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Archive of August 2021

Some advice please – Daughters mobile phone.

Sat 28th August 2021:

Hi folks. I’m separated for almost 3 years. There are two children who spend 5 nights every fortnight with me. their mother and I have a toxic relationship. We are attending FDR and still going through family court. Against my wishes, my daughter was given an iPhone 12 a year ago by her mother, she […]

Lockdown Distress

I see media from Australian sources about the pressure on their helplines with the current Delta outbreak. I assume at this time, especially with the Lockdown extensions announced yesterday we will have a similar situation in New Zealand. If you’ve found this site for some reason what has brought you here? A family court case […]

Hate Speech Law NZ – Coming your way soon.

Thu 26th August 2021:

Three years in prison. Left wondering if we would still be able to openly post on this site should the bill become law. Will I no longer be able to hate the haters of men and boys human rights?

Gangs and Guns

Wed 25th August 2021:

It’s not breaking news that gang numbers are on the rise and organised crime is developing across the country. What are the concerns … ?

Is Feminism a Hate Group?

Mon 23rd August 2021:

This video clip labels feminism as a hate group. It compares white America 60 years ago. Its not about what they feel and think, it’s about what they do. 1. Advocates lesser rights in law for the target group. 2. Propagates discrimination against the target group. 3. Teaches that the target group is inherently inferior. […]

The Future of Families

Thu 19th August 2021:

Near 5000 comments on YouTube on this short video. Just awful outcomes for men and fathers. The careless attitude towards men and fathers is leading to a future that women will find uncertain, isolated, expensive and unrewarding.

Independent Panel’s Final Report on New Zealand Family Justice System Released

Mon 9th August 2021:

The selected committee video found and posted by Erasingdad. – Thank You. Family Justice Final Report PDF I have not had much time to read this, but I do know the terms “without notice application” features 66 times. And that process has been used to stop or limit dads child contact. While there is mention […]

Former Female Police Officer Says up to 75% of Woman Allegations of Domestic Violence are False.

Sun 8th August 2021:

Former frontline Police Officer Evelyn Rae, 12 years of service, tells all in a recent interview with Bettina Arndt. Says 75% of woman allegations of domestic violence are false. Says in all her years can honestly say just 3 legitimate cases of sexual assault, everything else was false allegation or no evidence. Says this is […]

The Brotherhood of Men

The success of any nation is in the unity of its men, the support of its women, and the morality of its laws. Without the brotherhood of men, we risk not fulfilling our duty to those significant values that we have learned underpin the ideological basis and success, not only of a sovereign nation but […]

PM Jacinda Adern on Human Rights For All – Except No Mention For Dads, Men & Boys

Fri 6th August 2021:

PM on Human Right – Except for Men & Boys Ever wondered why you lost half your home, and all the items in it to a part-time girlfriend? Perhaps you lost the right to see your children? Maybe a huge weekly payment on top of that. Look no further than the idealogical people who get […]

The Dating Game

Tue 3rd August 2021:

History dictates that when civilization falls apart older men marry younger women. We see that in biblical history and in the history of Rome. In the current age I’ve recently seen adds saying Asian women like older men. What’s that about? If you’re currently in the dating game, how’s it going for you?

Faafoi – feedback wanted

Mon 2nd August 2021:

Justice-Minister, Kris Faafoi is in the firing line with parents rights groups over the latest invasion of the family by state legislation. Family First NZ says that if parents aren’t concerned about the conversion therapy bill introduced by the Government today, all they need to do is listen to the Minister of Justice explain […]

My open letter to the Human Rights Commission

Sun 1st August 2021:

I’ve written an open letter to the Human Rights Commission asking for them to explicitly protect men’s human rights. It’s rather long. You can read it here: No response so far.  

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