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Tue 30th September 2008

USA cop acts to curb abuse of men by false complainants

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:37 pm

While NZ judges and police refuse to prosecute perjurous complainants, then men (and a few women too) are open to deliberate abuse, through calculated abuse of caught process.

If the judges pay lip service to enforcing these laws, but steadfastly refuse to act, then it is left to men to protect themselves from this deliberate abuse, by driving through private prosecutions.

While men are divided, they are easily conquered. (more…)

Late Movement on Prostate Cancer

Filed under: Men's Health — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:05 pm

The following news release from the Labour government minister of health inspired me to make the following points:

1. It is good to see the government take some notice of men’s health needs. Without MENZ and the political action of many of those who contribute here, that almost certainly would not have happened. Well done one and all.

2. I believe that the presence of the Republic of NZ Party on the political scene has contributed significantly to forcing this feminist dominated government to realize that it is fast becoming politically unsafe to continue to take men for granted. (more…)

Wed 24th September 2008

Are unmanaged conflicts of interest hazardous to our children and our wealth?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 3:12 pm

John Key article

Labour Party has been quick to criticise John Key of being in a conflict of interest situation. John Key has admitted making a mistake, but denied using his parliamentary position for personal profit.

It is interesting that Labour claims to take conflicts of interest seriously.

Several conflicts of interest that harm families legitimate interests were notified to Labour, in the form of my submissions to Parliamentary Sub Committees:

Given that Labour and National have taken no action towards managing these conflicts of interest, to protect the public from these legal workers, then I question Labour’s sincerity in criticising John Key over a relatively minor issue, when they have failed to act on issues leading to serious damage of our children and also resulting in serious wastage of taxpayer funds for no advantage to society.


Mon 22nd September 2008

How did your father handle your heart as a boy?

Filed under: General — fatheringadventures @ 10:18 pm

G’day again men of MENZ Issues… it’s good to be back and sharing again.


I have been counselling men for nearly 10 years now, and whilst every one of their stories has differed, one constant remains… the way that their father handled their heart as a boy has shaped their life as a man. Masculinity is bestowed by masculinity, and a boy’s father is the single most important male influence in the first 2 decades of his life. So, I want to put it out there to the men at MENZ Issues… How did your father handle your heart as a boy?


Fri 19th September 2008

Some interesting statistics… draw your own conclusion.

Filed under: General — Tigerseye @ 9:39 am

Third of women still believe they don’t have equal rights…


Brotherhood – Ride for Your Life

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 12:27 am

Bluff to the Cape

Every year too many Kiwi men’s lives are claimed by medical conditions and diseases that could have been diagnosed and treated effectively had they been caught earlier. Many of them could be saved. And that’s why, in November this year, Rick Martin of Cornerstone Group is going to go for the ride of his life – and possibly yours. prostate cancer, donate money to prostate cancer, new zealand

He’s going to put his own backside on the line, literally, by cycling from Bluff to Cape Reinga, including participating in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (160km), with the aim of encouraging men throughout the country to have annual wellness check-ups.

Rick says, “I want to get as many people together as possible to meet and ride with me into town at the end of each day’s ride to make as much noise and gather as much attention as possible for this worthy cause. This is an open invitation to anyone who can ride a bike!”

Contact details:tania@cornerstonegroup.co.nz

Leading British artists unite against prostate cancer

Filed under: Men's Health — Julie @ 12:02 am

Thursday 11 September 2008

More than 40 of Britain’s leading male artists have united in the fight against prostate cancer, donating their works for the Everyman Men Only exhibition to be held at Liberty in London from 8 to 11 September.

Artists Damien Hirst, Sir Peter Blake, Rankin, Patrick Hughes and Martin Parr are among those who have donated works to be auctioned in memory of sculptor Allister Bowtell who died of prostate cancer in 2006, aged 66.

All funds raised during an action, led by Nick Bonham will go towards world leading prostate cancer research at The Institute of Cancer Research’s Everyman Centre.

Renowned sculptor, film designer and model maker, Allister Bowtell, was one of the 35,000 British men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, but sadly lost his battle.

