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Archive of April 2014

US examines its Boy Crisis

Wed 30th April 2014:

This is an interesting article published in the New York times – story here The article looks at varying aspects of boys fitting into (in this case American) society and at the negative economic flow-on effects for a society failing it boys. It comes at a time when the US economy is falling substantially behind […]

Father jailed on False Allegations

This article is found here at (Transcribed from the original media report here which is in Spanish) The Spanish Supreme court has acquitted a father accused of sexually abusing his daugther after a local court in Almeria had sentenced him to seven years in prison. The Supreme court heard the original trial had relied […]

Trauma Imbalance

Story here. Notwithstanding the new ACC policy is gender neutral, I would like to compare what ACC provide for (an almost exclusive female applicant) who has either been abused or allegedly abused to what men receive in comparison to loosing access to their children. It sends a very clear message that this country cares […]

Typical reporting of DV in New Zealand ….

Tue 29th April 2014:

Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell were BOTH arrested for Domestic Violence, yet reporter Bernadine Oliver-Kirby decided to only use Paul Simon’s name in the headline. Once again a distorted view is presented. Oh, it does say in the report that they were both arrested … if you get that far after reading the […]

Man Murdered in Christchurch

Mon 28th April 2014:

A woman has appeared in court in Christchurch today on a charge of murdering a man at a residential address. Details here at The 22-year-old appeared in the Christchurch District Court this morning charged with murdering an “unknown male” yesterday. Court documents allege she murdered him “manually”. I hope that wasn’t a bit of […]

New Press Release from Parents 4 Justice

Sun 27th April 2014:

New press relaease from Parents 4 Justice. “Family court lawyers advocating for shared care in high conflict parenting situations is an intentional bid to create future work opportunities for themselves” says Amy McDonald founder of Auckland based Parents 4 Justice. The research suggests shared care under these circumstances is not in the best interests of […]

A Discombobulated Labour and The Red Fems

We don’t normally go for words bigger than wheelbarrow or marmalade on this blog, but there was a call for a specific term, one that owns a little sophistication, to assure the so called ‘left wing elites’, that we understand the extend of their pain and suffering; the disorientation and confusion that they are dealing […]

Female CTU President Distorts Truth About Workplace Deaths

Tomorrow, April 28, is Worker’s Memorial Day. According to the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) “Fifty-one workers were killed while they were doing their job last year” This figure of ’51 workers’ will be misleading.

Kelvin Davis – You Go Girl

Sat 26th April 2014:

With the resignation of Shane Jones from the New Zealand Labour Party (discussed here in Shane Jones leaves the Big Red L) naturally there is a vacant position in parliament for Labour to fill – it is filled by way on the next candidate on their list, Kelvin Davis, as reported here by the NZ […]

MoMA Apologizes to ANZAC Soldiers

Fri 25th April 2014:

On Anzac Day 2014 MoMA apologizes to New Zealand soldiers who served their country and its allies in World War I. The same apology is due also to those who served in World War II.

Format of memorandum

Thu 24th April 2014:

Hi all I currently have a matter before the family court, no LFC assigned (requested 1 month ago) and no Parenting Order in place. One of the children (14) has refused during a recent access to return to the care of the mother. I have advised the FC and they request a memorandum or application […]

Shane Jones leaves the Big Red ‘L’

Wed 23rd April 2014:

The undisciplined, waffling misogynist? If the New Zealand National Party was looking for a break from the unrelenting pressure bearing down on them as a result of the Oravida Scandal (brought about by the actions of the current Justice Minister Judith Collins, although she has changed her story so many times, you could be forgiven […]

Family Court Changes in England and Wales

Tue 22nd April 2014:

Sir James said: “Today marks the largest reform of the family justice system any of us have seen or will see in our professional lifetimes. BBC article on Family Justice Reforms Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes said for too long children had “suffered from excessive delays and confrontational court battles”. “Our reforms will keep families […]

Are the USA running out of pussy passes?

Mon 21st April 2014:

“I hope you die in prison,” Michigan judge erupts on woman convicted of killing boyfriend. JACKSON, Mich. – If a judge could throw the book at a woman, he managed to do so on Wednesday. Not physically, but certainly by his stinging words. He had a lot of words for 31-year-old Camia Gamet, the woman […]

University Research Failing Men

Flyers published by the survey organisers have been ordered destroyed. We have been aware for many years now, that universities around the globe have allowed biased research in their social science faculties by permitting the use of unethical research-methods, to promote the interests of women and the ideological interests of feminists; in particular research intended […]

Pussy Pass for Judith Collins

Sat 19th April 2014:

The situation surrounding New Zealand Justice Minister Judith Collins and her use of a ministerial warrant and taxpayer funds to further her husband’s business interests in China has been boiling along for some time now and as late as last week Prime Minister John Key was still supporting his minister in the face of rising […]

New Zealand Women and the Glass Floor

Fri 18th April 2014:

The concept of the glass ceiling. The idea that there is an invisible barrier of prevailing attitudes that stop women and minorities reaching their potential or place an impediment in the way of their right to advancement, to reach a level of achievement that would otherwise be obtainable if they weren’t part of a particular […]

Feminism and Housing

We had a discussion (here) which essentially revolved around what contribution the DPB made to the current price of residential houses in New Zealand. Whatever your views on the DPB, and regardless of the fact that there are some 100,000 DPB households spread across New Zealand I don’t consider that the DPB should be included […]

Sally Ridge loses court case

Thu 17th April 2014: I’ve got to say I’ve always thought of Sally Ridge as a rather pointless creature but what has always stood out to me is the dignified way the fathers of her children have kept out of the limelight. I’ve always felt sorry for the elder daughter who seems to have fallen under the mother’s […]

latest press release from parents 4 justice

Wed 16th April 2014:

Separated mothers and fathers need to unite in the best interests of the child “Changes recently introduced to the family court merely moves the bill from the taxpayer to the user and will make the situation financially worse for parents” says Amy McDonald, founder of Auckland based Parents 4 Justice. Recently Parents 4 Justice launched […]

Family court revamp….

Sat 12th April 2014:

As many of you would of heard, there is a new system now in place for Family court cases, focusing on Parents working together to get a solution, using the family court as a last resort. I have been out of the court process for about 3 years now, and back in February I started […]

Keep Your Eye on the Ball?

Fri 11th April 2014:

Every now and then, it is necessary to push aside all of the distractions and make sure that the main energy is focussed onto the most important issues. It is necessary to identify actions that should have been taken place but didn’t, as much as the actions that did take place. But what are they?

UN Complains About Racism in NZ Justice System but Ignores Sexism

Wed 9th April 2014:

A powerful UN group has been visiting New Zealand as reported mainly on radio, as described here and here. Unfortunately the NZ journalists didn’t spell the UN group leader’s name correctly. MoMA sent the following letter to the UN and plans to follow up with some media releases concerning this.

Prosecution Quality versus Corruption and Incompetence

Here is an article about a Washington State policeman, who was framed by his supervisor (who was also having an affair with his wife). Clyde Ray Spencer article from National Parent’s Organisation website Clyde Ray Spencer article from Glenn Sacks website Washington State’s Wrongfully Convicted article from Seattle News about the investigating detective who found […]

Jackie Blue Drops the Ball

Exposing the fraud: Dr Jackie Blue Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner at our Human Rights Commission is engaged in deliberate and provocative aggravation with advertising banners like this one below. “Wo to men” as the sign implies, gives us a clear understanding of the malignant attitude within the commission, one which is clearly aggressive to men.

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