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Mon 30th June 2014

International Men’s Conference – the media effect

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Congratulations AVFM and the international panel who took their expertise and passion to Detroit, to make this inaugural conference a success, and raise awareness, not just of men’s issues, but the significance of men’s issues.

First up, there is something that has got me a little confused about the media. (more…)

Sat 28th June 2014

International Men’s Conference Video Links

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Opening Press Conference

Conference Live Feed

The Isolated Male

I am hoping that AVFM will publish individual Youtube videos especially for Karen Straughan and Warren Farrell.

Comment if you find them before I do.

Warren Farrell Main speech.

Karen Straughan aka ‘girl-writes-what

You will find many other interesting videos from Karen on YouTube.

This link will take you an article at AVFM. At the bottom of the page is a break down of individual speakers at the conference and links to YouTube clips.

Fri 27th June 2014

Rhiannon Brooker – jailed

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Rhiannon Brooker

Rhiannon Brooker

You may recall the earlier post Rhiannon Brooker Cries Rape (April 2014) reveiling the shocking details surrounding the case of a English man, in which his partner, a trainee barrister, falsely accused him of rape and assault.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this case was the extroidinary circumstances surrounding the police investigation, that saw Paul Fensome (Brooker’s partner) held in custody for five weeks, while Police investigated her allegations.

Avon and Somerset Police have since paid compensation (more…)

Thu 26th June 2014

Family Violence Death Review

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I wasn’t aware that New Zealand had a ‘Health Quality and Safety Commission’, but apparently so, and should I be surprised, they have a family violence death review committee.

Their Fourth Annual Report for the year 2013 is available through the link supplied.

History, despite its wrenching pain,
cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage,
need not be lived again.

What do they suggest we do differently? (more…)

BBC Live on Female Domestic Violence

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:34 pm

Realistic reporting about domestic violence has arrived in the UK – watch this breakfast video.

The number of women convicted of domestic violence offences has more than doubled in five years, according to figures obtained exclusively by BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast.

A new report by the CPS states that the number of women convicted of domestic abuse between 2005 and 2010 increased by 150%. Four thousand women were convicted in England and Wales last year.

Some people will be asking (more…)

International Men’s Conference – still on track

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The first international men’s conference, to be held in Detroit this weekend shrugs off the recent threats of violence that forced a change in venue.

The evolving story of the feminist backlash against men who dared to confer without consent was discused in an earlier post Feminist Extremists attack Men’s Conference.

Conference organisers A Voice for Men (AVFM), remain tight lipped about any casualties from the original speakers list as a result of concerns for personal safety, however the current advertised list of speakers looks set to herald a new error in awareness of men’s issues onto the international political stage, addressing a variety of issues such as circumcism and paternity fraud, and the need for political activism, along with the more familiar topics surrounding Family Courts.

AVFM’s Media Director, Janet Bloomfield, has been working overtime to have live feeds available from the confernce via You Tube to reach a growing international audience that is becoming more aware of the urgent need to address the range of men’s issues causing increasing conern to the well being of the Western World.

Bloomfield will also be operating a twitter feed, tweeting relevant updates, through @icmi14 …

We invite listeners/viewers to tweet questions for the speakers during their talks, and we will endeavour to have one or two asked on the floor.

The costs of this conference must be substantial. For anyone wishing to offer financial assistance to AVFM, there are a range of donation options here.

Tue 24th June 2014

Labour’s List Made on the Basis of People’s Genitals

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:20 pm

The Labour Party has put into practice its ‘Man Ban’ policy even though Cunliffe previously made a show of rejecting it. Their list published yesterday was based on candidates’ genitals rather than merit in an effort to ensure a 45% female quota in their next caucus. By basing candidate selection on genitals and favouring vaginas over penises to any extent, Labour is discriminating against men to that same extent.

The party’s name has long been a falsehood because it’s a long time since they represented workers in NZ. The party has also long been known as a male-bashing party. Labour has now sunk to new depths in its abandonment of true gender equality by reducing the human rights it accords male candidate hopefuls. Anyone who recognizes the importance and value of men will hope that the polls are accurate in predicting another major reduction in Labour’s voter support. Unfortunately, there is no sign of any male-friendly party for male-respecting voters to turn to.

High Profile Protection Order

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:38 pm

The husband of a well known Hamilton woman plans to fight two charges of breaching a protection order:

The first relates to the man allegedly texting the woman just after being issued with the protection order, while the second relates to the man again, allegedly, communicating with the victim.

Source story here

This would be an interesting case to have more details on. If we had automatic tagging, this man would already be wearing a bracelet and banned from some exclusive zone – hell maybe even the whole city since this is a well known women.

The case may be subject to suppression:

The man was remanded on bail until August when an application for permanent name suppression will be heard.

Anyone in Hamilton willing to sit in on this case?

