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Tue 30th January 2007

Encouraging fathers to stay in touch

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 10:03 am


Is there any support out there for women, like myself, who have no success in encouraging the father of a child to stay in touch with the child?

The father of my daughter has literally manifested this lie that I refuse to let him see her. He ignores his own daughters messages to call her and to stay in touch.

He believes that if she wants to visit him then she will call, yet he is the adult! He usually contacts her for her birthday and Christmas, which I know is more than some children receive, but there’s the part missing in the middle that he takes no responsibility for.

I wholeheartedly support those fathers who struggle with access to their children and feel that the system fails them immensely. I feel that our situation is, to a degree, equally frustrating.

Kind regards

Hello F. You ask:

Is there any support out there for women, like myself, who have no success in encouraging the father of a child to stay in touch

As far as I know, there is no support for the situation you describe. In New Zealand, the majority of interventions into families are aimed at removing fathers, not encouraging them!

Mon 29th January 2007

United Future – Family Court

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:51 pm

United Future Party January 26 2007 Leader’s Letter (Excerpt)

by Peter Dunne

The actions of the Family Court in the Jayden Headley case raise some interesting issues. It is not that long ago that there was a strong media campaign to “open up” the Family Court to more public scrutiny. Stop the secrecy, and let the public see for themselves what was going on, the argument went.

? Now that the Court has done that in this case, it strikes me as ironic that the argument suddenly seems to have shifted from the public’s right to know, to protecting a person’s right to a fair trial, even though in this instance the information released publicly is all information known to the Court anyway.

What is needed here is a more considered discussion about how open Family Court proceedings should be than the polarised debate of recent years.


This is the best United Future have to offer?

More discussion!

I’m reminded of a poster on my wall : Consultants, if your not part of the solution there is a lot of money to be made prolonging the problem.

This is from the same MP advocating detaining parents at the border for alleged child support debt.

Politicians like Peter Dunne need to be aware that parents have had enough? of the failed matrix of family law.

Tinkering will not remove the cause/s.? A problem cannot be eliminated until the root cause/s are removed.

Discussion on opening the family court is going to remove the cause of the problem. Yeah right!? Another Tui Ad solution from Peter Dunne.

Conference Calls for “Jayden’s Law”

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:30 pm

Media Release – National Child Support Conference – 29 January 2007

For immediate Release

Conference Calls for “Jayden’s Law”

Child Support Reformers from throughout the country met in Wellington last weekend.

The conference was focused on forming a nationwide network for reform as part of a strategy to build up a growing campaign for shared parenting and fair and reasonable child support culminating in a month of national awareness coinciding with the 2008 general election.

The conference endorsed with applause the proposal to work together to promote “Jayden’s Law” as the basis of this campaign.

“ Jayden Hedley is representative of kiwi kids who are totally failed by the current matrix of family law . Officials and Politicians have continued to allow this mess, a mess created by the legislation they put into law to. Parents have had enough. The only way to fix the problems with family law is to change the legislation and we are determined to do so.” Replied Mark Shipman, Conference spokesperson, when asked: Why is a law change needed?

“The solution is simple; let’s look at what might happen in a better world. It’s a New Zealand with the presumption of equal shared parenting, both parents Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) is the same, 50/50 equal shared parenting supported by a fair and reasonable child support system. That’s the essence of Jayden’s Law and that is what the escalating campaign is all about, producing the best outcomes for Kiwi Kids by bringing about legislative change. “Commented Mark when asked to sum up Jayden’s Law.

