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Wed 22nd August 2018

Greg Boyed

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:27 am

TVNZ news presenter Greg Boyed, 48, has died in Europe. He had been battling depression, his family says.

Sad for any family and the upfront honestly is something we seldom see in the media.

It is an interesting intersection; I have no doubt many will be observing the response from within the media alongside the media response.

TVNZ broadcaster Greg Boyed, 48, has died suddenly in Switzerland while travelling with his wife and youngest child.

Fri 17th August 2018

Humanity and its Technological Drop Out

Filed under: General — mama @ 7:49 pm

The seventies were a time that had humans rally for humanity. There was no technology driven communication being used by the masses but it seemed that hoards of people were coming together for a common concern..hee hee and lucky for them music was abound and the quality would become classic…ahhh… and I guess we have to say the drugs ran as free as the rivers. HOWEVER!..minds were free.
We seemed happy before technological communication took a good deal of presidence in our lives.
You know, dinner table chat, card games, badminton at the local hall, because of technology we are becoming more and more insular,,, what are we doing to the kids.

No wonder people hate free speech , they would prefer to hear it only if they felt like it at the time.


Filed under: General — mama @ 3:47 pm

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil..what a wonderful world we live in, as long as your are not one of the ‘accountables’…

Accountability is the new handshake and the spoken word a whisper….

Sitting in the Smoko room with a woman colleague, I mentioned a bit about a news item I had seen the evening before. She had no comment except to say “I do not really like to watch the news, just brings me down”… I am finding that people all around me do not want to hear of the ‘bad’ things, they dont want to be accountable, by opinion, even by thought.

Now I am self employed again, have been most of my working life and I am accountable for what I do….. In my industry accountability has stepped up a knotch and made me tick so many , many, boxes..many arses covered..all this work I do to make me more accountable, if I need to be shown to be.
However some people are far more ‘accountable’ than others any their accountability keeps them on their toes.
Business is accountable, workers are accountable, fathers are accountable. We all pay to be accountable

Children are not accountable, Solo Mothers are not accountable, Victims of anything are not accountable, beneficiares are not accountable, even justice is not accountable, unless something goes wrong.

I guess some of my point here is that when you are talking about the areas of making money and making cogs turn , this is the area where by you are accountable.
However in the area whereby you are either looked after by government, work for government or assist both of these categories, you are not accountable, unless something goes wrong.

So as a society we penalise the people who work to make money by making them pay to be accountable and in turn we get to support the unaccountable ones??

More Family Violence Bullshit

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:11 am

This article highlights problems in the way our media and feminist groups approach family violence. (more…)

Tue 14th August 2018

The Real Problem…..

Filed under: General — triassic @ 7:38 pm

I have come to the opinion that the root problem for men, and in particular white males, emanates from a political dogma that was spawned by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as laid out in their published material, Das Kapital.

In short, it paints a picture of the oppressor and the oppressed within an economic frame and sets up the solution as a war of one group against another. By the 60’s most sane thinkers could see, from viewing both the Soviet Union and China, that it failed to produce the utopia promised but instead producing a bureaucratic monster that crushed both groups.

Mother outraged after her husband was kicked out of the parents’ room by a mum while trying to change his daughter’s nappy

Filed under: General — Vman @ 7:32 pm

It is interesting that the headline and the one kicking upa skink is the “outraged mother”.

A mother has been left ‘fuming’ after her husband was denied entry to a parents’ room because there were ‘other mothers in there’.

Sarah Fa’avale, who is based in New Zealand, shared a rant on Facebook calling out women who discriminate against fathers in changing rooms.

Her partner Tua had only been trying to help by taking their daughter Tahani to the bathroom – but he was asked to leave.

‘When he went to enter however a lady started yelling at him saying: “Um excuse me!!! You can’t go in there, there are mums in there!”.

‘Tua then had to leave to come and find me to change Hani’s nappy as all this time she was sitting in her poos!


Filed under: General — mama @ 2:29 pm

Wriggling out of False Allegations???,, sounds wrong does’nt it??

Has any one got a GOOD ending story around this subject,,,’cause I could sure use one right now.

Sun 12th August 2018

Choosing your preferred gender

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:12 pm

Something seems wrong about this proposed law change that will enable people to change their birth certificates to categorize them as whatever gender they ‘identify with’. No medical or Court involvement necessary. In addition there might be a change allowing parents to describe themselves according to their preference on their child’s birth certificate as either mother, father or parent.

We didn’t realize that this provision to choose your gender already exists for licences and passports.

Although something seems wrong about this we can’t really identify exactly what, or the implications for men and the men’s movement. Any thoughts?

We would have thought it more important first to repeal Section 17 of the Care of Children Act. An amended excerpt from our submission to the Human Rights Commission in 2015 explains: (more…)

Sat 11th August 2018


Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — mama @ 3:32 pm

How does a group become a minority group..and how do they change the way they are treated by society, the law and the other groups that our society is made up of???

