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Archive of 2006

Families no better off 20 years on

Sat 25th November 2006:

By Simon Collins NZHerald “A massive shift of women into paid work over the past 20 years has left the average New Zealand family no better off. A research project led by Prime Minister Helen Clark’s husband, Auckland University sociologist Peter Davis, has found that the median family income, after adjusting for inflation and family […]

Taxing Men or Child Support?

Dateline: USA From: Central Author: Kent Mallet Via: The Honor Network NEWARK — A proposal from the Licking County Prosecutor’s Office might put an end to an Upper Arlington man making child support payments to his ex-wife — even though she died in April, and he has custody of their three children. Joe Randolph, […]

United Future does care for fathers

Fri 24th November 2006:

This is just a couple of e-mails between us. Dear Gordon, I am very concerned about the way this country is going. I beg of you sincerely to take some time to step back and be still to see that we are headed in a downward spiral. Our femenists have gone overboard and this has […]

Santa Parade

Thu 23rd November 2006:

Farmer’s Santa Parade is on Sunday 26th November. Rain date Sunday 3rd December 2006 An area has been set-aside to the side of the Queens Head Tavern, opposite the Town Hall in Queen Street, for you to watch the parade from. Please bring your own blankets and cushions, as there will be no seating. You […]

Turner urges “full story” on domestic violence

Wed 22nd November 2006:

I think the only MP advocating that we actually look closely at what the research is telling us about family violence. ? Link? to? Scoop article can be found? here

Anti Femenism in New Zealand

Mon 20th November 2006:

Femenism is New Zealand has gone too far. Yes, Yes, Yes. I have to share my day with you all. I am starting to get some important support from women. Infact, I did that little stamping of the feet in happiness, 1,2,3,4 saying, “You said, YET!” I got the ‘not yet’ but what it is […]

Hose assaulter discharged without conviction

Sunday Star-Times: Protest left my family in fear: lawyer’s wife A lawyer’s wife who faced assault charges after spraying a group of fathers’ rights protesters with a hose says the protest left her in shock, fear and disbelief. … In Auckland District Court last week, [the wife] pleaded guilty to common assault and was discharged […]

Families Commission ideologically driven

Wed 15th November 2006:

I’ve decided to forgive Simon Collins for his Preventing Violence in the Home promotion after reading his well researched Monday NZ Herald article: Domestic violence campaigners accused of bias Two top health researchers have accused the Families Commission of “ideologically driven” bias in presenting domestic violence as a problem of men battering women. Professor David […]

Dear John, It’s Your Fault (Not John P.)

Dateline: Alberta, Canada From: The Honor Network Author: Rob Fedders October 23, 2006 New Provincial Law in Alberta Allows Police to Seize Automobiles of Men Soliciting Prostitutes ALBERTA — A new law came into effect in Alberta today which snuck in through the Traffic and Safety Act. It gives police the power to seize the […]

Higher earning wives get the bash

Also by Simon Collins in Saturday’s NZ Herald, another story titled ‘Changing places‘ set my mental propoganda alarm ringing by a beginning with three atrocity stories about violent men: These three stories from the Herald in the past year have a common theme. In all cases, desperate men turned to violent or controlling behaviour at […]

Only men’s refuge in the country closed

In the NZ Herald on Saturday: No refuge for battered male victims By Simon Collins The Separated Fathers Support Trust ran the four-bedroom refuge, officially a men’s “retreat house”, in Manurewa from December 2002 until May, when the manager, Warren Heap, became paralysed with the rare nerve disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Heap says the refuge was […]

Raising children in New Zealand

1) Licensing Parents, John Hudson. Should parents be required to pass a warrant of fitness to see if they are up to the job of raising their child ? That’s what some experts are saying should happen in New Zealand. It’s a radical idea as a way of reducing child abuse and preventing kids from […]

Funding Confusion

Fri 10th November 2006:

by Peter White of the Western Leader. Josh isn’t the only kid with heaps of sporting potential but limited cash reserves. The Western Leader has profiled dozens of youngsters over the past year whose families spend their weekends scrapping together every spare dollar they can. It’s not uncommon to find proud mums and dads manning […]

Stopping domestic violence once and for all

Thu 9th November 2006:

[My contact details] 9 November 2006 Dr Rajen Prasad Chief Families Commissioner cc. Peter Dunne, MP Dear Dr Prasad Firstly, please note that I have copied this letter to Mr Peter Dunne, MP, for his information, given his instrumental role in setting up your Commission. I am writing to express my deepest regret […]

Effectiveness of Problem Gambling Interventions

Tue 7th November 2006:

The Centre for Gambling Studies (CGS) is part of the University of Auckland’s Section of Social and Community Health and is committed to providing independent and quality research and learning, to minimise harm from gambling and to promote gambling related wellbeing within communities. (click for bigger version) This research has been commissioned by the Ministry […]

Round Up of 2006 Men’s & Fathers’ Think Tank

Mon 6th November 2006:

Author: Timocrat From: The Honor Network After 6 months of serious and heavy work, added on to the participants already busy schedules, the men & fathers who took part in the first think tank run over the Internet could be rightly considered tired. On top of it being the first one run over the Internet […]

Protest Outside Feminist Conference

Fri 3rd November 2006:

Dateline: Quebec, Canada From: Montreal Gazette Author: Peggy Currain Via: Kurt Anderson at F4J (US) & The Honor Network Andy Srougi isn’t afraid to make people angry. Last year, he climbed to the top of the Jacques Cartier Bridge during rush hour to draw attention to fathers’ rights. Yesterday, in Montreal outside a hotel where […]

Movember – promoting men’s health

Thu 2nd November 2006:

Movember – Changing the face of Men’s Health Movember (the month formally known as November) is a charity event held during November each year. At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants known as Mo Bros then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their […]

Violence in Intermediate Schools around New Zealand

If Intermediate boys hit each other they do not generally get seperated as an unspoken rule but left to fight it out. After this they get sent to the office and talked to from the principal about what they did and they keep both of them in the office until someone owns up (boys unspoken […]

“Deadbeat Moms” also Out Number Men in the US!

Dateline: US From: Glenn Sacks Comment: Intrepid Via: The Honor Network If you can remember back a few months ago there was a fact that came out of the UK on separated mothers without kids being slightly less likely to pay support than their badly badmouthed counterparts or fathers. Some new stats that I’ve just […]

Excuse Me !

Tue 31st October 2006:

What is this…… A number of key directional matters were endorsed unanimously, including the formation of Women’s Council led by women with authority to influence the Federation on matters affecting the well being of women in their relationships, homes, community and workplace.

An unfortunate set of circumstances

Sun 29th October 2006:

I just read an article on young men in our mental health services, written by a young mans mum. Brilliant, best article in ages! It rang bells for me of countless tales I hear in a supporting role for men of all ages. There has for so long been a movement to turn our men […]

Mental health and our Teenage boys

Be aware; be very aware when you send your boys to Mental Health. I cannot stress enough that if you find yourself working with Mental Health insist on a male Psychiatrist or Psychologist for your boys. And be present for their interviews. Do not let what I am going through be your story. I approached […]

NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse

Fri 27th October 2006:

Current Initiatives link The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse maintains a list of current initiatives in the field of family violence prevention and intervention within Aotearoa New Zealand, including current projects, programmes, and strategies in the areas of: Services and practice; Research and evaluation; and Policy and legislation.

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