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Archive of June 2009

Family Court Womens Refuge murder series 3

Tue 30th June 2009:

The family court, women’s refuge and cyfs are the triangle of violence in New Zealand. They are unaccountable, unrepentant and above the law. The equation is, as always, the same: A father in jail, mother dead, children left as orphans. Is this what the family Court is for?

GOOD DAD – BAD DAD? – You be the judge

Fri 26th June 2009:

We’ve always argued that good parents are being criminalised and harmed by the anti-smacking law and we currently have a number of cases in front of both the Prime Minister and other Cabinet ministers for their consideration. These have been independently reviewed by a senior policeman. In the latest case covered by the media we’ve […]

Starvation case: mother guilty of murder

Wed 24th June 2009:

An Australian mother has been convicted of murder over the starving death of her seven-year-old daughter, who at the time of her death appeared mummified. The prosecution claimed that the mother starved her daughter to death because she was autistic and too much to handle. At the time of death, the child weighed only nine […]

NSW: More women being charged with domestic violence

Mon 22nd June 2009:

“Shocking figures have revealed that the number of women who have been charged with domestic violence-related assault has soared by 159 per cent over the past eight years. The figures, from the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics, show 2336 women faced court on charges of domestic violence in 2007, mainly for bashing their […]

Gender Equity Pay Gap – Fair (equity) Pay

Fri 19th June 2009:

Labour’s spokesperson for Women’s Affairs Sue Moroney, is attacking Pansy Wong for not giving Labour what they want. But you have to hand it to Pansy Wong and the National party. They are not in a hurry to bankrupt NZ over feminist demands nor turn us into state communist control. Minister of Women’s Affairs, Pansy […]


Thu 18th June 2009:

The anti-corporal punishment lobbyists operate dishonestly, because they lie about their true motive and are aided and abetted in this by the news media. By Barbara Faithfull Why does the New Zealand news media mislead by not disclosing that it is really United Nations-backed leftist ideology that drives anti-corporal punishment activism? Why are these activists […]

Babes-in-freezer trial grips France

BBC: A verdict is due this week in “the babes in the freezer” case, in which a French mother is accused of murdering three of her children. BBC Paris correspondent Emma Jane Kirby reports on the mixture of horror and sympathy that the story has aroused.

Family First Newsletter

Tue 16th June 2009:

1. Nine-year-olds to learn about sex The Press 15 June 2009 Nine-year-old children are being targeted for more detailed sex education in schools. In Christchurch today, Family Planning is launching a new resource for teachers of late-primary and intermediate-age children. The launch has upset the conservative lobby group Family First, which is urging Family Planning […]

Support Group for the Wellbeing of Fathers

Help celebrate Men’s Health Week. Learn about local events, share latest information! Join us every Wednesday, 7.30pm, Onehunga Community Centre 83 Church Street, Onehunga Brendon Smith Father and Child Trust, Auckland Ph (09) 525 1690 We aim to provide a safe place for sharing father related issues, with understanding and hoping to strengthen our fathering […]

New Dads

Mon 15th June 2009:

I used the opportunity to ask Family Planning about resources for fathers and contraception for men particularly because I wanted to know about the injection still in trial stage. I quoted the expectation that men will have something available in 5 years and got the response, “Everything is 5 years.”

‘No Smacking Bill – Keeping the debate honest

Sat 13th June 2009:

Linley Boniface is a regular columnist for the Dominion Post . On Monday, she published an column entitled ” A Question smacking of deceit” which attacked the Referendum and Family First. Statements included: “Despite clear evidence that the world around us is chock-full of people who couldn’t successfully raise a family of tadpoles to adulthood, […]

Dr Richard Worth: Entrapment?