Same sex people have done it, Women are doing it, Native birds are doing it, hell everyone that can is doing it.

Not “ME too” but “MEN too”, best not to ask The Don to speak though.

Thu 9th August 2018


Filed under: General,Law & Courts — mama @ 12:36 pm

One would wonder, if there is a war going on here, and children are being used, whom is the protection for ?,, the child or the mother.

For myself the question to ask is who is getting hurt the most???

Wed 8th August 2018

DANGER DANGER free speech has gone missing

Filed under: General — mama @ 11:54 am

Dangerous Don,,, Canadian Far Right Speakers… who will put their neck out there next only to have it chopped off…

Mob mentality on the rise??

Upon leaving Lauren Southern said ” enjoy Shariah”… I looked it up and was astonished at the silent waves that have been crashing our shores…if this is not discrimination, if this is democracy???,

I am a little scared today.

I am not Racist, I like Don Brash, Don Brash is not racist, people out there just want problems to go away but no one is being forced to face certain realities..It is shameful for a culture to lay their problems on another, the shite family court system is awash with problems that have stemmed from vicious violences largely occuring in certain races,, but no one can speek so separatistly, the smacking bill was a good example of this.

I am a little afraid today.

Tue 7th August 2018

Judge Michael Jarrett

Filed under: General — allan harvey @ 8:13 pm

Maybe we should lobby to have this Judge jump the ditch?

Mother jailed for hiding kids from their father for three
years despite custody agreement
By Kristian Silva
Updated Fri 3 Aug 2018, 7:47pm
A Brisbane mother has been jailed for 18 months after she abducted
her two children and went on the run for three years.
Supporters of the 49-year-old mother wept as she was taken into custody,
with Federal Circuit Court Justice Michael Jarrett ruling she had shown
“flagrant disregard” for a custody arrangement with her ex-husband.
The children’s 74-year-old grandmother, who has cancer, was also jailed
for a minimum of three months because she kept the location of her
daughter and grandchildren secret.
The children’s mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had
claimed her ex-husband was violent, abusing the children and threatening
her life.
But Justice Jarrett said he was “completely unsatisfied” that the mother had proven the allegations.
In 2014, after the Family Court ordered an even custody split between mother and father, the mother used a secret
network of helpers to escape Brisbane with the children and hide from authorities.
It is understood that with the help of the network they moved to several locations and were able to stay off the grid,
staying clear of using phones and bank accounts.
However, the Australian Federal Police located the mother and children north of Brisbane late last year, after they moved
into the grandmother’s home.
The children were returned to the father and continue to live with him.
PHOTO: The woman’s children were deprived of any chance to build a relationship with their father, Justice Jarrett said. (Supplied)
Children subjected to ‘trauma’
8/7/2018 Mother jailed for hiding kids from their father for three years despite custody agreement – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corpor… 2/2
It is understood the mother was never charged with abduction or other criminal offences.
But on Friday she pleaded guilty to contempt of court for breaching the custody arrangement.
Justice Jarrett said the mother’s offending was “significant”.
“[The mother’s] non-compliance with the orders have deprived these children the
opportunity of developing their relationship with their other parent,” he said.
“Even more significant is trauma these children have been subjected to as a result of many shifts from residence to
Justice Jarrett said the mother had shown no remorse for her actions, and a fine was inappropriate given the “gravity of
He jailed her for 18 months and ordered her to serve the full sentence.
The children’s grandmother also pleaded guilty to contempt of court and was handed a six-month custodial sentence,
suspended after three months.
The court heard the grandmother had been ordered to provide any information about the whereabouts of her daughter
and the grandchildren, but harboured them for nearly six months without informing authorities.
Outside court, a lawyer for the women said they would not appeal the sentence.

Andrew’s Garden

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:49 am

In days of yesteryear one would more likely be on foot as there were less vehicles around; as I am today because some bastard stole my car, stole my car, stole my car … however some small compensation was passing this piece of street art nestled in a desperate-to-not-look-too-derelict street.

I almost missed this inspirational monument to us – my concentration was on this post – and excuse the pun but I did a double take when I clicked.

You’re probably thinking what I was. This is just another bomb site of civilization in the great suburbia of New Zealand’s decline. Any second thoughts were quickly erased when I looked at the small poster hidden at the bottom of the remnants of a hole in the wall.

As you look at the second picture – you’re starting to get it too? (more…)

Sun 5th August 2018

The Feminist Male

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:04 pm

They do exist, right?

Do they or is it just a social hangup men have where they are inclined to defend any female under attack?

I saw this comment on Menz the other day;

Nice to see a firmly grounded man deeply in touch with his inner feminist side.

