce the ‘letter’ of the Bradford Bill , are those few utterly mad CYF workers mentioned ealier herein. But the power it will deliver into their deranged hands is incomprehensible.

Real anti-violence is not a government issue, it is a family and social issue. So long as families refuse to do nothing it will continue. So long as folk, unlike me, who refuse to intercede, it will continue.

But the potential for family violence which is being delivered into the hands of the fractous few is beyond imagination.


Fri 23rd February 2007

Vote of No Confidence

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:55 pm

Marc Alexander – Smacking away parental rights

When governments start debating what reasonable means, when they second-guess the care provided by good parents, and confuse parental responsibility with child abuse, it’s clear they deserve to lose the confidence of those they purport to represent. They need to go.

If this is a vote of no confidence in our current parliament then there are at least two sensible people left in New Zealand. I’ll support that.

No smacking Bill – what’s really going on?

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:47 pm

The velvet underground-Labour’s quiet revolutionaries

It used to be said the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Now, people whose hands have never been near a cradle are deciding what’s best for children, and the country.

Margaret Shields says, “We began to reorganise the Women’s Section of the Party so that it became an agent for change; through organising, training and encouraging women to take a larger, more strategic role in politics”

She says things are not done by accident. John Tamihere agrees saying that these people think in timeframes of 10 to 15 years. They don’t have families so they plot because they have nothing better to do.

Feminist and Communist Kay Goodger attended the first-ever feminist United Women’s Convention as well as Helen Clark, Margaret Wilson, Marilyn Waring and Silvia Cartwright along with nearly 2 thousand other women.

Thu 22nd February 2007

One step over the line.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:54 pm

There are no grounds for the alteration of section 59 of the Crimes Act, on the basis of child welfare. The proposal of this bill was only ever intended to empower the state in its authority over the child, and to empower the family court. Even the alteration being proposed by Chester Burrows is unacceptable. Mothers and Fathers must never be open to or subject to any threat or allegation that undermines that authority. Any change to this legislation will not protect the children who are most vulnerable. If children are ill treated it is a time to help. We have created a climate of fear in households where those that need help fear asking because of the consequences they might face. Parents will fear admitting the truth because it will bring prosecution instead of help. We have always had the means to help and we still do. This raging debate is not about is not about welfare, it is about power. Authority invested in the family being transferred to the state. It is an unfortunate fact of life that some parents will fail, and some parents will fail their children, but we cannot ever criminalise the position of mother and father. If we start imprisoning parents we will not be locking up child abusers, we will be incarcerating failed parents One step in the wrong direction is one step too far. We should concern ourselves about community, and how to help each other, not about dominion over one another.

NZ Climate change – fair to fear.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:56 pm

Not so long ago I was in a gas station in Auckland when the attendant ran out of the office and stood in front of a car. It was already clear from the behaviour of the three boys in the car that it was a drive off in progress, and I had made a decision to get out of my vehicle and head over to their car. As I got to the drivers window he was reaching for the keys, something he quickly decided was not a good idea. His two mates in the rear continued to yell at the driver “just start the car, drive off don’t worry about him”.
I had a word to the courageous couple in the back seat and they decided to run off. The driver decided it was a wise to move to sort things out, and he went off to the office to arrange payment for his stolen gas. Why would I bother? No one else in the service station did, they all hid in their cars.
If we do not want to live in a climate of fear, from an undisciplined society, then we must recognise the need for urgent change. If there is a mess in the back yard it is from the rubbish flowing from the house. It isn’t going to be fixed by some lame duck families’ commission whose first words were “repeal section 59”. These people are just expensive mouth pieces paid to say what the government wants to hear. A Government that is entirely responsible for the deterioration in our society over the past 8 years. If New Zealand wants a decent society it isn’t going to come from a Government that is a threat to our society, the society that we grew out of.

Where is CYFSWATCH????????????????????

Filed under: General — domviol @ 1:00 pm

It seems that CYFSWATCH has been removed overnight.

Another blow for Free Speech in New Zealand.

CYF Complaints Authority Proposal

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:23 am

Don’t be fooled by the CYF complaints authority proposal. While United Future is hailing this as a big success the government position is that the authority will not be independent but will form part of the ministry of social development. This is not an independent authority; it is just hiring a few more people in a government department to investigate a lack of responsibility by the same department. If CYF is failing that failure belongs to Ruth Dyson and the head of her department, and it will continue to fail while government policy and the family court produce even more work for CYF.
Even if it was independent the new commission would be consummated by Labour cronies just like the Families Commission was.

Wed 21st February 2007

United Future on domestic violence…..

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:24 pm

Joke of the week….

United Future on domestic violence…..

United Future leader Peter Dunne says the weekend’s tragic events like the stabbing of children in Naenae and violent attacks in south Auckland and Wellington call for prompt action from the Government.
“New Zealanders have become heartily sick of these outbreaks of violence seemingly every weekend.
“We have a Families Commission which the Government should urge to report back within a short time frame about the causes of domestic and street violence in New Zealand and what can be done about it as soon as possible,” he says. I urge the government to get the Families Commission involved immediately and get some action underway,” says Mr Dunne.