“Allister and I were completely unaware of the plague amongst men until he was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer,” Pat Scovell-Bowtell, Allister’s wife said.

“My only hope is that better diagnostic tests can be developed along with better treatments for those with the aggressive type of the disease.” Read more

Events for prostate cancer in NZ.

Blue September

Brotherhood – Ride for Your Life
13 November to 8 December 2008

Around the world by motorcycle

Thu 18th September 2008

The problem we face with progress

Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:49 am

One could ask: What right does someone with a few years experience have to judge a movement? What knowledge could someone provide who hasn’t lived through the days of the 1st feminist wave or the 2nd feminist wave?

There are a range of answers that can show a person who has little actual ‘in the face experience with hateful feminists‘ gives a balanced point of view. Especially when that person has vowed to find the answer themselves. (more…)

Wed 17th September 2008

Discussions with United Future staff

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence — Dr Dad @ 12:23 pm

Hi All

I thought everyone might be interested to read this discussion I have had with a United future staff member.

Any comments? (more…)

Mon 15th September 2008

Men’s Caucus meeting

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 6:09 pm

This meeting is being held to hear men’s views and men’s needs around domestic violence so to start a men’s refuge.

Held by: Eastern women’s refuge

Place: Marae at MIT University, Otara. (MIT = Manukau Institute of Technology)

Date: 26th September (confirmation to be double checked) Phone: Eastern Women’s refuge on 833 9653 I will also be double checking on Thursday.

Time: 6pm – 7pm Open meeting …. 7pm onwards – men only

Women’s refuge and boys

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Julie @ 5:47 pm

I found this article while trolling (gosh I like that word) some men sites which had me questioning how NZ works. BTW, Glenn Sacks is a wonderful advocate for men’s rights. The article was written to describe a DV conference and this is part of the article. (more…)

Fri 12th September 2008


Filed under: General — Eric @ 1:30 pm

I have just sent the following email to Murrays Bay Intermediate.

Hi Colin,
We have received a complaint from one of our members that you allowed a pupil to be withdrawn from your school without contacting his father who is of course a legal guardian. Education is a guardianship issue and a school ought to notify a child’s legal guardians when something as major as a mother withdrawing a child from the school occurs.
We seek an explanation of why the child’s father was not notified.
We would also like to see the school institute procedures to make sure that this type of thing does not occur again.
I am wondering if anybody else has experienced anything similar. 

Thu 11th September 2008

Reply to UF Gender Affairs and voting

Filed under: General — UF @ 6:40 pm

Actually,  Scrap,  you have your facts wrong.

UnitedFuture policy is clear and on the website at www.unitedfuture.org.nz.  It would not keep the MWA as it is at all.

UnitedFuture would rename and refocus the MWA and split it, between a work programme to look at issues pertaining to women and an equal work programme to look at issues pertaining to men.


Tue 9th September 2008

Ministry of Gender Affairs

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:55 pm

Rumour from the  corridors of Parliament is  that United Failure is promoting a Ministry of Gender Affairs.  There is a proviso however the Ministry of Women’s affairs remains sacrosanct and will continue to promote single issue feminism.

Let’s look at what this will mean for Men. Given the track record of the Femilies Commissariat, that other United Failure creation, effectively there will exist two Ministerial Lobby groups who will promote single issue feminism and advance the interests of women.

Note United Failure remains dismissive of a Ministry of Men’s affairs which many consider the only way to redress the balance of discrimination against Men in New Zealand.

The Republicans remain the  only party promoting a Ministry of Men’s affairs ,equal parenting and fair and reasonable Child Support.

A vote for United Failure is a vote for claytons shared parenting and punitive child tax and another voice for women.



Mon 8th September 2008

Anyone willing to help?

Filed under: General — Eric @ 9:23 pm

Having spent the last six years battling the Family Court I have come to the conclusion that what we need is a well resourced organisation to fight for fathers. I have begun work on a website called www.fathers4justice.org.nz and I want to set up an incorporated society as the organisation. I need a minimum of 15 members to do this. The advantage of an incorporated society is that it is a separate legal entity. This protects the members from any individual liability. It also makes it easier to attract donations. I have made a start on the organisaton’s mission statement and I am interested in feedback. Is there anybody interested in being a possible member? There won’t be any cost although donations will be gladly accepted.


