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Archive of January 2015

Why is Circumcision Not Treated as Sexual Abuse?

Sat 31st January 2015:

Circumcision is another example of duplicity in the way many people think about gender issues, and an incredible example of sexism that harms males. Here we see boys having their genitals mutilated through religious and allegedly cultural practice, in ways that cause serious infections placing at risk these boys’ lives, fertility and ability to enjoy […]

New book: Murder that wasn’t

Tue 27th January 2015:

George Gwaze made legal history in NZ when he was tried for murder a second time on the same evidence, after the Supreme Court ruled that double jeopardy does not apply until all appeals have been exhausted. Both juries acquitted him. A DSAC doctor wrongly concluded that Gwaze’s niece Charlene was analy raped then suffocated, […]

What do you call organizations you are terrified of?

Thu 22nd January 2015:

What is the difference between IRD and ISIS? Both terrorize non-custodial parents. One kills quickly, while the other kills you slowly over time.

Examples of Family Court rulings on Admin Reviews?

I’ve been assessed at a ‘potential’ income which is three times greater than my actual income as a result of a staggeringly unfair Admin Review. As a result I’m launching a counter review, as well as taking the existing review to the Family Court to challenge the review findings. I’m needing to find examples of […]

First Woman On The Moon

Should we adopt a difference approach for 2015 and throw some humour into the fight against Feminism?

NSW Police acknowledge male victims of intimate partner violence

Tue 20th January 2015:

One In Three Campaign NSW Police today took the rare and long-overdue step of acknowledging male victims of intimate partner violence and their children with this post on their Facebook Page which is quickly going viral, with many supportive comments underneath it.

Fatherhood in Victorian Times

Mon 19th January 2015:

A new study concludes that Victorian men were the original hands-on father, far from their image as distant and severe.

The Island With Bear Grylls – Masculinity in Crisis

Sat 17th January 2015:

Source: Interesting concept for a TV show (and I haven’t seen it) if it does look at changes in masculinity, rather than simply being another survivor series. Has anyone seen it? But this is amusing.

Short News Review

Here are a few recent stories of interest to students of gender issues.

The toothpaste woman escapes with the loot.

Thu 15th January 2015:

I refer back to the first post I made 9 months ago back in may 2014 entitled Toothpaste accomplice. I had omitted in the post the fact that the woman had told me she was six weeks pregnant the week earlier. Months later police called me in to tell me “there is no baby”. So […]

Feminist Psychology

We are all well aware of the more recent involvement of psychologists in demonising men, but wait till you get a load of this. The book ‘Inferiority Feelings’ first published in 1951 and authored by Oliver Brackfeld, translated from French, is online (complete text) in the International library of Psychology The loquacity (talkativeness) which the […]

Gravel Soup

Wed 14th January 2015:

It’s an expression I’d not heard before and I went looking for an explanation on the net and came across this. The concept of gravel soup is a soup from left over’s – a bit of anything and everything – that can be added to if not consumed in one day. A bit of a […]

The discussion on suicide in NZ

Tue 13th January 2015:

It’s been a long time coming but with the recent changes around reporting restrictions the subject has received considerable media attention in recent months. For those that are interested there is a discussion in progress here on Stuff Nation. Naturally the article is female focused but the comments have attracted some male perspective.

Is it failure?

Sun 11th January 2015:

This is NOT a post about suicide. Japan’s fight to change suicide culture hurt by latest recession “The economy plays a big role,” in the nation’s suicide rate, said Mafumi Usui, a psychology professor at Niigata Seiryo University. That compounds the problem in Japan, because “the notion lingers that taking your own life is something […]

‘Rape Culture’

Sat 10th January 2015:

If you want to be reminded of how extreme and irrational mainstream feminism has become, and of how much our taxes are funding the forces of feminism in demonizing men, you might like to listen to this programme played on National Radio on 7th December 2014 and broadcast again this week. It’s called ‘Rape Culture […]

Men and Women in the age of Feminism

Fri 9th January 2015:

Actions by Parents of suicides

Tue 6th January 2015:

I was reading Alan Turing: The Enigma, by Andrew Hodges. I was struck by The Author’s Note, on page 667: One person was not satisfied with this assessment, and sensed that some other kind of recognition was due. This was Mrs. Turing, who in 1956 embarked upon writing a biography of her son – an […]

Boys are to blame

Now this is an article that will rock your socks. He said schools were constantly having to keep on top of new technologies and seek clarification from police when images being shared involved students under the age of 16. Of course you’ll remember a few years back the last labour government wanting to lower the […]

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