What a bloody Prattler. You are the Government. Remember! You own the other end of the coalition agreement! Remember! You get a ministerial salary. Remember!
Have you got an ounce political responsibility or are you just another Labour gauleiter. Doesn’t your coalition agreement work? Why don’t you tell us what the Government is going to do? Why don’t you tell us what policy you will implement instead of clinging to your feel good astatic white elephant

Tue 20th February 2007

Invitation to Join Operation 2008

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:50 pm

An Invitation to Enlist for Operation 2008
Issued by the New Zealand Child Support Reform Conference 2007

Dear equal parental rights and responsibilities supporter,

This is an invitation to enlist as a founding member of Operation 2008.

By coordinating, planning and acting together at a level of non-violent direct action appropriate to individual members we can create the synergy to achieve shared parenting and fair and reasonable child support.

By enlisting for Operation 2008 you agree with the following:

* There is an urgent need to enshrine in New Zealand law the right of every child to be equally parented by both parents and the right of both parents to equally parent their child:

o To ensure the best outcomes for Kiwi Kids.

* Action is needed to place Child Support and Family Law on the election agenda in 2008.

* Support the solution: The Donkin Method supporting Jayden’s Law.

* Agree to take part in escalating, non-violent direct action culminating in a month of coordinated action during the 2008 election campaign.

* Be committed to the principle of “Same Goal – Different Paths”:

o Members seek the same goal, but the level of action that members may be able to commit to may be different. Co-ordinated action is important to achieving the goal.

* That only the spokesperson appointed by the New Zealand Child Support Conference 2007 can speak on behalf of Operation 2008.

o Members can refer to themselves as supporters of Operation 2008 when speaking in public or by using the Supporter of Operation 2008 logo.

All Operation 2008 communications will be exclusively electronic via the Internet. If you do not have access to email or Skype, an attempt will be made to attach you to a “buddy” to pass information along to you.

Electronic registration available at Operation 2008

Mon 19th February 2007

Babies Being Removed to Meet Targets

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 11:17 pm

By:Brain Wheeler
Via:The Honor Network
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Here may be one of the reasons for Dads not being told of when mothers give us kids for adoption, click:


Child Support Truth

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:28 pm

Found this on Google encourage you all to contribute.

The Child Support Act 1991 causes untold misery for New Zealand parents and children.Politicians and Officials continue to ignore the pleas of parents and children for reform.Parents have had enough and here is a space to remind those officials that they can no longer hide under a vale of secrecy. Take the opportunity to tell the truth of your experience of the New Zealand’s Child Support (Tax) System. Open up the festering sore of Child Support Secrecy to the light and air of the internet.

Get posting guys



Thu 15th February 2007

CYFSWATCH Yahoo Group started

Filed under: General — domviol @ 11:29 pm

As posted on CYFSWATCH

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Watching CYFS


In defence of CYFSWATCH New Zealand and Free speech.

Group Email Addresses:

* Post message: watchingcyfs@yahoogroups.com
* Subscribe: watchingcyfs-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
* Unsubscribe: watchingcyfs-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
* List owner: watchingcyfs-owner@yahoogroups.com

Posted by cyfswatch at 20:19

Women need to Re-think

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:18 pm

Women need to re-think their attitude to men and children. I recall a few years back someone studiously informing me the social climate did not favour men. Obviously our social environment has been increasingly polluted by the toxic attitude of global feminism. We need to establish just who is responsible for this excessive hot air contamination. Some institutions may be prepared to trade their verbal diarrhoea for sensible credits, while other will need to be declared contagious and isolated. What I see emerging with the reality of climate change is the greater need for men as the dangers of real climate change become more obvious and frequent. It is the unfortunate role of the male to be expendable in any successful society. There were no medals for being a feminist meal ticket, but will soon be valued less callously. With communities facing more frequent harsh weather, higher winds, and excessive rainfall, we will find survival in the global village much harder. We will return not only to our national hamlets, but to smaller more robust and secure communities to deal with rapidly increasing degrees of devastation. We will again become more reliant on each other not only as communities, but as families and couples. I wonder though, like the Nazi bastards, who spent the last 60 years hiding around the world, where some people think they are going to fit into the new and rapidly evolving landscape.

Wed 14th February 2007

Mommy Dearest Lawyer/Feminist Tortures Children

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 10:50 pm

Dateline: Austria, Europe
By: Timocrat
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

In the heart of enlightened socialist Europe an attorney/mother/feminist has been discovered to have kept her daughters in a complete darkened dungeon-like conditions for 7 years, with no outside contact- but with the mother. Excrement and other mater was said to be meter high, and the girls, now just being released after their ordeal, are said to flee sunlight and hide in dark places wherever they can find it (under tables etc.). The girls were said to have played with mice for fun!


