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Sat 31st October 2009

If the controls don’t work, it’s probably out of control – UK

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:59 am

Funny how the controls on employing paperboys seem to be so much more stringent than the controls on spying on citizens?

Everything not forbidden, is compulsory! (postulated by physics theorist Murray Gell-Mann)
In human behavior, over large populations, everything not impossible, will happen? Murphy McMannus
Can you even remember back to 1984?

Anti-terror powers used to spy on paperboys in UK

A council used anti-terror powers to spy on paperboys to check whether a village newsagent had not obtained work permits for them.
By John Bingham
Published: 4:03PM GMT 05 Dec 2008
Cambridgeshire County Council sent undercover officers to monitor whether eight children delivering papers in Melbourn, Cambs, were doing their rounds without the correct paperwork.
Campaigners accused the council of acting like a “jumped up version of the A-Team” by using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to target the former postmistress Rashmi Solanki and her husband Dips, who run the local shop.

Thu 29th October 2009

Treating non-abductor as though they were the abductor Germany

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:24 pm

One eyed “judges” handling of parental child abduction

Michael’s story is long and shows much wastage of the joy and happiness that family life would normally bring.

However, it is a story that shows huge amounts of taking improper illegal treatment on the chin, and then going back for more. Shear persistence, in the face of mindless official corruption and judicial relationship vandalism.

And, in the end, more than half-winning!!

I hope that you can see this as a good example of never giving up, for your children.

Parent’s who usurp their children, by unilaterally relocating them, are NOT good parents – except by incompetent judgement! Personality disorders lead these parents to delude themselves that they are all that the child needs. Typically, these unilateral parents are the biggest danger to their children – especially in the absence of the competent parent.

Please EMAIL your own comments, to the players in this story. Their EMAIL addresses are given at the foot of this article, so that you can comment directly to them.

Look before you leap!
Be very cautious before choosing to have children, with a German or NZ??? parent!!!!!

John Hickman’s experience of abduction of his children to gERMANY by their mother:

German Jugendamt unlawfully blocks father’s contact with children

September 14th, 2009 LAIGLESFORUM Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments »
See our prior article on the persecution of home schoolers in Germany: http://laiglesforum.com/2007/11/18/silencing-dissidents-by-snatching-their-children/. Also note:
New link: We have added a permalink to the Home School Legal Defense Association (http://hslda.org/hs/international/) on the left sidebar under “Friends of Laigle’s Forum.” We urge you to check their site from time to time to update yourselves on the issues surrounding home schooling throughout the world. Our movement for freedom of speech and thought is worldwide and we are happy to say that, along with Laigle’s Forum, HSLDA is a vital part of it!

The unlawful abduction of my children John-Michael and Sebastian Hickman from Durban South Africa to Wilhelmshaven Germany in November 1995
September 12, 2009
by Michael Hickman

Wed 28th October 2009

March for Democracy – vote with your feet

Filed under: Events,General — Julie @ 12:37 pm

We need you! — your energy — and your networking ability — to get the message out!

The March for Democracy will be held in Queen St Auckland and will be calling on the government to amend s59 of the Crimes Act so that the law does not treat light smacking for the purpose of correction as a criminal offence, and to respect the democratic voice of NZ’ers.

Please mark this date in your diaries as we make a stand for families and for democracy in New Zealand on November 21st at 1.30pm

Colin Craig, an Auckland businessman who is funding the march, says

“I find it deeply disturbing that such a clear message from the people of this country to government has been ignored. My forefathers fought for a democracy and in a democracy the government does not pass and retain laws that nearly 90% of the people don’t want. It is my turn to help fight for the rights of ordinary New Zealanders.”

He’s absolutely right — but he’s not just moaning about it.

He’s putting his money where his mouth is. He wants to host the biggest public march NZ has seen — and we need to get in behind him.

Sat 24th October 2009

Meeting with MP

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 4:31 pm

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be meeting with the Hon, Dr Wayne Mapp, to discuss the Family Court etc… etc… I was thinking it might be and idea to give him and idea of how many people are in a simular postion to what I am in. 