Does this suggest (more…)

Fri 3rd August 2018

The Big Questions

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:32 pm

What is New Zealand’s Future?

I think we have been asking what the hell is going on for a long time now but it seems we have a new book exploring that question also.

I haven’t read it, so perhaps it’s asking different questions.

There is an interesting list of contributing authors shown on the front cover.

Penguin Books

Writers are: Dame Anne Salmond, Judge Andrew Becroft; Rod Oram; Jacinta Ruru; Felicity Goodyear-Smith; Tim Watkin; Patrick Reynolds; Jarrod Gilbert; Stuart McNaughton; David Brougham, Jarrod Haar & Yumiko Olliver-Gray; Golriz Ghahraman; Theresa Gattung; Peter O’Connor; and Leonie Freeman.

Looking forward to seeing comments on what concerns are expressed by this group of contributors.

Footnote: That’s not my thumb – mine is much better looking than that!

Thu 2nd August 2018


Filed under: General — mama @ 1:10 pm

If you are LUCKY? enough to have a mortgage it will probably effect your sex life, if you do not have a mortgage it will probably effect your sex life..the hours we are working have gotten longer and the travel times extended..
Is making our ends meet stopping our meeting, ..
Some time ago an international survey looked at peoples of the world and how much sex they had on average, at that time Asians were said to have sex only 36 times a year, this was the lowest, I wonder where we are at now??

I know of quite a few young couples who have gone down the mortgage track, two of whom had to give it away to save their relationships.

Also Women choosing not to have a partner so instead they can receive or make more money that they then have complete control over how they go about spending it….Is money coming before sex?

The Thirty Something Girl

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:05 am

The evolution of our new social system, woman first society, call it what you want – how would you describe it apart from a bloody great mess?

Amongst this are numerous new trends that older observers may be noticing.

One I’ve noted recently is the Thirty-Something-Girl.

Given the national shortage of men there has to a significant number of girls not in relationships, and they’re becoming more visible.

It’s also reflected in our dwindling reproduction rate, now somewhere below 1.9 in its continuing downward trend.

Education and employment is easily available to most girls who do want to work, so (more…)

Wed 1st August 2018

Use Your Imagination

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:18 pm

This is a rather interesting case from the courts.

A 30 year old man, who has name surpression, decided to film an interaction with a prostitute.

He contacted the woman through a website which prohibits making video recordings.

While they were engaged in their sexual activity she spotted his cell phone and realised what he might be up to.

She seized his phone and (more…)

Mon 30th July 2018

The Conned Man

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:22 pm

This is Paul, our rugged volunteer fire fighter, from the heartland, who might otherwise have been on one of those fire fighters’ calenders.

But, he’s been conned in to donning a donated dress to raise funds for Women’s Refuge.

I don’t want to embarrass Paul, he’s a nice guy, been through the mill, but mate, how did you end up here, and did you think we wouldn’t find out?

Sat 28th July 2018

A Spanish court has jailed a woman for five years for going into hiding with her two sons.

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:43 am

This breaking story and its ramifications will create a ripple through the family courts but will the outcome be positive for fathers? Only time will tell.

Fri 27th July 2018

A Glimpse of One Life

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:50 pm

He (not his real name) was sitting in the kitchen. The closest chair to the door was turned around facing out into the courtyard.

He had a king pose going on, arms folded, knees apart, feet crossed, shadowed by the darkness of the room behind him.
And sunnies; those typical fail proof, close-knit eye hiders.

He made himself the kingpin of attention as everyone else went about their business.

It wouldn’t be until later that I realised I would be his target. (more…)

Thu 26th July 2018

A Woman’s View

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:38 pm

The woman’s view although they have had a liberated voice for a long time is often a little obscure.

It varies from here come those crazy bitches to vary degrees of nods or silence to may God help you … (I do recall that last one being as recent as last year, whoever the kind soul was who took pity on us).

Every now and again there’s (more…)

Wed 25th July 2018

Family Court Inquiry 2018

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:12 pm

If you’re out there at the coal face, no doubt you can smell the campaign fires burning. We’re seeing the smoke signals waving to each other through our technology.

Fifteen 15 years ago Jan Doogue described the court she had been part of as a failed experiment. It’s struggled from crisis to crisis ever since.

The current crisis, (more…)

Tue 17th July 2018

Failing Boys

Filed under: General — Hugin @ 6:48 pm

An honest question that I hope will create some discussion. Is society’s failure of boys is evidence of sexism against males?
If boys are so easy to raise, why are we so shit at it?
If as I suspect they require the same attention girls do, does the fact we give them less reflect the value we place upon them?

Fri 13th July 2018

Toxic Femininity

Filed under: Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 9:41 pm

The misuse of female sexual power is seldom discussed, or even acknowledged. Here is an exception: On Toxic Femininity written by Heather E. Heying, published in Quillette.

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