Fri 12th June 2009:

On the basis of information currently available to the public, I disapprove of Dr Worth’s behaviour concerning Neelam Choudary but only because it appears he disrespected the sanctity of marriage, both his own and that of Mrs Choudary. There have been several criticisms of Dr Worth during his political career, but before jumping to judgement […]

Famly First news – update

Wed 10th June 2009:

1. ‘Honest’ Report on Child Abuse Welcomed Family First Media Release 4 June 2009 Family First NZ is welcoming a report from the Children’s Commissioner on child abuse released today, and says that it backs the call for a Royal Commission on child abuse. “The report entitled ‘ Death and serious injury from assault of […]

Making a private custody arrangement stick

Tue 9th June 2009:

My ex husband and I signed a private custody agreement when we separated 7 years ago (we are both now re-married to new spouses). Over the years it has been increasingly difficult for me to enforce this arrangement in it’s original form as he seems to have less time to spend with his children. He […]

Editorial identifies the key cause of our social problems.

Mon 8th June 2009:

Excerpt from the Otago Daily Times. (Skim past the opening religious stuff and you’ll get to some telling insights.) The “Fathering Our City” report, written by Warwick Pudney and commissioned by Te Korowai Manaaki – Great Start Waitakere and Violence Free Waitakere, was released at the Waitakere City Fathering Hui on May 16. The key […]

Gender test

A controversial test that reveals the gender of a foetus may be launched in New Zealand within a fortnight. The American-designed IntelliGender test has sparked a row in New Zealand over whether it would lead to sex-selection abortions, the New Zealand Herald reported. The test could be used from eight weeks after conception. The kit […]

“All custody and access should be 50-50.”: Education expert

Education consultant Joseph Driessen said children who came from broken homes were typically 25 per cent behind other children in achievement. “Boys are affected by divorce very deeply because 85 per cent of custody goes to the mother and guys just disappear. That needs to change,” he told The Press. “We need to have a […]

boy was found in an alcohol-induced coma

A 13-year-old boy is recovering in hospital after downing a one-litre bottle of spirits in 30 minutes at a sports training camp. Wanaka police were investigating an alleged theft of a bottle of alcohol from the bar of a backpackers by a 15-year-old boy. Constable Greg Nolet said reports from other camp participants indicated the […]

Rotorua woman (29) kills 1 yr old baby boy

Rotorua police have made an arrest following the death of a one-year-old baby boy. The boy died on Friday morning at an Edmund Road property. Police were called after his caregivers found him dead in the lounge. Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Loper says a 29-year-old woman who lives at the address has been charged with […]

Men’s issues for 2009

Sun 7th June 2009:

I was trolling men’s sites (as one does when one has some time on their hands) and came across Bernard Chapin on MND. Of course I love the guy because there will never, ever be another human being like him to ever walk this earth. (even though he wears a different football jersey each time […]

A blow for White ribbon

I wrote to following letter, to Min of justice, and a few politicians. Responses below: 1 Letter Subject: Offensive material displayed in North Shore District Court I am objecting to a poster for the “White Ribbon” campaign, displayed in the office of the North Shore Family Court. The “White ribbon” campaign has the laudable aim […]

Family First – news update

Thu 4th June 2009:

1. Cabinet Minister’s Comments On s59 Welcomed Family First Media Release 1 June 2009 Family First NZ is welcoming comments made by Social Development Minister Paula Bennett in a radio interview over the weekend. When a caller to the programme on Newstalk ZB asked the Minister whether she thought a smack as part of good […]

Family Court Involved or Not involved

Wed 3rd June 2009:

Pumpkin’s father goes on trial Let us play a guessing game: Has this man been served with a protection order by the family court? Has Nai Yin Xue been thrown from his home by the family court? Has Nai Yin Xue been barred from seeing his child by the family court? Has Nai Yin Xue […]

Comment on Protest

Mon 1st June 2009:

I found this Editorial in a provincial News paper. While the specifics are irrelevant to the Mens moovement, the principal is. We have among us who have and probabally will again revert to protest action. I encourace them to read and consider this view of a protest and comments about the 1991 Springbok tour. It’s […]

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