“Parents from throughout the country have spent a weekend working out a clear strategy for achieving implementation of Jayden’s Law. Presumptive Shared parenting and fair and reasonable Child Support is the 21st century solution for parenting post separation. “Concluded Mark

Key Points that make up Jayden’s Law

  • Mediated (Free)
  • Negotiated Agreement between parents.
  • Presumption of equal shared parenting.
  • Both parents BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) is the same 50/50 equal shared parenting supported by a fair and reasonable child support system.
  • If a parent deliberately obstructed the child’s right to be parented by the other parent they will suffer the proscribed penalty.
  • Proscribed penalty : A period of limited supervised contact with the children building back up over time subject to no further obstruction. Compulsory attendance at a Kids need Mum and Dad course run by parents.
  • Counselling would be provided free of charge.
  • Free access to services that may be needed for example drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


For Further Comment Contact

Mark Shipman (021) 982222

Jim Nicolle (021) 800-586

Sun 28th January 2007

Child Support Debt

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:23 pm

Media Release Parents for Children.

28 January 2007 For Immediate Release

Dunne Urged To Stop Tinkering and Address the Root Cause of the Child Support Debt Trap.

“Having just pushed through a major amendment to the Child Support Act 1991, United Future Leader, Peter Dunne is back to tinkering with this fundamentally flawed legislation. His latest brilliant proposal: pass more information between Government departments on parents who, it is alleged, owe child support and penalty payments. This is a precursor to a law preventing these parents leaving the country. Still tinkering and not addressing the cause of the problem, while knowing that such a measure is unlikely to decrease the level of alleged debt.” Observed Mark Shipman, of Parents for Children, when asked to comment on the changes promoted by Peter Dunne.

“The alleged debt is mostly made up of late payment penalties, and money “owed” to the government for benefit recovery, money that will never be seen by kiwi kids. With TVNZ reporting that about 75% of paying parents are experiencing debt problems there need to be some serious questions asked. One would think that this out of control debt spiral is a pretty good indicator of some serious problems with the Act and Inland Revenues administration of it. It’s pretty obvious that once a parent is assessed by Inland Revenue with an alleged child support debt they are caught is a debt trap that never stops growing. This is one of the fundamental flaws of the legislation, it creates the debt” Commented Mark when asked to comment on the cause of the alleged 1.1 Billion Dollar debt.

“It’s a Tui Ad solution. Peter Dunne’s latest tinkering will fix the problem? Yeah Right” Concluded Mark.

Ends For Further Comment Contact

Mark Shipman (021) 982222

Jim Nicolle (021) 800-586

Women Only, Father Amber

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:36 pm

Dateline: Ontario, Canada
By: Sharpened Pen
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

A few weeks ago, on December the 13th, the Durham Regional police force ran an ad in the Oshawa this Week News paper. (more…)

Sat 27th January 2007

Pennsylvania Ruling Puts Verbal & Written Agreements in Serious Doubt

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 5:08 pm

Dateline: US Midwest
By: Zachary Horton
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)


This is an interesting story about a guy who donated sperm so that a friend of his could have a baby.


Fri 26th January 2007

No Translator, No Lawyer, No Money No Hope for Father

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 4:02 pm

Dateline: Ireland
From: The Dads House Forum
Via: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

John Marques, the father who was jailed for 3 months last July after a maintenance order beyond his means was imposed on him by the Family Law Courts, has been jailed again yesterday, by Judge Mary Martin at Carlow District Court, and is being held in Cloverhill Prison in Dublin.


It Takes a Village of Lawyers to Raise a Child

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 3:22 pm

Dateline: New York, New England
By: Jeff Zeth
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

The title of Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village” is taken from an African folk saying, the point of which is that raising a child is the responsibility of the whole community. While I agree with the sentiment in its widest sense, in New York State, where Senator Clinton now makes her home, the phrase has taken on a new, sinister meaning.


Wed 24th January 2007

Jayden Hedley another child failed by the Family Court

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 11:02 am

I am happy for Jayden now ? that he has returned to his dad and a loving paternal extended family. I am sad for Jayden? now seperated? from a mum and extended maternal family. I have no doubt that Kay , despite her actions, loves Jayden.

