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Archive of August 2006

IRD makes its own rules.

Thu 31st August 2006:

In an attempt to reduce the escalating child support arrears figure the IRD has resorted to making up its own rules. Don’t be surprised if you find the IRD behaving in an illegal manner. Either someone in Government has said forget the rules, just get the money, or there is a vigilantly group operating within […]

The Protection Order weapon rises again.

Now protection orders are being used to prosecute fathers who use their own websites to express their grief and anxiety at the loss of their children.

Book: ‘Rethinking Domestic Violence’

Sun 27th August 2006:

by Donald Dutton, 2006. UBC Press, Canada ‘Rethinking Domestic Violence’ is the third in a series of books by Donald Dutton critically reviewing research in the area of IPV (intimate partner violence). After 20 years of viewing IPV as generated by gender and focusing on a punitive “law and order” approach, Dutton argues that this […]

Letter to Steve Gill

Fri 25th August 2006:

Background. Jason and Vikki have been doing fighting with Jason’s Ex, impressions. Vikki sets up a vid-cam to record the next visit of the Ex, the collect the child. Vikki loses it. But thinks the vid will help to get Gill to see the nature of the Ex. Gill sees evidence supporting the Ex, so […]

New Zealand Men State Slaves.

Thu 24th August 2006:

In New Zealand Men are now Slaves of the State.

A Personal

Wed 23rd August 2006:

In amongst all the misery we endure, there are a few humourous points. Here’s one. After being beaten emotionally senseless by Yula I kind’ve decided being single was probably a better idea. I mean, poking up one’s butt for the sole purpose of finding out how sharp the next rasp will be is a negative […]

First Blood

Just had a call from a couple in Wellington. Being seriously put upon by the FC and their own lawyer. I recommended an immediate change of lawyer, and emailed Jim to put this shit on the hit-list for botherings. Anyway….. The Ex is doing ‘I believe. I think. Maybe. It could be possible,’ impressions. Standard […]

Chalk Up One More Piece of Science that Weakens Another Feminist Myth

Author: Pit Bull On the National Bureau Of Economic Research Paper Via: The Honor Network From the Biological Gender Differences, Absenteeism and the Earning Gap In most Western countries illness-related absenteeism is higher among female workers than among male workers. Using the personnel dataset of a large Italian bank, we show that the probability of […]

Female Violence

Tue 22nd August 2006:

I have to begin by saying I’m not exactly proud of having to admit to having been a victim of domestic violence; seeing as how I’m a big boy (6-1 in my sox, strong, and with several martial arts to my credit). Meet Yula (pronounced Yura). 40. A Korean beauty. In NZ with 3 kids […]

Poisoned Prose

My friend Dave has just posted a critique on his website of a recent NZ Herald article: Attitudes change towards old taboo Before we go any further, let me make it quite clear where I stand on violence: I don”t believe it is OK for men to hit women. I don’t believe it is OK […]

Was that well Dunne, well Dunne!, or well Dunne?

Fri 18th August 2006:

The NZ Labour party has been high jacked again, and the real insult to the party faithful this time is that it has been by an ideology that never had truth to offer as first casualty in a conflict constructed of subjective twaddle.

Pretend Minister Dunne.

It is important to expose Mr Dunne for the fraud that he is, and the manner in which our New Zealand Inland Revenue Department is being used.

Gawd….A breif Synopsis as requested.

Mon 14th August 2006:

For those of you who wish to use the Appeal Court Judgement [referred to below], the reference is CIV2006-404-3522. 1998. Met mother (purely business related). Atr the time I was happily married. Then wife wanted a grandchild. Neither of our adult children were interested in providing. Six months after meeting mother, I met the child. […]

The Appeal

Sat 12th August 2006:

First. Thanks to all of your for the congratulations. I have been forced to live through an appalling time for these last six months, never knowing who will coming banging on the door to swipe the kids. Never knowing the outcome of the ‘next’ court hearing. And living in a perpetual state of intense stress. […]


Thu 10th August 2006:

WE WON THE APPEAL!!!!!! WE WON!!!!WE WON, WE WON, WE WON YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leastways, Hooker won. Jesus but this man is good…in all meanings of the word. The CYPs witches are going to be sooooooo pissed at this. A mere male beating them at their own game!!! Sock horror! Finally, folks! An FC Alice […]

State Plays Rough With Father’s Rights Hunger Striker

Dateline: USA Author: Teri Stoddard From : Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights Via: The Honor Network Update on John Murtari: New York State: John is suffering from eight days of dehydration and starvation. He calls it being “uncomfortable,” but his voice sounds weak, and he said the feeding tube he once feared was, “now the […]

Miscarriage Of Justice Commission

Tue 8th August 2006:

So retired, Justice Thorpe believes a miscarriage of justice commission should be formed. Oh yes. Let’s add yet another layer of bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic nightmare. Precisely how does Thorpe J (retired) expect this ‘commission’ to operate? Will it accept jurisprudence being thrown out in favour of soome ‘other’ measuring process? For christs sakes, […]

Father Arrested For Painting Courthouse Doors Purple In Holland

Dateline: Holland Author: Kurt Anderson From: F4J (US) Via: The Honor Network AMSTERDAM – A man painted the doors of Assen courthouse purple on Tuesday morning to highlight what he says is system’s bias against fathers seeking parental access. Police arrested Gerben Rorije, a member of the Familie4Justice group, for vandalism. Rorije said purple is […]

Boshier 2

Mon 7th August 2006:

A transcript of some. “You Sir, and your Alice In Wonderland court are a shameful act. We can but trust that Asher J’s reserved judgement will bring some sanity into this utterly insane environment. Meanwhile, you may be assured that the protests against your staff and the sundry court appointed lawyers who work for peanuts […]

In honor of John Murtari

Sun 6th August 2006:

In honor of John Murtari and August being Child Support Awareness month in America. please redistribute: International Day of Protest for John Murtari, Equal Parenting and Family Law Reform – August 9 Members of A Kids Right , Fathers4Justice-USAand Fathers4Justice-Canada , along with local parents will be demonstrating in Syracuse, New York on Wednesday, August […]

Letter To Boshier

Sat 5th August 2006:

Dear Sir, I also wish to add my voice to the growing number voicing significant concerns regarding the way in which the Family Court system deports itself. The first of my concerns regards that of the statutory requirement for substantive hearings to be heard within sixty days of the first interlocutory hearing. On Tuesday, 2nd […]

Child Support Reassessments

Fri 4th August 2006:

Dont forget to send your submission to the inquiry into the Child Support Act 1991 This is a question from Star taken from that thread. Its a common problem with Child Tax so I thought I would offer some obsevations. Have got 3 letters from IRD each stating the information on my salary has been […]

Dame Silvia’s Sexism

I submitted the following letter to the NZ Herald. According to your article on 3 August, Dame Silvia Cartwright in her farewell speech described her hope in New Zealand for “…better health and human rights, especially for women and children”. Why should men also not be accorded better health and the same human rights as […]

Turner seeks CYFS Complaints Authority

Thu 3rd August 2006:

Hi John, I have taken the liberty to email you this release from Judy Turner MP, calling on an independent complaints authority to be set up for CYF complaints. I gained your email address from the MENZ website which I regularly check as a researcher for Judy Turner and United Future. I apologise in advance […]

From The High Court 2

Wed 2nd August 2006:

I guess I should enlighten you all as to the substance of the appeal. The appeal was lodged on the basis that Judge Mathers’ judgement, in allowing CYP a S78, was wrong in law and fact on four points; the main point being the ‘level’ of the ‘test’ required before the court can issue an […]

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