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Archive of May 2006

Who could this be?

Wed 31st May 2006:

I will give you a clue. J.B What a cute baby Santa is holding.

“bury me in the Family Court”

My ex used the Family Court to “steal” my child from me. By writing a pack of lies in affodavits, the training came from a new partner, who had “used” the Court also to personel advantage. I am now forced to do supervised access, as this is the only way to see my child, even […]

Bigotry is a magnet.

Sun 28th May 2006:

In the late 70’s I was living in London when the National Front (An extreme right wing political party right) marched through central London. As I photographed some of the marchers I observed that a lot of them were young and angry, however my lens captured an old lady that looked as sweet as they […]

Disgruntled Dads and the Family Court

Muriel Newman’s newsletter is worth reading this week: Nature Knows Best Over time, human evolution gave rise to the two-parent married family, often described as the most successful child rearing institution ever invented. But by the middle of the 19th century, socialism had begun its march and in its sights, the destruction of the nuclear […]

Is Bad Press Better Than No Press?

Fri 26th May 2006:

I’d like to post an op-ed piece which our News Editor, John T. Smith, has recently released to a number of newspapers around the world. This is an effort to catalyse some useful discussion about the direction the men’s movement has been taking in some places, and is not intended as a criticism of any […]

A look into the mind of female WISDOM

I was in Russia last year and met a lady, Natasha, in small town 400km north of Moscow. When she knew I was from NZ she was excited and wanted to talk to me about her life time hero, John Walker. Over the last year I have built up a good relationship with her and […]

The Republican Ball.

Thu 25th May 2006:

Amongst, the Republicans you will find the most staunch advocates and fathers and fathers in families.

The Mighty Totara.

Mighty Storm, M.I.G.H.T.Y S.T.O.R.M, said the Totara, that’s not a mighty storm, feminism is just a case of bad breath.

IT’S Official

We’re now on court records, team. Judge Mathers came out with his decision today (can’t mention the content just yet) but in it was references to my and your mails to this site. Anyone in the mood to get stuck into Lizzie-My-Diet-Isn’t-Working, can do so to her boss. You might like to mention that you […]

Sue Bradford Steeling Children

Wed 24th May 2006:

Loose section 59 and you will empower the state parent of the Family Court. This state wants legal ownership of our sons and daughters.

400 year old behaviour still exists today

Tue 23rd May 2006:

It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all those who could profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who could […]

Our pain goes on for a lifetime

On Nine to Noon yesterday, Katherine Rich interviewed Bruce Tichbon from Families Apart Require Equality. Photo: Bruce Tichbon in action last weekend (from Noelle’s video – link below transcript). For the next few days you can listen to the audio here. I was so impressed with Bruce’s communication skills I have transcribed his responses for […]

There has to be a better way!!!!!!

Mon 22nd May 2006:

Peter Boshier last week sent out a letter to every solicitor in NZ giving them his support in their job of working in his court. He is right in doing this, that’s his job. In attacking the court workers at their homes, fathers have attacked the system and challenged the sanctity of law. We now […]

The Moa Court.

It may be less obvious to many, amid the projections of a seemingly idyllic society; however it is the latter category, into which the New Zealand family court has evolved.

To Date

Sun 21st May 2006:

Okay. Had a hearing on Friday. Judge mathers reserved his decision. Now get this. The CYFS witch wanted a S78. Rod Hooker argued that ‘case law’ asserted that for such a crude and child-destructive mechanism to be used, one had to demosntrate a clear and immediate danger to the child. During the hearing the CYFS […]

Lizzie Again

Sat 20th May 2006:

Clearly the wee dear likes our site. She must because she visited it again on Thursday night and copied a whole bunch more posts including; just for drill, my Song For Al. Sadly, the judge, having read the earlier affidavit, (43 pages of MENZ posts) or parts thereof, dismissed the second offering and requested Lizzie […]

Support From Professionals

The below is the NZ Herald address for a most interesting article. It seems even highly professional teachers have seen the damage the feminazi has caused society. BTW: One quoted person, Paul Baker, is the Rector of Waitaki Boys Highschool. If you get a chance visit their site and read the Faculty list. I think […]

Equal 50:50 parenting

Parent treaty. Sounds like a very good idea to me. Something we could do in New Zealand. Working on a draft Declaration of Equal Parenting created by David Shackleton (Everyman’s editor and publisher) and Andrew C. MacDonald, each section was lovingly laboured-over by a small group of men and women. It was then brought to […]

Gayness in the NZ Police.

Fri 19th May 2006:

The lesbians on the other hand seem to be the main source of discontent, with male officers: “The place is infested with them”.

Past to present

Thu 18th May 2006:

Past to present

A Song For Al Darado & Julie

For those who have seen Shrek, and watched him sadly pondering the motives of Women, you will recognise the tune. It’s actually a Leonard Cohen which begins, ‘I thought I heard a secret chord……’ For you, Al and Julie…. Viscious I thought I heard a secret code. Saying Justice was really just a word, Cos […]

A Question

How do those who feel completely abandoned by any hope of receiving justice, get their point across to the Family Courts? This is justice which should be meted out after the due process of positive proof has been offered, all witnesses examined and cross-examined to the point where the reasonable man on the street can […]

Child Support Fact Sheet No 1

Tue 16th May 2006:

Child Support Fact Sheet Number One Family Law Review Editorial Slams Current Child Support Regime. Brief extracts from Shaky Support editorial by John Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Law, Canterbury University writing in the New Zealand Family Law Review 2005-3 “It would certainly now be timely for a newly elected New Zealand Government to consider some […]

Well-off child a new breed of school bully

Middle-class parents who spoil their children have created a new breed of playground bullies who are tormenting their classmates, British MPs have been warned. The youngsters – dubbed “the brat bullies” – come from “nice” homes but have been brought up to always get what they want, said Michele Elliott, director of children’s charity Kidscape. […]

Donna Oh We’re Teary

Jesus but how sick is this? This maggot and her fat husband nick vast sums from the very kids they assert to be helping, and sundry ‘ruined’ (read all pakeha men are bastards) maori women gather round to give the fraudster a rousing welcome home. This has got to be the sickest bit of injustice […]

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