? I am angry that Jayden represents tens of thousand of New Zealand children failed by a system that encourages years of litigation and is impotent at protecting Jayden’s right to be parented by both mum and dad. This is the reality of the Family Court, not the spin doctoring of Chief Family Court Judge Peter Boshier.

This mess has dragged on for the whole of a little boy’s life and the Family Court has allowed that to continue. This is the reality of what an adversarial system of family law produces it’s a norm not an exception. Boshier’s own statistics show that his court is happy to accept and encourage absent or part time dads.

Let’s look at what might happen in a better world. It’s a New Zealand with the presumption of equal shared parenting , both sides BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) is the same, 50/50 equal shared supporting this is a child support system that fixes the cost of children and? apportions cost ? by the percentage of time spent with each parent.

Chris and Kay would make an appointment with a mediator. The mediator’s task would be to work Chris and Kay to a negotiated agreement between parents from a position where both parties are equal and the child’s right to be parented by both parents is protected. Assuming Chris and Kay can’t agree the 50/50 shared care kicks in.


Kay wants to fight it out in a court and is obstructive with the clear aim of alienating a child from his father. To be ultra sure she throws in domestic violence and abuse allegations What happens now?

If a parent deliberately obstructed the child’s right to be parented by the other parent, resulting in drawn out proceedings, or violence and abuse claims not substantiated by a criminal standard of proof, they would be punished and suffer the prescribed penalty. Yes it will have an effect on the child but a punishment must take place as parental alienation greatly increases the damage to a child compared with a reduced amount of time with mum.

The punishment needs to be twofold, a period of limited supervised contact with the children and compulsory attendance at a Kids need Mum and Dad course run by parents. Counselling would be provided free of charge and free access to services that may be needed for example drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Knowing that the best outcome for Kiwi Kids is when both mum and dad share parental rights and responsibilities society would condemn parental alienation and workplaces would adjust to enable shared parenting.

That? New Zealand ? is only a short distance away, the sleeping giant is awakening and the system is shuddering.




Tue 23rd January 2007

Health Inequalities for Men (UK)

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 8:03 pm

By: Daddy Ian
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Next for something completely different is ‘Health Inequalities’ or ‘why women live longer than men’. I am not a doctor, nor have I trained in any area of medicine. What follows is a summary of my research on this subject and applies mainly to the UK.


CYF “name and shame” website

Filed under: General — UF @ 4:12 pm

The blog site that names and shames CYF employees who parents have felt bullied or intimidated by, has caused reaction from PSA union and CYF general manager Lorraine Williams, who says she “could not promise teh department will always get it right”.

Well the solution is obvious – to set up a complaints Authority to investigate such allegations adn greviances, as United Future deputy leader Judy Turner said today.

It would aslo do a lot of other good. Is this a generally agreed good idea?

Mon 22nd January 2007

IRD Child Support Cock-up May Affect Thousands of Parents.

Filed under: Child Support,General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 2:04 pm

Parents for Children have been advised that Child Support Payments made between 12 and 19 of December 2006 were not processed till the 15 January 2007. Numerous parents have been charged late payment penalties and IRD have failed to contact affected parents.


Given that the due date for Child Support Payments is the 20th of the month Parents for Children estimate that this administrative cock-up may have impacted thousands of paying parents. Numerous parents have contacted Parents for Children after receiving late payment demands from IRD


“Its amazing that IRD can treat parents in this manner, no private business would get away with treating people like this but IRD continue to act like a law unto themselves. Everyone knows that there are huge problems with the Child Support Act and the administration by IRD, but Politicians continue to ignore the pleas of parents for real reform in favour of the status quo.” : Responded Mark Shipman, of Parents for Children, when asked to comment on yet another IRD Child Support cock-up.”


“Competent administrators would have promptly advised affected parents but IRD, with its captive Child Support paying parents and its culture of indifference, is treating parents in its usual manner. Nothing on the IRD website and silence in the media, no attempt to relieve the stress placed on parents by IRD incompetence and failure to meet statutory requirements. Its disgusting that IRD Senior Managers can get away with this and suffer no consequences and show no accountability. It’s just another example of the many ways IRD creates the alleged billion dollar debt and the myth of delinquent parents.”; Commented Mark when asked what IRD should be doing about the cock-up.