Improving Prison Life

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I grew up believing gaol was for the bad guys; that view would have been further influenced by television rather than any reality in New Zealand; it was not something I gave a great deal of thought to.

One thing I can say now, is that in day-to-day life I have met more men who have been jailed on ‘domestic matters’ than criminal offences, but then again that may be only because there is a greater willingness to talk about the injustice of the ‘justice’ system.

A group calling themselves Justspeak describe themselves in the following way: (more…)

Mon 16th June 2014

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Pronounced

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Lukenz @ 12:16 pm

Story here:

Glenn report released: Shift burden of proof

An insane concept – But there it is. The last step to get rid of the 800 year old Magna Carta. All are guilty until proven innocent. Might as well pass the sentence first.

Sun 15th June 2014

Man charged with assaulting infant

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts — ashish @ 8:45 pm

Bet 100 to 1, this is a mother on DPB, and the 32 year old her boyfriend. And the father kept away by CYF.


Protection Order Bloopers

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Shocked residents are recovering from a raid on an Auckland suburban address by a team of armed police at 6.00 am Sunday morning.

The stunned family, with three young children aged 4, 6 and 9, who did not wish to be named, were woken by Police looking for the previous occupants of their rented accommodation.

“We were woken by someone yelling “open up or we’ll break the door down” and police running around with weapons drawn. It was like an American TV cop show.”

In a statement from the Auckland Command Centre, (more…)

Fri 13th June 2014

The Value of Your Own Legal-Worker?

Filed under: Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 7:13 pm

Out on the street with a message By Louis Houlbrooke NZ Herald 5:00 AM Friday June 13, 2014

The 61-year-old became a casualty of the leaky homes crisis after an apartment he bought in 1999 suffered water damage. When he disputed the repair bill, [his own] legal costs forced him into bankruptcy.

Feminist Extremists attack Men’s Conference

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:04 pm

The first international men’s conference has been labelled controversial as feminist extremists move to inflict maximum damage and disruption.

Threats against the Detroit hotel complex hosting the conference brought a prompt demand from the venue owners, for organisers, A Voice For Men (AVFM), to engage off duty police officers for security, adding considerable cost to the event – see our recent post Men’s Conference brings out the feminasties.

Detroit media have been following developments, with local independent news site Motorcity Muckraker reporting: (more…)

Thu 12th June 2014

What was the Research Justification for DV Act?

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 9:40 pm

International Research 1974 to 1995

The reason for looking at research available before the DV Act was passed in 1996, is to see whether the legislation was sensibly based on social research available at the time, or was based only on ideology? – ideology only

If the legislation wasn’t based on research, then were there sufficient warnings, that should have prevented the DV Act from being passed in its original form? – yes there were clear warnings, that were strenuously ignored.

In addition to research looking into efficacy, was any consideration given to perverse effects from the legislation? This was discussed in Parliament, but Sir Douglas Graham expressed confidence that judges would not misuse the powers being given to them by Parliament and would use these powers for positive effect. (The NZ Parliament discussion is reported in Hansard. The Hansard record for the DV Act is given below the research article, so you can see the MPs comments.)

After the DV Act was passed, no further consideration was given to perverse outcomes, even after complaints from fathers that 100% evidence-free POs were being issued and this was being used to manipulate care/custody decisions.

With the imminent release of the Glenn Child Abuse and DV Inquiry Report on Monday, it is worth looking at the social research basis, for the DV Act.

CTU Pursues Forestry Prosecutions

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:41 pm

If it had not been for the outcry from families losing loved ones, significant union pressure, and good media coverage, we would still be burying forestry workers, unaware of the growing callous disregard for human life within the industry.

In two earlier posts New Zealand Forestry Industry out of control (Dec 2013) and more recently New Zealand Forestry and Market Madness we outlined the human cost of a mismanaged industry sector, recording 10 fatalities in 2013, and the impact market investment strategies have had on the management of human resources within the industry. (more…)

Dairy owner murdered, 12 and 13 yo boys charged.

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:40 am

NIS-4 page 152 page 5-20 Figure 5-1 only
Fatal Stabbing: Boys Charged
Thanks Sue Bradford and her arrogant feminist brigade that fought to erase male approaches, wisdom and strength from the area of disciplining children. We don’t know to what extent Bradford’s dishonest foolishness was a causal factor in this latest travesty, but we can confidently expect such events to increase into the future under her worthless legacy. Such a good idea to cut parents’ authority off at the knees, to limit parents’ options regarding discipline, to claim with false scientific justification that any fear children might develop of their parents is necessarily bad, and to encourage children to believe that their parents should never do anything children don’t like. Sure, youth violence has always been an issue but it has steadily increased since feminism has wrecked families, removed fathers and male approaches from children’s upbringing and disempowered parents vis-a-vis their children.