If you want to write a letter by e-mail, to Dr Mapp, I will print them out and happily deliver it to him personaly on Tuesday when I meet with him,  The more leters I get the bigger the impact there will be on him.

my e-mail is nzleagle@gmail.com

Letter to MP’s, and their responses

Filed under: Law & Courts — nzleagle @ 3:51 pm

This is a Letter that I sent to 13 Diffrent MP’s from diffrent political parties but I tried to focus on the Ministers/Spokespersons for Justice, Courts, Social Development etc.

I have recived some intresting replys, including a Labour MP asking if she can foward my letter on to the Legal Aid Review Panel, and also my local MP asking me to Meet with him on the 27th. The Letter is below, and the responses ill put in separate replies

RE: Family Court, Legal Aid

Dear Dr Wayne Mapp

 I am writing to you today, to express my concern regarding the Family Court System, in particular how it treats fathers when it comes to Day to Day Care and Contact Cases.

 I am 24 Years old, and have being going though the Family Court for over 2 years trying to Day to Day Care of my Son, or at the very least regular predicable access.

 Prior to me and my ex separating, I was the primary caregiver for my son since he was 3 months old, till he was 22 months old when we separated, and yet when a lawyer for child was appointed, he mentioned It would be in my sons best interests to stick with the status quo, and to stay with his mother because she had him in her Day to Day care for the prior 4 months while we were going though the court process.

 I have made numerous applications, and allegations, and due to how slow the court is to respond to any allegations that are made eg Drug use, and because the allegation must be automatically sent to the other party in question, by the time the court gets around to ordering a drug test, the other party has had up to 3 months to get clean.

 Throughout the Court Process, my ex was able to sit on the DPB, and be a stay at home mum, go drinking on the weekends, do a bit of weed with my son in the house, and even had a live in partner while still on the DPB, with her partner on an unemployment benefit.

 While I had to work up to 6 Days a week, trying to support myself, as well as pay child support, as well as a few hundred dollars a month to have contact with my son once a month and attend court. My ex was able to spend 24 hours a day with my son, also been able to get legal aid so all she had to worry about each day was to spend time with my son and let her lawyer deal with the legal side of it.

 About a year into the case, we finally got referred to mediation and came up with a pretty good agreement.  But due to me joining the Defense Force and undertaking basic training, I had to organise an alternative agreement while in basic training which then lead to a disagreement over Christmas contact.

 My ex then contravened the Contact Order for the Christmas period, in which I was left $700 out of pocket in airfares.  When I put an application for Costs in, the Judge simply said, there is no way I am going to find in favor of you due to her been on Legal aid.

 Which essentially tells me that If you are on Legal aid, a court order does not apply to you as if you break it, nothing is going to happen to you. 

 In July we came up with another agreement, but due to my ex preventing me having contact over a period of 7 months, I had to be “Reintroduced” to my son prior to having him at my house, and since that agreement in July, there has already been 5 Contraventions of the Order Regarding phone Contact, and the payment towards airfares, which due to the contravention put me another $80 out of pocket.

 When I last saw my son, I became aware of Parental Alienation, and saw some disturbing pictures that my son had drawn for me one of which I have attached, and am worried that if the parental alienation continues for much longer, it will create irreversible damage to the relationship between my son and I. 

 I am due to have contact again in a couple of weeks, but with the 5 contraventions so far, things my ex has said and even not getting confirmation after requesting written confirmation of contact taking place though her lawyer, I am not confident that it will take place and am worried that I will be another $400 out of pocket.

 I am getting to the point where it is becoming too much for me to cope with, both financially and emotionally, I am getting to a point where I will just give up the fight to just talk to him, I will always send him birthday and Christmas cards, I will keep all the documentation that has gone though the court, so that one day when he is older, if he comes to me and says Why didn’t you want me, I can show him different.

 Talking to other Men in similar situations, the stories are almost exactly the same, some men have protection orders against them, and are treated as criminals until proven innocent, I’ve heard of lots of men at the point where they are ready to commit suicide because the court is so biased towards females, that the only times that men seem to have Day to Day care is where the Woman just doesn’t want anything to do with the kids.