“Parents from throughout New Zealand are meeting in Wellington next weekend for the first National Child Support Reform Conference. (See www.sharedparenting.org.nz) They have had enough of the systemic failures, incompetence of IRD Officials and successive Revenue Ministers who have lost focus on the best outcomes for Kiwi Kids and become obsessed with collecting money. Its is obvious that Officials and Politicians will need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and the conference will be the driving force for the direct action required to do so.” Concluded Mark.




For Further Comment Contact


Mark Shipman (021) 982222

Jim Nicolle (021) 800-586

Sun 21st January 2007

The Scope is Breathtaking (India)

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 5:00 pm

Dateline: India
By: 498A Crusader
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

This is a report is based on 5 years research and study on the Dowry Prohibition Act and its use and misuse. This research conducted by our own experts of MyNation part of the Save Indian Society Organization, (more…)

Sat 20th January 2007

New Polls Tell MGTOW a Fact

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 2:07 am

Dateline: USA
By: Timocrat
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

New stats out of the US tell of the clear effect of feminism on marriage. (more…)

Thu 18th January 2007

RTE Equals Political Correctoids

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 7:26 pm

Dateline: Ireland
By: Sean Eire
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

For what its worth I penned a few scribblings & musings this month on the woeful mainstream media, the MSM as I and many other MRAs irreverently abbreviate them short hand. (more…)

Violence Against Men by Women TV Discussion

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 4:57 pm

Dateline: Ontario, Canada
Placed by: John Dias
From: TV Ontario
Via: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Here is a TV discussion from Canada on female violence directed at men, and has both a clear supporter of MRAs and a Mangina excusing any and all facts


Wed 17th January 2007

Judge Exposes Inequality Of Women’s Jurisprudence

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:23 pm

Dateline: USA
By: David Usher
From: News With Views
Via: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Judge Robert Dierker’s new book, “The Tyranny of Tolerance: A Sitting Judge Breaks the Code of Silence to Expose the Liberal Judicial Assault,” demonstrates that some judges are waking up to the truth: behind the mysterious veil of feminist humanism hides the most profound contempt for men, marriage, and ultimately the well-being of non-elitist women.


Dissecting the Transnational Child Custody Feminist Agenda

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:40 am

Dateline: Tokyo
By: Toshi
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

What follows is a dissecting of an appeal to the western media to come to the aid of foreign women in Japan who lose access to their children after divorce (though it is masked as an appeal for all spouses that have lost access to their kids due to being foreigners in a foreign country).


Tue 16th January 2007

Men in a Minefield

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:51 pm

Several media items yesterday deserve mention. On National Radio’s “Best of Nine to Noon” there was an interview with Pauline Grogan, a nun who wrote a book about her life that has been made into a play. At age 30 years she was approached by a priest and she agreed to meet the priest for a romantic rendezvous. He then encouraged her to leave the nun’s life and he set her up in her own accommodation, then some time later offered to marry her. She declined marriage because she was too “confused”, but later she married another man and had three children. In describing the events concerning the priest, both Mrs Grogan and the interviewer Kathryn Ryan spoke about the priest as if he were a rapist, accusing him of manipulating and exploiting the poor young woman. The priest lost his job as a result of Mrs Grogan’s book. It struck me that this 30-year-old woman was being seen as not responsible for her decisions when faced with a sexual advance from a man. It highlighted the minefield that courtship has become for men. Even when a man follows normal rules of communication and approaches a mature woman reasonably (and in this case responsibly offering to marry her) his behaviour is seen as exploitative. Yes, feminists might claim that he was exploiting a power imbalance, but in fact I understand that he was not in any position of direct authority over this nun. And power analysis of relationships is of questionable value; after all, most courtship is between people of different status, wealth and so forth. If being in a superior position within a workplace ruled men out of courtship participation, then the huge proportion of long-term, fulfilling relationships that begin between work colleagues would never have happened. While I wouldn’t applaud a priest going outside the rules of his employment, the rules for men’s participation in relationships in the feminist era are somewhat incomprehensible, unpredictable and often seem to be dictated by the retrospective preference of the women involved.