We don’t know whether these young thugs lived in households in which the DPB enabled the mother(s) to kick the boys’ father(s) out, but it’s a fair bet. We don’t know whether the Family Court applied its kangaroo justice in issuing without-notice protection orders to ensure these boys’ father(s) had little further role in their lives, but we wouldn’t be surprised. Yes, perhaps these boys’ violence can be blamed on their father(s) (and you can be sure that will happen), but it’s more likely that feminist policy is the main culprit.

Wed 11th June 2014

Statins for men

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 7:48 pm

There has been some debate over statins in the British media in the last few days, which got me thinking, and of course this raises questions for the medical advisors to the site.

Is heart disease more prevalent in men?

I don’t know, I have never researched this, although I feel generally that I hear of more men having heart disease than women.

Are there more men on statins than women?

Given that this is possibly one of the biggest global health experiments, we should ask the question; are more men involved? (more…)

Female assaults male

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — ashish @ 5:11 pm

TVNZ’s reply to a complaint regarding the humorification (just invented new word :P) of a news item depicting female assaults male. Apparently, the complaints committee also thought that this was a mock-able event adding that it was a celebrity involved.

We didn’t see them mocking when another celebrity was just held by the neck (not even kicked and punched like in this case). The only difference that time was that the neck was a female’s.

We harp on about gender equality, and domestic violence… SO WHY THIS DOUBLE STANDARD???????



Tue 10th June 2014

Blatant Sexism ok for Fund Managers

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:34 pm

This fund was set up to invest only in companies that have more women in top positions. Imagine the outcry, and probably much bullying from government departments, if a fund was set up for the purpose of investing in companies that only had males in charge!

New index fund bets on women in charge
2:00 PM Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

Want to invest in companies that put more women at the top? A new mutual fund lets you…

Sun 8th June 2014

Men’s Conference brings out the Feminasties

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:02 pm

In a post late last year you may recall the announcement of the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, scheduled to take place 27-28 June 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.

It has been revealed by conference organisers, A Voice For Men (AVFM), that feminist groups are intent on disrupting the conference and the nature of the threats that have surfaced. (more…)

Boost in rape convictions wanted

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 10:03 am

Story here


Why is it considered that the low conviction rate for sexual offences is letting so many women down? Interesting Yvette Cooper only says woman.

Yvette Cooper must think the jury gets it wrong all of the time. Maybe she would like to change “beyond reasonable doubt” to something less like “possibly be guilty”.

Perhaps she would like to introduce a law where she can veto a 12 person jury and set things straight to match her own narrow personal beliefs.

The “possibly be guilty” system is already active because the courts allow his name to be published which wrecks him and his families’ life long before he has his day in court.

No matter how you ague it – men are way more vulnerable today than any woman. They go through far more trauma than any woman does. Suicide, loss of family, friends and job. Financial ruin is set to automatic on an allegation alone when name protection is void.

Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Support

Filed under: Child Support,General — Downunder @ 9:55 am

The Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, has asked the Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee to inquire into the Australian Child Support Program.

Although it is not clear what the driving forces for the inquiry are this is certainly a far more substantial effort than we have seen in New Zealand.

Commenting on the inquiry, a spokesman from the Non-Custodial Parents Party, John Flanagan said “Our understanding is that this inquiry will be mainly about the following issues;” (more…)

Fri 6th June 2014

Judith Collins Shows that Violence Towards Men is OK

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:09 pm

This article is about our Judith Collins who will be paid by taxpayers to attend a celebrity-headed summit on ‘ending sexual violence in conflict’. Maybe that’s ok though it probably isn’t a good investment of NZ taxes. But the really objectionable thing about the article is the picture showing both Angelina Jolie and a smiling joliecollins2_620x310Judith Collins pointing a gun with the implication that it is against a sexual aggressor. The message is “Women, if you think a male might be a sexual aggressor it’s ok, in fact recommended, that you shoot him”. Remember, ‘sexual violence’ is so broadly defined as to include any unwanted touch no matter how trivial, and it can include trying to hold the hand of someone you hope might be interested in sexual intimacy. Yeah, go girls! Men deserve everything they get, don’t they Judith?

Positive Changes in Family Law Under Attack from Feminists

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:32 am

The recent changes to family law are likely to lead to much greater safety because (i) contact with children will not automatically be wrecked by allegations of partner violence, (ii) disputing parties will be required to undertake either mediation (when there are no allegations of violence) or joint counselling (when there have been allegations of violence), and (iii) lawyers will not be involved directly at the initial stages of Family Court applications. Domestic violence organisations have consistently opposed these changes and continue to try to undermine them. They have now threatened to boycott the tendering process for domestic violence programmes (does anyone have a link to the Dominion Post article about this yesterday?). Of course they won’t follow through with their threat because it’s just too lucrative to have people forced under threat of imprisonment to become your customers. News media as usual choose to give voice to feminist scare-mongerers (“Women and children will be subjected to more tragedies!”) and make no effort to seek other views, to ask challenging questions or to consider the matters objectively.

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