 Unlike a lot of the Men I have talked to, I have started a new Family, and now have a 14 Month Old Daughter, and another son on the way, however I still think of my Son constantly, and miss him dearly, some people might say, well you have other kids, why worry about this one… All my Children are dear to me, and I love spending time with them, I work not to support myself, but to support my Children, to give my children the best opportunities I can in life, and to give my children a role model in their father to look up to.  My world revolves indirectly around them, and I love all my children equally, no mater where they are, or how often I see them.

 As you can see from what I have written there is many things in the Family Court System that needs to be adjusted.  When I first went into the court, I had read how there was no bias anymore, and that the Care of Children Act 2004 had made it more fair for all involved.  This is not the case, there is still a large bias towards females, the Lawyer for Child and Court Appointed Psychologists especially.  And this is where judges seem to go towards.

The Legal Aid system creates a loop hole for people on legal aid, to get away with costing their ex’s hundreds and thousands of dollars and not have any repercussions themselves.

 If I could recommend anything towards helping the issues that I have highlighted above is whenever there is a case in the family court, every 3 — 6 months, get them to do a survey on how their experience with the family court has been and if it is anonymous, I’m sure you will receive a lot of real feed back on how the system is actually working.

 I would like to also comment that what I have said is only a brief indication of what I have been going though, you can not possibly put 2 years of a court case into 3 pages, I have about 2 Ring binders full of Documents all relating to the Case.  And this is a case with no history of any protection orders, violence, or sexual abuse; imagine what a case would be like with those factors introduced.

 If you have any questions regarding anything I have mentioned above feel free to contact me

A Victory.

Filed under: General — golfa @ 2:39 pm

The mother of two young boys has been refused permission to appeal a High Court ruling preventing her from moving to the United Kingdom with them.

The boys’ parents separated in 2007 and shared parenting.

The mother initially won Family Court permission to move with the boys to the UK, but the father successfully appealed the decision in the High Court.

The mother then sought permission to appeal this ruling in the Court of Appeal.

But in findings released today, the Court of Appeal said there were complicated parenting issues to be resolved, best heard in the Family Court.

Any opinion made by the court “would not grapple directly with the difficulties which the parents face with regard to the ongoing care of their two young boys”, the judges said.

Fri 23rd October 2009

Draconian Powers to be given to government agencies

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 12:37 pm

State agency spy powers ‘chilling’

WHAT’S IN THE BILL THE POWERS: Video surveillance, watching private activity on private property, installing tracking devices, detaining people during a search, power to stop vehicles without a warrant for a search, warrantless seizure of “items in plain view”, power to hack into computers remotely, power to detain anyone at scene of search.

 WHO WILL GET THEM: Every agency with enforcement responsibilities, such as: Inland Revenue, Meat Board, local councils, Overseas Investment Office, Accident Compensation Corporation, Environment Risk Management Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Pork Industry Board.

More like China everyday!

No rules of evidence for sexual violence allegations

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Vman @ 10:43 am

A proposal from the two-year taskforce for action on sexual violence, issued yesterday, would reverse the usual rules of evidence for sex cases.

Note that many of the proposals are things like redefining the definition of consent so that the male is presumed guilty unless he can prove positive that an explict “yes” was given and she meant it. For example they refer to the NSW example. In NSW if she had been drinking at the time and she changes her mind after the event then it is rape.

Thu 22nd October 2009

Kevin Driscoll

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 5:56 pm

The case of Kevin Driscoll, accused of rape and currently under house arrest in Oregon, USA is a men’s rights issue going begging. The evidence against him is so bewilderingly thin, and the severity of local law enforcement’s response so untoward, that this case promises to be a watershed moment in the advancement of men’s rights, if only the opportunity is not missed. The issue of his actual innocence, and the legal presumption that he is innocent until a trial determines otherwise are both at play here. It is evident that local law enforcers are not even paying lip service to the latter.

One may ask what relevance this has to us in New Zealand. The unfortunate truth is that developments in how police conduct themselves and how prosecutors are incentivised often find their way from the United States to here, and if we don’t take an interest in what’s going on there, we will shortly be living under the same rules here.