Another story, front page headline in the Rotorua Daily Post today, was about a 52-year-old man who sent suggestive and sexual text messages to a 16 year-old “girl”. The man had previously been imprisoned for sex offences against under-age females. He was now convicted of misusing a telephone device. While I have no respect for this man’s sexual offending against children, or indeed for his current sexualized behaviour towards a 16-year-old, the case again raises serious questions about men’s rights and the way they are seen under feminism. Firstly, he was in this case dealing with a young woman who had reached the legal age of consent in this country. Why would his sexual text messages then deserve front-page coverage that treated him as if he had committed further child sex offences? How is it that rules around courtship are specified but if a man stays within those rules he is still condemned and treated as a sexual offender? And nothing in the article was said about the young woman’s role in the texts. We don’t know whether she responded in an encouraging way, though one presumes she did because he continued to correspond with 57 text messages. We don’t know whether she asked him to stop or indicated that his messages were not welcome. This has been a defining issue in whether workplace advances would be viewed as sexual harassment (though here too the rules seem to shift unpredictably based mainly on the subjective preference of the women).

Interesting that on page 4 of the same paper there was an article reporting that Violet Mahari, the woman who stabbed her partner to death at Papamoa Caravan Park just before Christmas, has been released on bail. How many males facing murder charges are released on bail? Such charges if proven are almost certain to result in imprisonment, and the length of such imprisonment makes absconding on bail a high risk, so how can bail be justified? And of course this surprising example of female privilege in the justice system was not seen as deserving of front-page coverage whereas some inadequate bloke who sent dirty texts was.

The last story is about the police “saving” a “traumatized” 16-year-old from a sex attack in a car by a 44-year-old man. Now perhaps that is exactly what it was, but the story sounded suspicious. The police in a random patrol checked a car parked in a major Tauranga shopping centre about 6am. They spoke to the male driver then noticed a “young girl” in the car who was “quite traumatized”. The man had “befriended” the “girl” three days earlier. Well, 16 is the legal age of consent and she can hardly be described as a young girl. She was out with this guy in his car at 6am. There was no indication that she sought to attract the police’s attention or jumped out of the car to escape when the police were talking to the man. Was her “trauma” mainly embarrassment and fear at being caught in sexual experimentation, knowing her parents would disapprove and perhaps punish her and that her friends would give her a hard time about going with such an older man? So, as often seems to happen, the young woman seeks to absolve herself of blame by accusing the man of trying to rape her. The police operate under their own value system and decide that an older man with a teenager deserves a hard time, then they suggest through their questions of the young woman that she must be a poor exploited victim. (The first questions were probably “do your parents know you were out with him and what would they think?”, then “was he trying to force himself on you?”) Again, we have a case where a man who keeps to the rules as far as age goes nevertheless is treated as a child molester. Why specify rules if staying within them is still seen as criminal? I acknowledge that the facts of the situation are unclear and it may be that he was a rapist, but the story implied that he was seen as a rapist because she was 16 and for no other reason.

Men live in a minefield.

Parents for Children withdraws from Child Support Advocacy

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 1:49 pm

Parents for Children today announced that it will no longer be conducting advocacy work for parents facing child support issues but will commit its full organisational focus to law change.
“It is clear that the real need is for legislation that enshrines equal parental rights and responsibilities into New Zealand law not an ambulance service at the bottom of the cliff. From a strategic viewpoint advocacy, while alleviating individual issues, does not remove the root cause of the problems with the current matrix of Family Law and does little to progress real change.” Responded Mark Shipman when asked why advocacy services were being withdrawn.
“We are advising all those who have issues with Child Support to take the issue to their Member of Parliament. This is part of an overall strategy designed to force Politicians to make real reform. This strategy will be outlined in detail at the National Child Support Reform Conference in Wellington this month. ” Commented Mark when asked what avenue was open to aggrieved parents.

