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Archive of November 2018

Movember 60km challenge

Fri 30th November 2018:

Got it done. 62.4km. Last run dedicated to Huxtable. RIP Bro Thanks to all my sponsors.

The Spinoff For Women

Thu 29th November 2018:

In a post yesterday The Female Funding Failure we took a top down look at the Feminist concept of throwing money at the development of women and its perverse rather than positive outcomes. Comments there already are bringing that down to a local level and the direct effect on New Zealand society and the form […]

The Female Funding Failure

Wed 28th November 2018:

Older observers will/may recall their youthful beginnings, their adventure into the world, and the road or perhaps the hard road to finding their place in society. Work to your strengths. Do what you love and never work a day in your life. Describe it how you like there was still an expectation and I think […]


Tue 27th November 2018:

I can’t imagine what life might have been like without my father in my life. I certainly can’t imagine life with just my mother. My Father:..strong, reliable, busy, had a lot of friends, stalwart of a community, farmer, cop, publican, fencer, not the hobbyist guy..good with his hands,, but the range of his skills was […]

The What if of The Big IF

Mon 26th November 2018:

Carrying on from a previous post Intersectional Feminism – A Man’s View I’m not sure about you but I have at least one question. Is this an argument of convenience? If the current Feminist design is to reject individual females who may have been successful in their own right, does this continue what appears to […]

Peaceful Protest against the misandrist clementine ford – Auckland

Sun 25th November 2018:

Hi all, You might have heard that Clementine Ford is in NZ using one of Auckland city council’s venues to promote her book Boys will be Boys and infesting people with his toxic ideolgy. Bring your sign and join us or at least send an email to Phil Goff. This “thing” (doesnt deserve to be […]

Sunday Thoughts for Men

In a world that can’t stop writing, talking, thinking, you’re here on the net, perhaps connected to other social media, thinking about a selfie perhaps – is that a man thing? Or is the face off in a women’s world a slap in the face for men? Has that narcism turned men into shrinking violets? […]

Another Sexist Law On The Way

Sat 24th November 2018:

Currently before Select Committee is the latest piece of gender discriminatory legislation that will undoubtedly be passed by the feminist government. The Bill is unashamedly gender specific and sexist. For example: 13C Employee may raise pay equity claim (1) An employee of an employer, or a group of employees who perform the same, or substantially […]

Ardern and Little Don’t Want to be Unfair

Aw, isn’t that nice, our government doesn’t want to be unfair! Of course, that doesn’t apply to any of the many men treated unfairly on the basis of false allegations especially in the Family Court, or the many men whose hard-earned assets are plundered courtesy of our ‘relationship property’ law, or the many men having […]

Intersectional Feminism – a man’s view

Fri 23rd November 2018:

Warning: participation is not recommended if you value your sanity. In a recent post The Social Purity of Feminism we can see how much the cutting edge of Feminism has changed its relationship with the society around it. It is sometimes hard to see how much we were already a Feminist compliant nation before the […]

Self Litigation Workshop – Frank Hicks

Tue 20th November 2018:

What: Parenting/Self-litigation through Family Court 6-hour workshop Host: Guardians of our Children Charitable Trust-Frank Hicks Who can attend: Anyone can attend but numbers are strictly limited to eight. Book your spot early by emailing Frank Hicks at [email protected] for registration form or call on 027 223 4595 Cost: Koha When: Saturday 8 December 2018 Where: […]

The Social Purity of Feminism

What wave are we up to now, and are you confused about what Feminists want? What is pure Feminism these days? There probably isn’t a single answer but rather a range of ideological voices laying claim to the banner, and you’re welcome to carry the banner, if you’re on our side or you’re anti-male or […]

PUBLIC DISSING OF MEN…seems to be a fashion,,

Yesterday , listening to the radio, there was a father talking to his son, about growing up , the father breached the subject of erection in a silly way so as to embarass his son but their conversation was interrupted by a civil defence alert via a mobile this talk, which was supposed to […]

Mid-Life Crisis

Mon 19th November 2018:

I’m pissed off. I didn’t wake up pissed off. I read the news, and that got me pissed off. Am I having a mid-life meltdown or is this because I’m a bloke – maybe I shouldn’t read the news; The particular article that is winding up the internal spring of youth

‘Snapped’ tv series worth a watch

Sun 18th November 2018:

‘Snapped’ is an interesting tv series shown on the free-to-air ‘Bravo’ channel. Although suffering from American production style with too much repetition, it’s quite well done in general, not too hyped up, very factual, including real footage of police interviews and detailed descriptions of the police investigations and evidential developments. The series focuses on murders […]

Greedy Thief is a Strong Female Lead

This was done as a comment to an historical post here but deserves its own current post. This article describes further developments regarding the ‘accidental millionaire’ case described in the 2011 post on MENZ Issues that provided a snapshot of then current evidence for the operation of a ‘pussy pass’. The pussy passes for the […]

Three Beers Jim

Wed 14th November 2018:

It might have been just another tradie’s shop – they’re a dime a dozen, aren’t they? He was a drummer in a band, quite a story he owned, with a feminist wife and a couple of confused kids. But Jim,

he always says “IT’S GREAT TO BE A GUY”…..

Tue 13th November 2018:

YEp…My GUY,,, he always reverts to this staple sentence. Adversity, Stress, Business..even when those things get in the way, he get back up, I do not hear him blaming,, he is an analyzer. Here recently the subject of hormone/chemical bodily response and reaction was talked about, I thought WOW, so that explains it. ” […]


Sun 11th November 2018:

Heres a quick video I made about Movember and what it means to me.

Abortion at a Woman’s Whim

Sat 10th November 2018:

Abortion tends to become an endless moral debate and this has previously been discouraged here. However, recent proposals by the NZ Law Commission deserve some consideration of this matter and its relevance to men. The Law Commission has long been a feminist force forwarding the exploitation and harming of men. In addition to their proposal […]

Family Income Sharing Arrangements – FISA – NZ Divorce

Thu 8th November 2018:

Currently under consideration by the Law Commission, (FISA) may become a permanent part of our Divorce Settlement legislation. Following the leading Herald article in their media feed authored as described; (Jeremy Sutton is a senior family lawyer, specialising in divorce cases where there are significant assets including family trusts and complex business structures) We find […]

Submissions and concerted action about Crown accountability

Sun 4th November 2018:

I know this site has some great minds and maybe a few retired people that can dedicate a substantial amount of time for the benefit of others. I think, in my not so humbled mind that what we need is a dedicated working group to offer submissions on all things affecting the population of NZ. […]


Fri 2nd November 2018:

Some things are so obvious they apparantly do not need saying…but it is okay, we have free speech and we can Babble if we want to…Mansplaining encouraged…


Thu 1st November 2018:

You know that feelin, when you feel like a bit of a dick, you’ve said too much, too little, so inarticulate that you may have buried yourself, kinda feelin… OH SHIT I am here again, I feel like a bit of a dick. but this is a gooood thannnngggg, this is shitting yourself around, 325 […]

The RACE to gathering PACE….

Rapid change is on the menu like never before, it is like a grab, a stab, use a fork if you must but feast you will. I am talking about a world that is lead in gathered fashion, a grab of what sectors of society wish for and aim to get. Minority groups abound, they […]

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