Kevin Driscoll is currently under house arrest for a January rape that on the face of it appears highly dubious, he has lost his job over it, his reputation in the small neighborhood he lives in is ruined, his mother has been bankrupted, he is about to follow her and his house is in foreclosure. Charges were laid against him in spite of the fact there are serious misgivings about the accuser’s account of events and reliability, and in spite of the fact that there are witnesses and video footage that favor Kevin’s version of events and contradict the alleged victim’s. He has been denied his liberty in spite of the fact that he remains legally innocent, and is obviously not considered a material threat to the public (otherwise he would be in jail).

All any of us needs to do is e-mail the DA, the prosecutor or any of the other individuals listed on Angry Harry’s site here:


Keep your message brief and civil, and use no threatening language. Don’t engage in any running commentary with them if they respond – your objective should only be to let them know that you are concerned and that yet another pair of eyes is watching them. (Don’t try to convince them of anything in an email- they are well accustomed to people appealing for them to change their minds, and equally accustomed to ignoring them). The one thing that most encourages honest conduct is the gaze of many eyes.

Also, always CC other parties when sending emails to officials/media. It lets them know the communication is being witnessed, and makes them think twice about deleting the message unread. Fidelbogen at the Counter-Feminist (http://counterfem.blogspot.com/) has provided the following email address to CC to if you want your communication logged:


It also lets him see the state of play in this campaign, and perhaps pick up some useful ideas/information to be put to further use. He assures the content, identity and e-mail address will remain confidential and will not be divulged to third parties. He’s been maintaining a daily update on developments in the Kevin Driscoll case for the past week.

This is how wars are won – by victories in key battles. We do not need to go fighting to free every man on doubtful charges. We only need to make a sufficiently loud noise on a small number of cases, exposing any chicanery going on to as wide an audience as possible. The noise that has already been made will already have had a restraining effect.

Men’s News Daily has published this about the case only a couple of hours ago:


This case has already taken on an international dimension, with appeals to concerned men to make their concern publicly known already launched in England and Denmark. Momentum is steadily gathering pace within the United States outside of Kevin’s immediate area. If we can’t be bothered to write just one e-mail to help rescue someone being persecuted by awful laws and over-zealous prosecutors, then I’m afraid we deserve what we get. As the saying goes, if we don’t hang together, we will most assuredly be hanged separately.

Mon 19th October 2009

Being there when baby’s born

Filed under: General — Darryl Ward @ 9:19 pm

From: NZ Herald

Being there when baby’s born

If I wasn’t allowed to be present at the birth of my little girl then I would have thrown my toys.

This week’s revelations by British childbirth specialist Michel Odent, who reckons childbirth would be less painful and more streamlined if men were not in the delivery suite, are just ridiculous.

I tell ya, I’m no expert, but if I tried telling my wife that it’s probably best if I leave her to it when she is about to go through one of the most painful experiences of her life, then not only would I be ejected from the birthing suite, I would more than likely have found the door to our house permanently locked too.

Fri 16th October 2009

Child Support Review

Filed under: Child Support — Alastair @ 5:03 pm

Extract from a speech by Peter Dunne. The full speech can be read at:


This is our opportunity gentlemen. Tell them what we think. He expects a “Great many” submissions. Lets not dissappoint him.

Aisling Symes Disappearance

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:36 pm

This has been a horrible situation for Aisling’s family. Our hopes were with them and we now grieve with them for their tragic loss.

Sadly, the case provided another platform for institutional sexism in news reports that police were focusing on local “child-related offending” and people of interest in this regard. (more…)

Wed 14th October 2009

Father’s suicides or parental suicides?

Dear Wendy,

I read your article about father’s suicides, with quite a bit of pain.

While men’s suicide shows up grossly and obviously in national suicide statistics, I suspect that women’s suicides due to court traumatisation from removal of relationships with children is a faster growing problem.

The feeling of traumatisation due to injustice does cut very deep and isn’t so obvious to someone who has not experienced it directed in their direction. This is why I see the “judges” who do it regularly, as relationship vandals and slaughterers.