In the past 2 years Parents for Children have received over 1000 requests for assistance with Child Support Issues.


Mon 15th January 2007

F4J (UK) Moves to Follow New Zealand Bothering Campaign

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 6:11 pm

Dateline: UK
By: Intrepid
From: The Honor Network
Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

In a move that is bound to turn heads F4J (UK) has made the first moves to copy the New Zealand MRAs bothering campaign of judges in response to the failure of any kind of reform from the UK establishment. Using a new term of “Judgebusting” they hope to apply more pressure on the government to not ignore their just demands. Ten of the UK worst judicial offenders have had their personal details, including addresses, published on the Internet as a first step in this new move. F4J wants family courts to be open to scrutiny so they may be gauge on what is happening, and believes there should be a presumption of equal access by both parents when court proceedings begin- instead of the social dysfunction that is put forward under the veil of feminist compassion.


Sat 13th January 2007

Child Abusers Rights > Law Abiding Dads’

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:38 am

Dateline: USA
By: Thurston Pundits http://thurstonpundits.blogspot.com/
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

The Zero reports today that Gregory would like to hire 77 new employees in Washington’s most bloated and corrupt department- DSHS. These employees would supervise visits between convicted child abusers and their children in foster care.

Just to be clear- the state will not spend one nickel on making sure courts prosecute flagrant violations of parenting plans so non-custodial parents get time with their kids. The state will also not spend one nickel checking the rate of parents getting screwed out of joint custody in family courts or the track records of judges “managing a very complex process.”


Fri 12th January 2007

“No Sex Please We are British” Is Now British Harlots

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 4:47 pm

Dateline: UK
By: Intrepid
From: Agence France Presse through My Nation India
Via: the Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

A Durex Big Sex Survey of some 3,000 British citizens averaged a 72 per cent of people want more sex — 62 per cent of women and 82 per cent of men. Women are more unfaithful to their partners than men, the survey showed with some 40 per cent of female respondents saying they have cheated, compared with 34 per cent of men.


Feminist Psychologist

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:08 pm

A panel discussion on National Radio yesterday about NZ’s ‘Man Drought’ was noteworthy for the comments by one of the panel members, psychologist Pru Fisher who specializes in working with women and relationships. From the interview it was evident that she was educated in the 60’s or 70’s and her world view is dominated by the bitter feminist ideology of that time. It’s quite frightening to think that she is let loose on young women in the role of a life adviser. Interestingly, no discussion arose about why the man drought might have developed in New Zealand. I wonder to what extent the selfish, man-hating ideology demonstrated in this panel discussion is driving men out of the country. Although the following quotes from Ms Fisher are a bit long I think they are a good example of what we’re dealing with in the way powerful women nowadays think. Sadly, this kind of ideology is common for parliamentary women and for those who provide specialist reports in the Family Court, not to mention the lawyers, judges and other personnel. Bracketed and italicised words are added for clarification, with my comments included also in italics:

“I won’t accept it (the ‘man drought’)as a phenomena as yet”
Aside from the grammatical error in using the plural form of ‘phenomenon’, Ms Fisher decides that her preferred view of the world needn’t be concerned with established facts.

“I work largely from a gendered power perspective”

“From my perspective women get sick when they have high levels of responsibility and low levels of productive power and few choices within sexual relationships” Is there evidence for this perspective? And without good evidence what is she doing bringing this feminist paranoia into her role as a helping professional? People get sick for many reasons.

