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Archive of February 2014

Female Teacher sleeps with boy student – No Jail?

Thu 27th February 2014:

Story here What would of happened if this were a male teacher? Looking forward to a Judge applying the same sentance to the next male teacher.

Father murder/suicide

Wed 26th February 2014:

Obviously no one could possibly condone the tragic event of Ed Livingstone and his children. In the NZ Herald’s publications highlighting the shortcomings of this father over the past 2 days, and also in all the other reporting since this dreadful event took place I have been unable to find a reason for the protection […]

And news just in from the UK

Mon 24th February 2014:

Unbelievable: It has just been revealed by the Guardian newspaper that the male suicide rate is 3 1/2 times that of the female suicide rate in England. Of course I am not suggesting that the rate of male suicide is unbelievable, it is a headline that contained not only the word Male or the word […]

Being a Step-parent

Sun 23rd February 2014:

I am certain that many of you on this site have moved on, having met another woman and have embarked on the journey of step parenting. Your new woman shares responsibility with her ex partner to raise her children, but where in the equation do you as a step parent fit in? We have read […]

The dribbling rant of Billy Bragg

The confused male In the world of show cases and clebrities there are as many confused males as there are females. If you hold this guy up against some ball swinging singer, he is no more and no less confused about what his role is in society, is meant to be, or should be. I […]

Defamation from Feminists is a Serious Crime

Wed 19th February 2014:

We Understand How Colin Craig Feels. We don’t necessarily support his politics. We don’t know whether he gives a damn about the harm done to men, though he probably recognizes the harm to families that has resulted from the denigration of men. However, those who speak up about men’s issues know what it’s like to […]

Take note NZ Family Court Judges ….

Tue 18th February 2014:

This is how you do it. It’s quite simple really, it just requires opening your eyes and ears.

Media Bias Concerning Family Court

Sun 16th February 2014:

The injustice shown to men over the decades since the inception of the Family Court and the abuse done by that Court to children’s relationships with their fathers (and therefore to the children themselves) have been largely ignored by our media. Exposure of the Court’s sexism against men relied mainly on individual men’s letters to […]

Blackmailed Man Commits Suicide

Sat 15th February 2014:

Story here. Angie Rose Wilson your actions have led to the death of this man. What ide really like to know is did you plan the consensual sexual relationship in order to make some cash from the outset or did you come up with a the plan afterwards? I am surprised you didn’t call […]

What a balls up!!!

Fri 14th February 2014:

If you have the balls take a look at this UK add…… click here

Scollay’s Murder of her Husband is Excused

Thu 13th February 2014:

This case really hits home how little value is given to male victims of women’s violence, and indeed how little value is placed on men’s lives. It also highlights the sexist double standard in our justice system, in this case allowing a de facto partial defence of provocation in the case of a female murderer […]

Registrars Review…….?

Tue 11th February 2014:

Hi There, I have a review scheduled in mid February and am not sure what this process is for? what can i expect? what do i need to do to prepare? A LFC has been appointed but i dont know who? and as yet i have had no contact from them about what happens next? […]

Karen Woodall on parental alientation

Uk writer and separation specialist has got a good series of articles on parental alientation and ways you can work to reduce it’s impact.

Bill Roache’s Nightmare is Over! But Is It?

Fri 7th February 2014:

The headline suggests the guy can return to work and live his live as a free man as nothing has happened. The producers, directors, ITV Grenada will allow Bill to carry on playing the part of Ken Barlow working down at the studio as he once did. – Like hell.

Sexualisation of Girls – impacts on boys?

Thu 6th February 2014:

There has been discussion about commercial forces using sexualisation of girls for manipulation to increase sales of low intrinsic value products. Melinda Tankard Reist has given public presentations at Forum on the Family, her book Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls and a Sydney Morning Herald article Sex sells, but we’re selling out our […]

Proactive, Passive, By Chance, or Destructive Government Management of Child Abduction?

I suggest that any Government’s management of social issues can be evaluated on the continuum: Destructive, By Chance, Passive, or Proactive Management. In the UK, the Government partially funds a charity called Unite, which advocates for abducted children and parents left behind by abduction. This funding allows limited research to be carried out into the […]

Anger is not an emotion

BBC Article A study using the reaction of facial muscles indicates that humans have only four emotions that display themselves as happiness, sadness, irritation and fright. The previously accepted 6 emotions theory is being challenged. There is a significant factor here that will agravate feminists. Irritation would be a sliding scale where the same face […]

Is this judge lying through his teeth?

UK Guardian: Courts will not give up on girl abducted by mother, judge warns Judge issues warning two years after Humma Dar disappeared with daughter Aamina Khan after girl’s father was given custody. It is well known in legal circles, but a carefully manipulated secret from the working public, that most child abductors (85%) are […]

Men’s Issues move into mainstream in Canada

Wed 5th February 2014:

Barbara Kay: Ryerson drags men’s issues group through the wringer February 4, 2014 It’s happening again. Yet another Canadian university is making life extremely difficult for a group that brings awareness of men’s issues to institutions of higher learning.

The new law is this

Mon 3rd February 2014:

If you can prove to the courts that you have been excluded from raising your child in any way or form by the custodial parent, then that custodial parent has no rights to funding from the non custodial parent. A little bit about my history. Not only was I excluded from having a parental say […]


Sun 2nd February 2014:

Some of you may remember me. I am the dad that wrote about parent alienation, three years ago. Two of my daughters were at the stage of not wanting to see me, so instead of loosing all and being hunted down by the IRD like a pig on the chase, I left for Australia to […]

Increased reporting of sexual abuse of men in New Zealand

Sat 1st February 2014:

Stuff report open for comment The headline may lead to the assumption that the article refers only to men abusing men Clearwater said nearly half of the survivors he worked with had suffered abuse at the hands of women. “It’s a massive problem, we need to get more support for men – we’re the only […]

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