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Thu 12th October 2017

A Day of Remembrance

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Sat 7th October 2017

The Quantum Court That Amazes Observers

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The father of a daughter whose mother illegally brought her to live in NZ has had The NZ Family Court deny his application to have the child returned to him in his home country. This is a Court that defies logic and the injustice dished out to the father is horrific. No one should be in doubt about the situation if the gender of the parents were reversed.

Fri 6th October 2017

Rachel Smalley’s Condescending Comments

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NZ Herald femaleist (aren’t they all femaleists at the Herald?) Rachel Smalley today bemoaned the lack of females on the teams involved in negotiations to form a new government. She claimed, in her article titled “Hey guys, where’s the women on coalition negotiation teams?“:

“And yet women are pretty good at preventing, managing and resolving conflict and contentious issues in a corporate environment. They can take the heat out of a situation. More light, less heat, gentlemen.”


6 cents versus a $1-00 …..

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Mon 2nd October 2017

Voting Age

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If you are a student of recent history you would know, it is not that long ago that the voting age was set at 21 years of age.

More recently it was reduced to 18 years of age.

The three year difference brings in another quarter-of-a-million, or there abouts, young minds into the political void.

Fri 29th September 2017

Honouring Zdenek “Sid” Hanzlik’s Sacrifice…

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How can we honour Sid’s ultimate sacrifice?

I have a few things in common with the late Mr Hanzlik,-
I hate Hillman Minxs, Really hate them, You might be able to easily work on every part of them but that’s only because your going to need to. DJ reckons this is a good thing. Bullshit, I’m crossing the floor over this one. Assembled in Wellington you say DJ ? By who, public servants?

Tue 26th September 2017

Suicide and Reason

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Zdenek (Sid) Hanzlik’s suicide is a very sad event and may have been triggered by several issues but without doubt the main protagonist was the Family Court and Family Law. The slide into the abyss of despair through a life without perceived meaning for many fathers is the needless separation and complications, in regards to their children, arising from a system that overtly favours mothers. The law, and the administration of it, fails to acknowledge men’s existentialism and how it is tied to their connection with family. Sid may have believed that his death would have a dramatic positive effect on the way fathers are dealt with. Unfortunately he under estimated the power that feminist ideology holds over the media. His suicide instead will be seen as a violent act against himself. (more…)

Thu 21st September 2017

Self Immolation at Parliament

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Reports are appearing in news media, about a man setting himself on fire at Parliament.

It is understood he was protesting in the grounds of parliament and had signs.

You may be able to assist with further information in the comments.


Wed 20th September 2017

The No Vote Option

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As indicated in recent news articles, less people are interested in voting.

I find that understandable, given the behaviour of politicians and political parties.

Tue 19th September 2017

New Zealand Ghettos aka Social Housing

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A huge amount of men in New Zealand are in need of community support, i.e., social housing, foodbanks, etc, etc, and I think that many men become aware, i.e., swallow the red pill, when they reach out for community support and find it non-existent or lacking. (more…)

Mon 18th September 2017

Misandry Rules Labour

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With Helen Clark’s feminist agenda still driving misandrist anti-male policy in the Labour Party it comes as no surprise a new childless feminist, Jacinda Adern, has won control, claim the Ministry of Men’s Affairs (MoMA).
MoMA is a community group because successive governments have neglected the voice and welfare of men and boys. They believe New Zealand’s social policy and law is now powerfully biased against males. This has been promoted through the Ministry for Women with well over $100 million of taxpayer money. It was heavily funded in the Clark era. No balancing Ministry for Men exists. No such substantial resource has been given to the concerns of the male half of the population. (more…)

Sun 17th September 2017

Tool to Help in Your Voting

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We found this tool in which you choose your views and preferences about matters and these are compared with the policies to tell you which party’s policies are most in line with your views. Seems reasonably based and quite fun:

Sat 16th September 2017

White Men Alleged to Support Forced Under-aged Prostitution

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This prominent article in the NZ Herald told us that “social researcher” Natalie Thorburn “released disturbing findings” such as that “Girls just 12 years old were often groomed by boyfriends who eventually forced them into a situation where they had no option but to sell their bodies”.

Ms Thorburn also claimed that “A 9-year-old girl was tied to her bed by her mother and forced to have sex with men” and that the youngsters had told her about being forced to submit to sex. (more…)

Thu 14th September 2017

Labour’s policy remains guilty unless you can prove you are innocent

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Guilty until proven innocent

With 20 years jail in the balance, when will National publicly as Labour to clarify this policy.

Wed 13th September 2017

Tones of Fathers Day

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Recollections of Father’s Day from older men might be a curiosity to younger readers.

For me, being the youngest in the Family, I recall the annual presentation of a white porcelain tea cup with pictures of old cars – we’re talking Model T Fords and Chrysler convertibles, just to be clear, not old bombs.

The modern perception of this annual religious fervour might have us as a bunch of tosspots following in some Old English custom. But it suited a man who didn’t like a lot of fuss, added to his valued collection, and reminded him daily his children had paid their annual respects in person.