Operation 2008

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:38 pm


re·mind (r?-m?nd’)
tr.v. re·mind·ed-,re·mind·ing-re·minds
To cause to remember; put in mind:

Reminding is about to begin, it’s the first stage of “Operation 2008”

The child support system and supporting matrix of family law is failing our children.

For over 40 years parents have sought change from a sole custody model – one parent is the custodial parent and one parent is a visitor and taxed for the privilege. Change has reinforced this 20th century approach and ignored the fundamental right of a child to be parented by mum and dad and the right of mum and dad to parent their children with minimal state intervention.

Reasoned and well researched pleas have fallen on deaf ears and Officials and Politicians continue to hide behind a veneer of democracy while all they are doing is ticking the box on the process check-sheet that says “consulted”.

No real change has occurred. Politicians on the advice of Officials and vested interest groups, funded by the same Officials, do nothing.

When reasoned and reasonable pleas addressing the root cause/s are ignored, as punitive and discriminatory policy is driven to law, your ability to be an active parent in your Child’s life is further diminished. The only option left to effect change is to exercise the democratic right to non violent protest, designed to influence the hearts and minds of those who make the law and the officials who advise and administer it.

Those who are responsible for the law are those who enacted it and the officials who advise them.

The time has come when Operation 2008 is about to begin reminding Politicians and Officials that they are responsible for the current mess that is Child Support and Family Law. The solution is simple: equal parental rights and responsibilities. The Donkin Method supported by Jayden’s Law. Politicians and officials are being reminded that they are responsible and therefore accountable their failure has left no option but an escalating non violent campaign until the required reform is achieved.Escalating to a month of action for law change timed to coincide with the 2008 general elction.

To Join Operation 2008 email DDay2008@gmail.com.

Tue 13th February 2007

Wimmin Uniting

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:25 pm

FYI, I came across this Australian organisation and a speech given to it by NZ MP Dianne Yates. Note her claim that because so many powerful positions in NZ were occupied by women the country ran like clockwork. Such partisan arrogance, reminiscent of the “master race” beliefs in Nazi Germany.

Mon 12th February 2007

Domestic Violence Debate

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:50 pm

I have been engaged in debate in another forum, the NZ Association of Rationalists and Humanists, about the status of men under feminism. One member drew attention to a research paper from the Dunedin Longitudinal Study that he claimed showed men commit much more domestic violence than do women:

My reply follows and includes discussion of aspects of the violence research that might be of interest:

Thanks Andrew for your comments, particularly your claim that the NZ longitudinal studies found domestic violence to be committed mainly by men. This is not the case, for example, see:

The study that you drew our attention to of course was not a measure of male vs female perpetrated domestic violence. To the extent that it implies so it stands as an example of the biased research to which I alluded. It was actually a measure of adults’ memories of behaviour they observed as children between their parents. This measure will be a very poor one of actual rates of violence because:

  • It involved only violence that the child was aware of and will not take into account violence that the child was not aware of.
  • For that proportion of the actual spousal violence that the child was aware of, that child’s interpretation of events at the time will be coloured by gender stereotypes.

Further, the child’s memory many years later of those events will also be distorted and even more coloured by gender stereotypes and the propaganda the child was exposed to from the media and the child’s mainly female and often overtly feminist teachers through the intervening years. (more…)

Sat 10th February 2007

Quadriplegic Dad Being Evicted From Childhood Home

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 6:11 pm

Dateline:Foxboro, USA
Via:The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

The establishment has hit a new low as they are about to evict a quadriplegic dad from his home in Massachusetts. Dan Iagatta was given his divorce papers and also given notice of the loss of dual parenting rights (which as we know means loss of access in total) while recovering after being hit by a car (which rendering him a quadriplegic and unable to speak). (more…)

Fri 9th February 2007

How Feminism Wants to Destroy the Family

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 3:53 pm

Here is the former originator of the Battered Wives Refuge Erin Pizzey and how she sees what has happened today in the name of feminism.

Click to read: How feminists tried to destroy the family

Mon 5th February 2007

CYFSWATCH refuse to be bullied by NZ Government.

Filed under: General — domviol @ 11:35 pm

This is getting interesting, i have only posted the first part of the blog entry.
If u want to read the rest them follow the link below

As posted on CYFSWATCH

CYFSWATCH are aware of the strenuous efforts that the Ministry of Social Development and the New Zealand Government are making in order to shut down the CYFSWATCH site.

Unfortunately, the powers that be have been able to put sufficient pressure on Google to start deleting posts to CYFSWATCH, without Google first informing CYFSWATCH of what issues they may or may not have with particular posts.

CYFSWATCH can not and will not accept such a gross abuse of free speech, sanctioned by the New Zealand Government, and will continue to post deleted posts until prevented from doing so.

In the event that the CYFSWATCH site is shut down, we will simply move to another site, and advise everyone who has emailed us of the new site address.

Last time we looked, this was still a free country.

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