My Fathers Day

Filed under: Child Support — Tigerseye @ 1:53 pm

This is an excerpt from a poem I wrote last year at about this time…




There was a time in my life

A small selfish part of me

I couldn’t imagine being called dad

I would cringe, turn and flee (more…)

Sun 7th September 2008

happy fathers day dads

Filed under: General — mother love @ 1:01 am

Checkput this Youtube video: “letter to my first seed” 6 pound(artist) he is a tongan rapper, but wait dont get put off, some dads who have visited this site will totally understand this song.

…….have a gr8 daddy’s day

Thu 4th September 2008

Contempt of Caught? Where did the honour go?

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 11:35 pm

About 5 years ago, I requested a copy of the Family Court Judge’s Benchbook, under the Official Information Act. The kind young man in Justice Department that I spoke to said he couldn’t see any difficulty, but he would double check with the Principal Family Caught Judge, Judge Mahony. (I offered that as it is probably fairly large and I only wanted to look through it, I would be happy to return it after a couple of weeks.)

I heard nothing back, so after about 7 weeks, I wrote formally and then eventually received a reply stating that judges are not covered by the Official Information Act. (more…)

Happy fathers’ day

Filed under: General — Darryl Ward @ 11:22 am

Many of you who read this will be fathers and you will be spending some or all of fathers’ day with your children. This is a day to celebrate your role, a role that all too often is not only overlooked and underestimated, but undermined and maligned.

This is a day for all of you to be thanked for all that you have done for your children, whether it was sacrificing precious time (that you would rather have spent with them) working to ensure that there was bread on the table, or spending a weekend building a doll’s house.

This day is for all fathers. (more…)

Tue 2nd September 2008

Public Meeting – Focus on Separated Families Comparing Parties Policies

Filed under: Events,General — MurrayBacon @ 10:02 pm

Invitation to Public Meeting – Comparing the Political Parties Policies:

Organised by Men’s Centre Auckland phone for these meetings: 638 7275 cell 021 537 196

Tuesday 9th September – Focus on Supporting Separated Families

These will be held at Mount Eden Normal School Hall, corner of Valley and Sherbourne Roads, Mount Eden, starting at 7.30 pm and ending at 9.30 pm. Attendees will be requested to make a gold coin donation.

Focus on Supporting Separated Families Tuesday 9th September

1. How will your party better support separated families?

2. How will your party assist separated families to compete in the job market, to support their children and to give them the best retirement options?

3. What improvements does your party propose to Education, Health, Courts, Benefits/Taxes, to support separated families?

All welcome. (more…)

Evidence is easily swept away by Sympathy

This should never happen, in a court that takes justice seriously.

This is so fundamental to successfully delivering justice, that the judicial oath was written to cover this issue. (see Oaths and Declarations Act www.legislation.co.nz)

In the [human]-animal, decisions leading to action, are made in the emotional part of the brain. This enables a fast response to threats, as at times it is needed for survival.

A rational decision takes longer to complete, than an emotional decision. A rational decision can only be made, if the animal has inhibited the emotionally based reaction, long enough to complete the rational analysis.

Many people are not prepared to put in the time and effort, to complete a rational analysis, when the emotive decision can be made easily and relatively effortlessly.

Open courts (or note taking reporters, or recordings) allow the public to know what is going on in a court and to review the judge’s decision. This allows the public to apply a typically wise and well informed corrective force onto any errant judge.

Justice can’t be done in secret and here’s why Times

Discussion about media access to familycaught

judge baragwannath refuses to allow a parking ticket appeal hearing to be filmed for public access

Secret caughts remove these safety mechanisms, so that “judges” may easily drift out of adjustment. The collegial structure of the judiciary doesn’t give the Principal judge of each court any useful remedial power over faulty “judges”. (more…)

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