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Archive of December 2021

More Sexism

Sun 26th December 2021:

Do we take this lying down? We all know it should be Ken in the wheel chair.

Family Court – What does parental alienation do to a child? – What do the children say when they grown up?

Thu 23rd December 2021:

No tears for the children who were left behind. Family court judges who destroy loving fathers, and on not so common occasions, loving mothers relationships with their children will have no place in a future society. Hopefully will face justice themselves. I hold the Government to account for these repugnant atrocities. These children and the […]

The Division of Men

This might be viewed and often is on this site as a division of men into various groups of men, be that religious, racial, intellectual, or some perception of right and wrong among other things … class or status is something we claim to have overcome but not so much when there are the cases […]

Teenage boys are 14 times more likely to suffer heart complication from Pfizer jab, study finds. Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% with one week seeing an increase as high as 700% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine!!!

Sun 19th December 2021:

The Sun News 1 More than 280 teens & young men suffer heart inflammation after Pfizer or Moderna Covid jab – sparking CDC ’emergency’ Daily Mail UK Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine with one week seeing an increase as high as 700% […]

Sexism at the Human rights Commission – Video

Sat 18th December 2021:

My latest video about the human rights commission, which is examples of the way they see men and women differently. Women have rights, men have responsibilities to women.

Another woman speaks up about false rape. The damage it causes. The zero support for victims.

Sun 12th December 2021:

This lady presents what happens to a woman when she has been found to have made a false complaint. False rape is not considered a crime. It is not considered damaging to a man. If you are charged with such a crime, and you are found not guilty. That verdict is worthless in the eyes […]

What does the female psychopath look like?

Sat 11th December 2021:

What does a female psychopath look like? The presenter says it is given away by micro expressions that many people try to conceal. It includes, Anger Disgust Contempt lying How would you rate this woman’s performance?

Parental alienation can cause the child to run away, self harm, suicide.

Thu 9th December 2021:

I know this video is a bit US but there are parallels to NZ. First of all we dads experience parental alienation. One of the things the NZ court does and continues to do is ignore alienation or not place a higher priority or importance on alienation. The US seems now to openly call alenation […]


Mon 6th December 2021:

We live in hope. Is that wishful thinking or the challenge of life? Understanding ourselves or understanding the world: which is the greater challenge? Are the arts the compromise between the sciences and our religions and cultures and our ways of life. Who is best suited to lead that journey of discovery; Him or Her? […]

And the feminists are silent ……

Thu 2nd December 2021:

Why Do Men & Boys Turn To Gangs? – Would It Be Their Families Were Ruined By Government Policy?

News Link Here Why Do Men and Boys Turn To Gangs? – For some, would it be their families were ruined by Government policy? By law? In the news today I read gang numbers have gone from 2000 to 4000 members in 5 years. Extreme violent crimes from broken men who’s families were wrecked from […]

Woman thinks its OK to take your stuff – Take the countries assets

I don’t want this to be seen as political. Rather a woman, as usual, doing what she dam well pleases without a mandate, any debate or your approval. Ever find a woman you let into your life who at the beginning of a relationship turns bad when that woman agrees to something then goes back […]


Wed 1st December 2021:

The Under Cover Programme (UPC) It’s been a very confusing time since the demarcation of Korea and the end of the Vietnam War. In the fragile peace we’ve experienced since .. there has been a psychological war that has escalated … . It’s time to understand the combat. How undercover agents were trained in victimhood. […]

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