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Archive of February 2019

Jordan Peterson changes lives for the better

Fri 15th February 2019:

I recently happened to meet a 23-year-old Canadian girl who is visiting New Zealand so I asked her if she knew the Canadian, Jordan Peterson. She said she not only knew of him but had been viewing his videos on YouTube as well as reading his book ‘12 Rules For Life’.

Next Generation Window Sticker

Thu 14th February 2019:

This is doing the rounds on social media and I see the question asked; could it just as easily relate to New Zealand? Could you see the same sticker on Conservative Party vehicles at the next election? That aside

Professor Jordan Peterson in NZ

Wed 13th February 2019:

I have to put this one forward. A shameful performance from Iris Krzyzosiak, a representative of Auckland Peace Action when Mr Sean Plunket interviews him. Interview link click here.

Paypigs Pay-Pigs or Pay Pigs?

Tue 12th February 2019:

Have you heard of Paypigs? Don’t worry, neither had I but there it was out of the mouths of babe’s … well more like early to mid twenties girls. You could imagine the outcry if it was boys calling girls something along the same lines. It didn’t take too much to gather from the conversation […]

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