In my own personal experience, I know of several father suicides and no mother suicides.

However, when I think of traumatisation by caught process, I know a roughly similar number of women as men, who are so traumatised that their adult life is presently destroyed.

This leads me to conclude that as the caught processes harden up, we may soon be seeing similar numbers of women’s suicides as we presently see men’s.

Call for Suicide Ideation Experiences – from Australia

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 7:36 pm

> From: Suicide Prevention Australia >
> Date: 14 October 2009 8:01:45 AM
> To: greg @ dadsontheair.net
> Subject: Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia: Have your say.
> Together, we can make a difference…
> Reply-To: senateinquiry@suicidepreventionaust.org
> Suicide and self-harm remain unacceptably high in the Australian
> community with death at least 40% higher than that attributed to the
> national road fatalities.
> Every day, six to seven Australians die by suicide.
> For each person lost by suicide, there are 30 others who have made a
> suicide attempt.
> For every suicide, it is conservatively estimated that, on average,
> another six people will be severely affected by intense grief.
> Suicide occurs in and affects all age groups and people from all
> walks of life.
> The Australian Commonwealth Government has recently announced a
> Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia. Suicide Prevention
> Australia (SPA) welcomes this unique opportunity to recognise and
> promote the diverse experiences and views of Australians to help
> strengthen our community’s responses to suicide and self-harm
> prevention, intervention and postvention.

Something different

Filed under: General — Craig @ 12:22 am

My son is twelve. Its been a journey but finally there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  You see, I have been supporting my son since he was born but yet have never been able to support him.  Supported in dollars yes, but not in the normal sense of being a father in the same house.  It started with my relatively new girlfriend of two months going cold on me.  One month later she told me she was approximately two months pregnant.

Tue 13th October 2009

Care and Protection a Joke

Filed under: General — sonnyking @ 8:12 pm

The FC have finally done their worst. They need to have their closed doors opened to show the criminal injustices they continue to do to children.
Just come from an ordered Care and Protection meeting ordered by Judge Druce with the non trustable C4C Christina Cook.
Two choices were given, the abused child be made Ward of the State or the abused child be placed in a CYF home. There was one other option, the father walk away from his day to day care application and the mother keep abusing the child as she has done for 6 years.
The day to day application has been in place for 6 years for the sole purpose of trying to protect the abused child from the abuser, the mother.
The oldest child has written an affirmation along with letters to the FC and Judge Druce confirming the abuse she received by the mother.
The FC still don’t believe her. So they in turn don’t believe the child.
The mother has always pleaded alienation. Original.
There needs some sort of open structure put in place that is going to ask the FC to be accountable for their lies, misconducts and criminal injustices to these children.
How is this poor little child going to feel when he is taken away from the people who love him.
How is he going to feel all alone with strangers, people he doesn’t know.
How is he going to feel.
Well guess what, the C4C, Care & Protection Coordinator and the CYF Social worker, yes they had one of those there too, didn’t give two sniffs of how the child might feel.
All they kept saying was that the child cannot be placed with the father because… and then changed their topic.
They would not give an answer.
The C4C stumbled trying to cover her tracks, blatantly making excuses for not being straight forward.

Mon 12th October 2009

Domestic Violence against Men Day

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 12:59 pm

Indian men and their families are taking to the streets across India in protest of feminism’s domestic violence ideology.

Fed-up of being victims of domestic violence, harassed men and their family members across the country will take to the streets in prominent cities to protest against Domestic Violence Act. Representatives of Save India Family Foundation while talking to TOI informed that following an increase in the number of such complaints, they had decided to mark October 25 – day the Act was implemented – as ‘Domestic Violence against Men Day’ and have chalked a list of activities, including protest marches by thousands of men in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

“We will be organizing a protest march in various prominent places of different cities across country on October 25,” said Nitin Gupta, representative, SIFF, Chandigarh unit, adding, “In Chandigarh, we have sought permission to stage a dharna in Sector 17, whereas our Delhi unit is planning one near Jantar Mantar.”

