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Archive of February 2007

IRD Assessments – Peanuts for the Monkeys.

Wed 28th February 2007:

Its that time of year when the Tax Police are busy issuing their Child Tax Assessments. Don’t forget to object to your assessment. It doesn’t matter if you are unsuccessful and it costs you nothing except a few minutes to draft an objection letter.Its your legal statutory right to object.Objections cost IRD as they have […]

Message from CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Source: WATCHING CYFSWATCH New Zealand cyfswatch Says: February 28th, 2007 at 9:16 pm e Message from cyfswatch: We did NOT delete the blog – we have made contact with wordpress to try to ascertain what might have happened. We will keep you posted. Blog is saved so won’t be an issue, plus we have the […]

CYFSWATCH New Zealand HAS GONE AGAIN ???????????????

Has CYFSWATCH New Zealand been got at ???????????????????? Its gone again The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available. You can create your own free blog on

Fatherhood and BULLSHIT.

Tue 27th February 2007:

The dictionary describes fatherhood as: to act as a father to somebody, especially giving advice, comfort, and protection. The Family court describes it as: all the above unless Mother doesn’t want it, then just give us your wallet. For the last four and a half years I have held on to the belief that the […]

NZ abuse identification training to help Britons

A New Zealand training programme helping to identify child abuse trauma in mental health patients will soon be helping victims in the United Kingdom. University of Auckland psychologist Doctor John Read has been commissioned by the professional development journal of the Royal College of Psychiatry in England to describe the training programme. Dr Read said: […]

Bradford Bill

Mon 26th February 2007:

I remain very concerned that Bradford’s bill is being touted as an ‘anti-smacking’. It is not that at all. This bill will outlaw ‘all’ forms of violence toward children which, on face-value, seems like a damned good idea. However, what is completely missing throughout is a definition of violence. Over the years, at this site, […]

Vote of No Confidence

Fri 23rd February 2007:

Marc Alexander – Smacking away parental rights When governments start debating what reasonable means, when they second-guess the care provided by good parents, and confuse parental responsibility with child abuse, it’s clear they deserve to lose the confidence of those they purport to represent. They need to go. If this is a vote of no […]

No smacking Bill – what’s really going on?

The velvet underground-Labour’s quiet revolutionaries It used to be said the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Now, people whose hands have never been near a cradle are deciding what’s best for children, and the country. Margaret Shields says, “We began to reorganise the Women’s Section of the Party so that it became […]

One step over the line.

Thu 22nd February 2007:

There are no grounds for the alteration of section 59 of the Crimes Act, on the basis of child welfare. The proposal of this bill was only ever intended to empower the state in its authority over the child, and to empower the family court. Even the alteration being proposed by Chester Burrows is unacceptable. […]

NZ Climate change – fair to fear.

Not so long ago I was in a gas station in Auckland when the attendant ran out of the office and stood in front of a car. It was already clear from the behaviour of the three boys in the car that it was a drive off in progress, and I had made a decision […]

Where is CYFSWATCH????????????????????

It seems that CYFSWATCH has been removed overnight. Another blow for Free Speech in New Zealand.

CYF Complaints Authority Proposal

Don’t be fooled by the CYF complaints authority proposal. While United Future is hailing this as a big success the government position is that the authority will not be independent but will form part of the ministry of social development. This is not an independent authority; it is just hiring a few more people in […]

United Future on domestic violence

Wed 21st February 2007:

Joke of the week…. United Future on domestic violence….. United Future leader Peter Dunne says the weekend’s tragic events like the stabbing of children in Naenae and violent attacks in south Auckland and Wellington call for prompt action from the Government. “New Zealanders have become heartily sick of these outbreaks of violence seemingly every weekend. […]

Invitation to Join Operation 2008

Tue 20th February 2007:

An Invitation to Enlist for Operation 2008 Issued by the New Zealand Child Support Reform Conference 2007 Dear equal parental rights and responsibilities supporter, This is an invitation to enlist as a founding member of Operation 2008. By coordinating, planning and acting together at a level of non-violent direct action appropriate to individual members we […]

Babies Being Removed to Meet Targets

Mon 19th February 2007:

Dateline:UK By:Brain Wheeler Via:The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) Here may be one of the reasons for Dads not being told of when mothers give us kids for adoption, click:

Child Support Truth

Found this on Google encourage you all to contribute. The Child Support Act 1991 causes untold misery for New Zealand parents and children.Politicians and Officials continue to ignore the pleas of parents and children for reform.Parents have had enough and here is a space to remind those officials that they can no longer hide under […]

CYFSWATCH Yahoo Group started

Thu 15th February 2007:

As posted on CYFSWATCH Thursday, 15 February 2007 Watching CYFS Description: In defence of CYFSWATCH New Zealand and Free speech. Group Email Addresses: * Post message: [email protected] * Subscribe: [email protected] * Unsubscribe: [email protected] * List owner: [email protected] Posted by cyfswatch at 20:19

Women need to Re-think

Women need to re-think their attitude to men and children. I recall a few years back someone studiously informing me the social climate did not favour men. Obviously our social environment has been increasingly polluted by the toxic attitude of global feminism. We need to establish just who is responsible for this excessive hot air […]

Mommy Dearest Lawyer/Feminist Tortures Children

Wed 14th February 2007:

Dateline: Austria, Europe By: Timocrat From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) In the heart of enlightened socialist Europe an attorney/mother/feminist has been discovered to have kept her daughters in a complete darkened dungeon-like conditions for 7 years, with no outside contact- but with the mother. Excrement and other mater was […]

Operation 2008

Reminding re·mind (r?-m?nd’) tr.v. re·mind·ed-,re·mind·ing-re·minds To cause to remember; put in mind: Reminding is about to begin, it’s the first stage of “Operation 2008” The child support system and supporting matrix of family law is failing our children. For over 40 years parents have sought change from a sole custody model – one parent is […]

Wimmin Uniting

Tue 13th February 2007:

FYI, I came across this Australian organisation and a speech given to it by NZ MP Dianne Yates. Note her claim that because so many powerful positions in NZ were occupied by women the country ran like clockwork. Such partisan arrogance, reminiscent of the “master race” beliefs in Nazi Germany.

Domestic Violence Debate

Mon 12th February 2007:

I have been engaged in debate in another forum, the NZ Association of Rationalists and Humanists, about the status of men under feminism. One member drew attention to a research paper from the Dunedin Longitudinal Study that he claimed showed men commit much more domestic violence than do women: My reply follows and includes discussion […]

Quadriplegic Dad Being Evicted From Childhood Home

Sat 10th February 2007:

Dateline:Foxboro, USA By:Timocrat Via:The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) The establishment has hit a new low as they are about to evict a quadriplegic dad from his home in Massachusetts. Dan Iagatta was given his divorce papers and also given notice of the loss of dual parenting rights (which as we […]

How Feminism Wants to Destroy the Family

Fri 9th February 2007:

Here is the former originator of the Battered Wives Refuge Erin Pizzey and how she sees what has happened today in the name of feminism. Click to read: How feminists tried to destroy the family

CYFSWATCH refuse to be bullied by NZ Government.

Mon 5th February 2007:

This is getting interesting, i have only posted the first part of the blog entry. If u want to read the rest them follow the link below As posted on CYFSWATCH CYFSWATCH are aware of the strenuous efforts that the Ministry of Social Development and the New Zealand Government are making in order to shut […]

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