“So (by using the term ‘man drought’)why do they want to position women as victims again in the media?” The term ‘man drought’ arises completely from the self-centred perspective of women; i.e. “will there be enough men for us to choose from?” Seeing this term as victimizing women is quite a twist of reasoning, typical though of feminists keen to maintain their victim status in order to justify ever-increasing privilege and power.

“The desire to be girlfriend is causing ill-health in young women” Funny, that doesn’t seem to have been identified as a health factor in epidemiological research!

“The desire (in young women) to be a girlfriend … is really distressing me” ?!

“What we’re not providing our young women with is alternative sites for pleasure” Ms Fisher repeatedly referred to “other sites for pleasure” but didn’t elaborate. However, the next quote, taken out of sequence, may give a clue about her thinking.

“We’ve been in them (relationships), we’ve had them, we’ve seen the health effects from trying to juggle work life with a family life and many of us look to when we’re going to get our proper life back. They’re still waiting to have a proper life and that doesn’t necessarily need to be within a heterosexual relationship.” So when the ‘girls should do everything’ approach doesn’t entirely work, throw out relationships and family life. And pleasure should be sought outside heterosexual relationships, i.e. homosexuality?

“They present with physical health problems, so we need to be aware that the underlying restraint to them changing is their desire to be a girlfriend” Aside from the lack of reasoning in this statement, Ms Fisher’s beliefs about underlying causes of health problems are not supported by medical science. But as they’re feminist and male-blaming they will be readily accepted by her profession.

“They’re wanting pleasure and they’re wanting intimacy and they’re wanting love but could that not be in a more flexible way that doesn’t commit them to one relationship all the time and earlier on and leave that for later” Yeah, it’s o.k. for women to seek pleasure and intimacy but they needn’t be burdened with any commitment or obligations to the men they use for that purpose.

“I would like to see our young women place less emphasis on being a girlfriend between the ages of 15 to 25 and more an emphasis on what other sites they can get pleasure from” Yes, let’s try to deny biological reproductive drives because these are inconsistent with feminist ideology, and let’s encourage young women to think only of how they can get pleasure.

“(My clients) present with health problems from trying to maintain possibly what for them may be an unsuitable relationship. I may be reading it wrongly. But if someone like me who has worked for 30 years with women says “let’s get concerned” I think we should start to be concerned” It possibly may or may not be true and she may be reading it wrongly but it suits feminist assumptions to blame men and heterosexual relationships for women’s health problems so we’d better listen up.

“If we use this term ‘man drought’ do you think as single women it’s increasing or decreasing authority in relationships, is it giving you more choices or less choices?” More authority and choice for women is what it’s all about, and reliable facts or statistics can be ignored in promoting beliefs that will help forward feminist aims.

(When another panellist stated that men generally have little awareness of any man drought) “I think it’s a lovely concept that men aren’t aware of their power when they’re a scarcity, and if you are dating mature men I suppose that they may choose not to exploit that.” Yeah, let’s keep men in the dark so they don’t exploit women because usually they do; hey she’s not paranoid!

(Another panellist: “I run a dating agency because people want to get together and that is considered a proper life…” ) Ms Fisher: “And I want to shift that idea.” There’s a good feminist idea, turn women away from marriage and families and replace this with selfish pleasure seeking.

“Women, for example, who get cancer recover far more quickly if they have a loving partner, so men can add to our mental health, but… It’s all about how men might be useful in forwarding women’s interests, nothing about women’s responsibilities or care towards their partners.

Thu 11th January 2007

What is Good for the Gander Isn’t good for the Goose, Yet Again

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 4:12 pm

Dateline: Australia
Placed: Ross Mitchell
From: News.com.au via Dads On Air Australia

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Ross Mitchell: Seeing as this is Queensland, one must ask why Ms. Hagerty is not terminally incarcerated until the children are returned, as a father (who was alleged to have removed his children from Australia) was-and still is.

AUSTRALIAN: Federal Police are searching for two Queensland children at the centre of a bitter custody battle.


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