Clearing the air, NGO members plan to observe the entire October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the first time it will be done in the country. “Our aim is to make it an international event for all men’s rights and fathers’ rights groups across the world. Our month-long campaign will focus on educating the Indian public about how the problem of domestic violence has been misrepresented; how DVA has been commercialized and how Indian laws, claiming to prevent domestic violence, are actually promoting domestic it as well as human rights abuse against men, women and children,” Gupta added.

Times of India

It is unbelievable what his happening in India. To take a look at how feminism is affecting their culture visit Save Indian Family

Sun 11th October 2009

Female-Father Uber Alles – UK style

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:51 pm

I have seen with my own eyes, children removed from parents and made available for adoption by female//female parents.

Uk Government is putting out screeds and screeds and screeds of new Family rules. To me, it looks as though the “Family” issues are getting lost in layers and layers of 1984 style legalese=paperwork. It’s all reminiscent of Catch 22.

They want to be seen doing something, without actually healing the legal worker’s rort.

Layers and layers of beaurocracy and paper mache, beaurocracy and more paper mache, interlaid with fee gouging, whilst carefully achieving less than nothing. More and more Rules, adding up to just less and less service to those who should be protected.

If you look at how frequently our FamilyCaught Rules have been “updated”, you can see that the familycaught stooges have been meddling with our “Rules” like goalposts dancing all round the paddock.

How women’s refuges work

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Julie @ 7:15 pm

Even Canada is challenging the corrupt business of feminism.

Robert Franklin, Esq. from Glenn Sack’s has given a good description of what is going on in this video.

Setting the scene Robert explains that Toronto Criminal defence lawyer Mr. Walter Fox describes in the video above how originally, the office of the Attorney General was conceived as non-partisan and non-political and that this all went by the boards starting in 1986 when then Attorney General Ian Scott was simultaneously Minister for Women’s Issues in Canada. This meant there was dual representation held for two future AGs, with one of whom managed to not even be an attorney. Robert writes;

In the process, the AG’s office became highly politicised and specifically about domestic violence issues. Soon the office of the Attorney General was funnelling money to, shall we say, like-minded “community organisations,” such as DV shelters. Those “community organisations” are all women’s groups funded with government money. No men’s groups involved in the shelter industry receive government subsidies, according to Fox. In due course, the same people got the bright idea that the coroner’s inquest process could be used to further the same agenda.

Inquests are used to inquire into deaths that may or may not be suspicious. As Fox says, if a death results from a construction accident, the coroner’s inquest can look into the circumstances and, if it deems it appropriate, make recommendations to correct them. But in the case of two murder-suicides, the inquests were taken over by DV shelter industry activists who, despite knowing full well what had happened (husbands killed wives and then themselves), took the opportunity to issue up to 250 recommendations to all levels of government including the police and the crown prosecutors. Not content, they went on to appoint a committee of themselves to permanently oversee their own recommendations.

Sat 10th October 2009

Domesitc Violence month has given something for males to celebrate

October is Domestic Violence month and one court case alone in West Virginia, USA, has given a shimmer of hope for men in this terrible time of gender discrimination against them. A group of men and women against discrimination (MAWAD) have taken the state’s family service board to court over discrimination laws. Not only are services being biased to men and boys when it comes to domestic violence but feminists are not allowing men or women to work in these services if they don’t believe in radical feminist ideology. They are being bullied by feminists who are retraining them in falsehoods and forced to practice things they know are not true. In this day and age of information there is no reason why feminist teaching should have any say what so ever in family affairs. We don’t follow ideologies any more and consider beliefs a personal thing. They don’t belong in the public arena.

The honorable Judge Stucky handed the Family Services Board of WV a resounding defeat, often citing gender bias and lack of science to their approach, quoting “a substantial chilling effect of suppressing their members expression of speech, thoughts and ideas relative to domestic violence by depriving them even of the opportunity to obtain certified services”. This often included preconceived untruths promulgated by the falsehoods of the domestic violence “experts” within these services. It also found that services “excluded Men and adolescent males from their statutory right to safety and security free from domestic violence for no other reason than their gender”.