Jump forward to 2017 (more…)

Author Wants Stories About Fatherhood

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My name is Bill Clarke.

I am writing a book about fatherhood and I want to interview dads. I am interested in hearing their STORIES – about their fathers, or their own story of “Dads in distress” or “Dads in success” in raising their children.

Mon 11th September 2017

Parent but not a mother

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So as a man in his mid 40’s I had pretty much resigned to the fact that I was not going to become a father. I discovered that one partner I had for a few years was proud of her 11 abortions… shortly thereafter I gently tippytoed away from the secondary school teacher in a boys school in West Auckland. After that my next partner of 18 months announced she was pregnant, I knew she was before she told me, but she is so utterly impractical that she almost had to deliver to find out. Roll forward 3 years. We have a boy, she slept with some lucky bloke and I guess the guilt made her have to let me know, we were over. He can have her. (more…)

Thu 7th September 2017

Election Thoughts 2017

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Here are a few thoughts regarding men and father issues this election. (more…)

Sat 2nd September 2017

Concerned Mens Meeting – Saturday 4th November

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A meeting will be held in Auckland on this day should the Ministry of Men’s Affairs choose to organise it.

Concerned Men can attend the meeting and express their opinions.

Let us know where this is. Venue to be advised.

In the absence of a physical venue, this meeting will be held online. See you all next Saturday.

Updated Saturday 4th November 2017;

The analysis of politics in history records easily enough, the lurching from crisis to crisis, the ‘failures’ and the ‘sucessful’ undertakings, as a matter of opinion, but the critical analysis of the persecutions, the conflicts, and lost possibilities, are usually the consequence of courage and retrospect. They are often not taught but found by those who choose to look.

The observation: ‘This helped destroy a pattern of life without building a new one.’; is no stranger to anthropology.

Following this election, the outpouring on social media suggests there is not only disappointment, but varying levels of anger in the consequences of MMP and the way in which this government has formed.

The initial marketing of the new regime is similar to what we saw in the Clark era, hugging of children, dictates to independent bodies like the Rugby Union to ‘pay the girls too’ and payback to ‘youthquake’ fulfilled with next year’s free education.

Whether the winds of change are strong enough to blow anything larger than a tongue is yet to be seen, but I don’t recall any pictures of politicians hugging homeless men.

There is an opportunity here to consider and reconsider the way we use social media and the way in which we respond to our current social situation.

It would be encouraging to see here today, not only general or specific concerns relevant to the purpose of the site, but also comment on participation in social media, and how this site could make a greater contribution to the social dialogue that is gaining considerable momentum outside of mainstream media.

Openess is the Cure

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Discussions in similar jurisdictions are often worth watching.

I noticed this article on the Guardian about Family Law.

Fri 1st September 2017

Isn’t that a blow to the Banks

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John Banks, known to some of us as a passionate supporter of Fathers, refused a DNA test.

If you were a father, would you not want to know?

Help me out here, is the estate, or pride, or something, more important than your own offspring.

I’m having a bit of trouble with this one, especially after my personal interactions with this political force.

John Banks found to be a father

Thu 31st August 2017

Corrections Policy Called Corrupt

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A men’s group has labelled a new policy announced this week by Corrections Minister Louise Upston as “corrupt”. The new policy aims to reduce the likelihood that female criminals will be sent to prison.

Spokesman Kerry Bevin for community group The Ministry of Men’s Affairs said the policy was an abandonment of the principle of equal justice for all under the law. (more…)

Wed 30th August 2017

Fathers Speak Out at Parliament

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Fathers are speaking out at parliament on Friday 1st September, the Friday before Fathers’ Day.

MPs have been invited to address the concerns of disgruntled fathers who claim they have been neglected for decades and their parenting role abused. They claim ‘de-fathering’ has delivered many thousands of devastated families and led to further child abuses when children are unprotected by their fathers. (more…)

Today’s Lesson on Equality

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A Feminist instructer was dutifully educating a small group of eager students in a lesson in equality.

Among the 10 aspiring students, who sought the ultimate prize, the Borg Award for collective understanding, was a young man keen to understand the requirements of the Feminist Master.

Beside them, was a small bridge over a deep dark abyss.

Now, students, please pay attention and watch me closely … and the instructor proceeded to gracefully cross the bridge and return to the class.

Now, James, would you take your turn and do the same please.

James, confident in his endeavors strode forth to cross the bridge, but at the centre point of the arch, the bridge gave way, and James fell into the deep dark hole. A small thud echoed up, but nothing more was heard of James.

The instructor smiled, and raising her eyebrows in quiet jubilation announced, “And, that girls, is today’s lesson in equality”.

Tue 29th August 2017

MPs Blind to Parent Equality

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Members of Parliament are blind to the damage done to families by our social policy and law that is skewed away from ‘parent equality’, said Ministry of Men’s Affairs spokesman, Kerry Bevin.

“Father’s Day has become a tragedy for many families as de-fathering has continued for decades.” (more…)

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