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Archive of April 2007

Perter Dunne – We are about to remind you.

Sun 29th April 2007:

Operation 2008 has announced that it will begin reminding in Wellington shortly. The time has come when Operation 2008 are to begin reminding Peter Dunne of his responsibility for the current mess that is child “support” and family law. For some time discussions have been taking place on what can be done to achieve equal […]

Collins Fails Parents And Children Again

Thu 26th April 2007:

Media Release Parents for Children 26 April 2007 For Immediate Release Collins Fails Parents And Children Again “By describing parents who have unpaid child support as neglectful parents Judith Collins has yet again failed to address the underlying cause of the alleged debt: Fundamental flaws exist in the Child Support Act 1991. Real neglect rests […]

Blokes in teaching

Wed 25th April 2007:

I’m Nigel Costley, a Nelson-based journalist, writing a story on blokes in teaching, specifically Nelson College headmaster Gary O’Shea’s idea of training teachers at his college. It could be an answer to getting more men into teaching. ‘Per’aps? Researching this, I’m interested to talk to any bloke who has been through teacher training in recent […]

Child Support Collection Across The Ditch

Fathers made to pay in child support blitz By Patricia Karvelas April 23, 2007 12:00am A crack team of investigators will spy on divorced dads who cry poor , using photographic and video evidence to expose them driving around in expensive cars and living in affluent suburbs. About 120 people will be employed to undertake […]

Issues with the Child Support Act 1991

Tue 24th April 2007:

This was a list of issues with the child support tabled with David Cunlifee, the Minister Responsible for child Support in 2004 on the steps of Parliament. I would like to seek suggestions for further issues to pass onto Peter Dunne. Please keep them concise. MEN’S CONVOY 2004 Men on the Move for Child Support […]

Judith Collins at it again.

Mon 23rd April 2007:

Judge Judy is at it again and shes more determined than ever to make IRD the judge, jury and executioner who can arrest you at the border. Like a pit-bull in need of a muzzle, Judge Judy has maintained the same position for years. Its not something new to see a National MP wanting legislation […]


Abortion pictures you need to see (you may not want to) no ma’am

Five Percenters

Sun 22nd April 2007:

To all the five percenters — the rest of us have had enough! Get Over It! Whats a Five percenter? It’s that five percent of men who act like absolute wankers when a separation occurs. The men, who behave as selfish, arrogant bastards The men whom the Politicians and Officials use to justify the failing […]

Sex Wars – Gender wars

I am hoping that readers were able to watch the first documentary of four episodes being televised by ‘Inside New Zealand’, TV3, Thursday nights. I found the first to be a laugh and was happy ‘Kim and Corbett’ were a part. Alot of discussion is happening about Genders on many radio stations presently. But it […]

John Key on Domestic Violence

Wed 18th April 2007:

In his speech to the Salvation Army yesterday, Mr Key told how he sees domestic violence… ? “The trials (Louise Nicholas) throw light on a pattern of behaviour and an attitude towards women which persists in this country. Domestic violence is the disgraceful secret of some otherwise successful men, and is the sorry burden of […]

Submmission Needed – Paternity Implications

Thu 12th April 2007:

The Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Amendment Bill is open for submissions. This is an important bill for Fathers as there are serious implications for paternity registration buried in the bill. Clauses 10, 11 and 12 are of particular interest as is 84A To Sum Up The first is in relation to the part […]

You be the judge?

Tue 10th April 2007:

Many people don’t seem to think that they have access to this appeal. I am not sure how this could be so, in a modern democracy? Please think through what is happening here and judge whether this is acceptable? What should be done about the familycaught? K v C [appeal: relocation] ––––– (2001) 21 FRNZ […]

The Family As Pillar Of The European Social Model from Jim Bailey

Filed under: General – MurrayBacon @ 7:26 am This was irrelevantly previously posted under Lets Prosecute Child Abductors? The Family As Pillar Of The European Social Model An example of what we miss when we edit our lives to focus on one aspect of good work toward to Re-Building the **Whole-NATURAL-Biological-FAMILY** Many NZ Men and […]

Child Abduction – Does the familycaught know what it is doing?

Below, I attach two papers by judge jan doogue, presented in 2003 and 2004, one supporting that judges should give (almost illegal?) support to mother abductors and the other suggesting that maybe father’s relationships with their children are being damaged without reason by familycaught. When reading these papers, keep in mind the quality and skills […]

Another Dreary Night on the News

Wed 4th April 2007:

Ho Hum. Another day like any other on the TV news. Last night’s TV3 late edition high-lighted two stories, one on the Basley report, the other on a growing difference between men and women’s incomes 5 years after graduation. Of all the stories that can be presented, of all the wrongs that can be righted, […]

Study Shows Little Interest By News Media In Family Court Proceedings

Tue 3rd April 2007:

Press Release by Families Commission at 11:32 am, 03 Apr 2007 The Family Court was opened to the news media almost two years ago in a move designed to open the court to the public gaze. However a study on the results shows that journalists have barely parted the curtains. ? The Families Commission has […]

Written in Stone.

Mon 2nd April 2007:

Nowhere is it written in stone that the view of the majority is always right, (NZ Herald Editorial 2 April 2007), however the view of minorities is well documented as usually left. While our children may currently be suffering a degree of state enforced illiteracy, there is an older majority of the population, who are […]

Lets Prosecute Child Abductors?

Sun 1st April 2007:

Lets support good parents (mothers and fathers), over abducting parents. Should Kay Skelton and Dick Headley be prosecuted for the abduction, within NZ, of a 6 year old boy? On the face of it, they are charged with a long term child abduction and this is just the final act in a 6 year run […]

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