Fri 9th October 2009

Families commission on child support

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From: http://www.nzfamilies.org.nz/news-events/separation/families-commission-releases-issues-paper-ahead-of-child-support-review


The Families Commission supports a review of the child support scheme in the hopes it will result in more equity, flexibility and information for separated parents.

Inland Revenue will shortly release a discussion document on possible changes to the child support scheme. The Families Commission sees this as an opportunity to bring broader family perspectives into the debate – such as the importance of promoting and investing in cooperative parenting. As a first step, the Commission has released an issues paper to help inform the coming discussions. It will follow this up with further analysis and recommendations for the review to consider.

“There is clear evidence that parents who are able to co-operate and put their children’s needs first are more satisfied with their care and financial arrangements than those who have arrangements imposed on them by the court,” said Chief Families Commissioner Jan Pryor.

The Commission would like to see better promotion and provision of the information and support services that help separating parents with their relationship and communication.

“Our research shows that parents tend not to use formal support services for advice and information. Instead they often rely on family, friends and people such as their GP, lawyers and Citizens Advice Bureaux. We need a strategy for getting information that supports cooperative parenting through to separating couples in as many ways and places as possible,” she said.

The formula for assessing child support payments is part of the review and many parents believe it should be based on the needs and costs of the child rather than on the income of the liable parent.

“Any change in the formula should take into account the income of both parents, the costs of shared care or contact, any additional children of both households, and provide flexibility to take into account changing situations,” said Dr Pryor.

“We also believe it is time for New Zealand to consider passing on child support payments to the parent who is getting the DPB or other social security benefit. Sole parent beneficiaries are among the poorest of New Zealand families. Those with former partners paying child support to Inland Revenue would be better off if the payments came to them instead.”

Dr Pryor said with one in four children living in sole parent family at some point in their lives, the issues of separated parenting are of vital concern to New Zealand families. “We must make the most of this opportunity to do the best we can for these children and their parents,” she said.

Family Court website

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This makes interesting reading , as it gives the family court’s own perspective of  itself.

From: http://www2.justice.govt.nz/family/home.asp

Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Family Court

The Family Court of New Zealand deals with a wide range of issues but many of them involve the care of children.

This website explains many of the things you might want to know if you are coming to the Family Court, or just wondering whether the Court could help you or someone you know.

About the Family Court

Principal Family Court Judge, Quick Facts, Court Locations, Information for Media, Glossary…

What the Family Court does

Our work for families – from Adoptions to Relationship Property…

Coming to Court?

Inside a Court, Appearing in Court, How to Make an Application and more…

Legislation and Decisions

Relevant legislation and previous decisions on Family Court matters…

Practice and Procedure

Self Litigants, Practice Notes, Family Courts Rules…


Family Court Forms and help with completing them…


Pamphlets, papers, research, speeches…

Parents’ living hell as hunt for Aisling enters fifth day

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Police hunting for missing toddler Aisling Symes have not ruled out she could have been stolen to order.

Nothing has been seen of the bright and bubbly two-year-old since Monday night when she was last seen with an Asian woman who was holding a dog on a lead.

Aisling’s disappearance from her deceased grandparents’ Longburn Rd home in Henderson has sparked one of the biggest police hunts for years.

But after three days of searching police have found no sign of the toddler and investigation head Inspector Gary Davey said today it was looking increasingly likely she had been kidnapped.

He could not rule out that she may have been stolen to order.

“That is a possibility. What I am trying to do is to convince the public to keep an open mind.”

He said if she was taken to order it would be a very, very rare occurrence.

“We don’t have any evidence to suggest any scenario. Some are more likely than others.

“For example abduction is more likely than her wandering off, given the thoroughness of our search.”

It was also a possibility she had been a hit-and-run victim where the driver had panicked and taken her away.

Mr Davey said search and rescue experts believed after studying the creek near her family’s house, the rainfall, and the water flows, it was “highly unlikely” she would have been swept down the creek before the police began their intense search of the area.

