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Archive of February 2019

Men’s Summit 2019 !

Thu 28th February 2019:

Program-and-Registration From the Co-ordinators – Men’s Summit Men’s Summit Goes South The New Zealand Men’s Summit 2019 is going south this year to Otago University Rugby clubrooms in Dunedin on Friday 12 April. It’s time to recognise the male contribution to society as Men Matter Too. Following successful Men’s Summits in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, […]

Domestic Bliss

Wed 27th February 2019:

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship understands the complications, and the sometimes delicate peace. There is, what we now call the flick-chick – expect an unpredictable launch at any time. Now, any good MGTOW will tell you, the first time it happens, RUN! … and don’t look back! There’s other more delicate […]

Battle Dress

Tue 26th February 2019:

There’s something that bothers me about this picture but what bothers me more is that I can’t work out what it is, that bothers me. It’s a female in front of a few guys, no big deal. If it was


Recently I wrote this post on the rising Homeless. It only took a few days and I was standing by my vehicle when a security guard drove slowly past me, leaning out the window, yelling in a very sarcastically polite voice, “Hello. How are you today.” Didn’t take long to join the dots, did it, […]

Update on Identity Politics

Thu 21st February 2019:

Identity Politics. I can’t remember where I first encountered this but regardless I’ve always been a bit ho-hum, disinterested, who can be bothered with that stuff. And I’m sure a lot of us feel the same – can’t we just have our live’s back. And then there’s another lot of us who get all technical […]

Concerning Stuff

Tue 19th February 2019:

Haven’t we all been concerned about Stuff, the news site, Stuff, that is? Or frustrated, annoyed, at the very least? We’ve even had few scraps here about how to confront the beast. About 15 years ago I was sitting in a café in Ponsonby discussing

How to scam the NZ immigration system if you are a woman

Mon 18th February 2019:

A letter via the MENZ contact form. A lesson on how to use WordPress anonymously is probably not what this man needs right now, so I’m posting this on his behalf in the hope he might gain some useful response. His letter is one of the clearest expositions of how women on temporary visas are […]

Jordan Peterson changes lives for the better

Fri 15th February 2019:

I recently happened to meet a 23-year-old Canadian girl who is visiting New Zealand so I asked her if she knew the Canadian, Jordan Peterson. She said she not only knew of him but had been viewing his videos on YouTube as well as reading his book ‘12 Rules For Life’.

Next Generation Window Sticker

Thu 14th February 2019:

This is doing the rounds on social media and I see the question asked; could it just as easily relate to New Zealand? Could you see the same sticker on Conservative Party vehicles at the next election? That aside

Professor Jordan Peterson in NZ

Wed 13th February 2019:

I have to put this one forward. A shameful performance from Iris Krzyzosiak, a representative of Auckland Peace Action when Mr Sean Plunket interviews him. Interview link click here.

Paypigs Pay-Pigs or Pay Pigs?

Tue 12th February 2019:

Have you heard of Paypigs? Don’t worry, neither had I but there it was out of the mouths of babe’s … well more like early to mid twenties girls. You could imagine the outcry if it was boys calling girls something along the same lines. It didn’t take too much to gather from the conversation […]

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