He said the mystery Asian woman seen with Aisling about 5.30pm on Monday had still to be identified and there was still a possibility she had no idea of the search or the grief of the parents, Alan and Angela Symes.

Davey said at a press conference yesterday that despite a comprehensive search of the area: “We cannot locate Aisling.”

Sitting alongside the parents, he made a direct appeal to anyone who might have snatched Aisling.

“Police are still hopeful that she is alive and being cared for and I’m talking to that person … I just would like to say to whomever may have Aisling out there, the sole focus of the police at the moment is to have Aisling returned safely … We hope that you come forward and leave her in a safe place so that she can be found.”

Mr Davey said officers were also continuing to profile “people of concern” in the area. More police were joining the inquiry to work on this.

Police had also received 111 calls of sightings of Asian women with babies, after police appeals to the woman in her 30s who was walking her dog when she spoke to Aisling in Longburn Rd.

As police struggle for leads, fear of more snatches is beginning to haunt other parents.

“It will have a tremendous impact … everything you do now you will be holding on to your children tightly,” said the head of the local community board, Elizabeth Grimmer, a grandmother of two. “Children just aren’t going to be able to run freely and us feel safe …”

In the parents’ first public appeal, Mr Symes, a former search and rescue worker and security guard, described the past four days as “the most harrowing of our lives” and said the couple had not slept.

He read from a prepared statement, pausing midway to compose himself, while his wife buried her head in his shoulder.

“We feel like we’re barely existing, surviving every moment not knowing where Aisling is,” he said. “Is she near us or has she been moved far away? Is she being treated well, things like has her nappy been changed … these thoughts churn through us as we huddle close as a family and we try to wait to find out if there is anything.”

As the couple left the briefing room, police hurriedly shut the door as Mrs Symes broke into wracking sobs.

A child psychology expert said Aisling would now be distressed if she had been abducted.

Canterbury University associate professor Lianne Woodward, said: “She could be very unsettled and irritated, her sleep might not be very good, there might be some crying.”

The effects of such a trauma would depend on how long it took for her to be returned, she said. “If she’s reunited with her parents soon, there’s much less concern. But if it goes on, or there’s been abuse, then the concern grows.”

An abductor could care for Aisling by doing “the basics” — feeding and cleaning her — but she needed her parents for her emotional wellbeing.

A families commissioner, Christine Rankin, said parents needed to take extra care.

“Until we know if someone is out there that is a danger, absolutely, the more vigilant they are the better. I don’t think there’s any room to be casual about this at all.”

But Waitemata police communications manager Kevin Loughlin said: “There is no additional reason for parents to be concerned with their children at this time.

“We are dealing with a missing persons inquiry. We haven’t even identified any individual or person or factors around that.”

Prime Minister John Key urged anyone with information to come forward. “Our hearts go out to the family, we are very concerned about her welfare and we hope for a speedy and successful return of the little girl.”

Tue 6th October 2009

How Can This Be Right

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My brother is in the process of a separation and divorce where his wife of almost ten years has had an affair and called time on their marriage and taken the five children. This occurred almost a month ago and since then he has been going through an absolute nightmare. His wife took the option to leave as her new boyfriend had set up house for her. She took what she thought she wanted and moved out. However since that time she has been returning to my brother’s house whenever to take more items and basically whatever she wanted. Despite telling my brother to change the locks and prevent her from doing this he has kept things the same. This all came to a head over the weekend when she turned up to collect some more stuff and my brother refused to let her in to the bedrooms and in the end a physical confrontation occurred unfortunately in front of the children. In desperation to try and get her out of the house my brother called the police who promptly showed up but then sided with her saying that my brother had assaulted her when in fact all he had done was restrain her from entering his private domain. The police then made my brother stand in the corner whilst she and her boyfriend filled boxes with whatever they wanted and leave with a car load of stuff. He wasn’t even allowed to take a look at what was taken. Can someone please explain to me how in the hell this can happen???!!! Is there anything he can do???!!!

Mon 5th October 2009

How to Finance Your Ludicrous Divorce – John Cleese Style !!!

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John Cleese is furious he has to go back on tour to pay for his divorce.

Stuff It!


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