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Thu 23rd December 2021

Family Court – What does parental alienation do to a child? – What do the children say when they grown up?

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No tears for the children who were left behind.

Family court judges who destroy loving fathers, and on not so common occasions, loving mothers relationships with their children will have no place in a future society. Hopefully will face justice themselves.

I hold the Government to account for these repugnant atrocities. These children and the alienated parent should be fully compensated.

The Division of Men

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This might be viewed and often is on this site as a division of men into various groups of men, be that religious, racial, intellectual, or some perception of right and wrong among other things … class or status is something we claim to have overcome but not so much when there are the cases we don’t hear about.

Over the preceding 50 years we’ve seen (more…)

Sun 19th December 2021

Teenage boys are 14 times more likely to suffer heart complication from Pfizer jab, study finds. Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% with one week seeing an increase as high as 700% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine!!!

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The Sun News 1

More than 280 teens & young men suffer heart inflammation after Pfizer or Moderna Covid jab – sparking CDC ’emergency’

Daily Mail UK

Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine with one week seeing an increase as high as 700% according to ONS data

Young men suffer heart inflammation after Pfizer or Moderna Covid jab – sparking CDC ’emergency’

Navy doctor spills the truth – says more soldiers have died from the jab than the virus.

Provence suspends jab for children

Dear Jacinda Ardern,

Why are you rolling out an mRNZ Vaccine known to be 14 times more harmful for teenage boys? Jacinda you are a public servant, we are the public – We pay you to serve us, not the other way round.

Dear Mike Bush,

How will history record your efforts to stop harm to teenage boys in New Zealand? Will it be I knew, but I was too afraid and did nothing? Or will it be, I am not afraid I stepped in, made enquiries and prevented harm to teenage boys. The crimes act says harming of a person means causing harm of any kind to the person. Boys are people.

To all mothers,
If you love your sons, where is your voice? What is your opinion on agreeing to allow an mRNZ Vaccine which is known to be 14 times more likely to give serious harm to your young son?

Mothers of sons, this site is not exclusive to men and boys. It is here for you to speak up and protect your sons.

Sat 18th December 2021

Sexism at the Human rights Commission – Video

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My latest video about the human rights commission, which is examples of the way they see men and women differently. Women have rights, men have responsibilities to women.

Sun 12th December 2021

Another woman speaks up about false rape. The damage it causes. The zero support for victims.

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This lady presents what happens to a woman when she has been found to have made a false complaint.

False rape is not considered a crime. It is not considered damaging to a man.

If you are charged with such a crime, and you are found not guilty. That verdict is worthless in the eyes of the police and the public.

And the woman, who made that complaint, is almost never charged with a serious crime.

Now why is that?

Why are men and boys excluded from being victims when this happens?

Sat 11th December 2021

What does the female psychopath look like?

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What does a female psychopath look like? The presenter says it is given away by micro expressions that many people try to conceal.

It includes,


How would you rate this woman’s performance?

Thu 9th December 2021

Parental alienation can cause the child to run away, self harm, suicide.

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I know this video is a bit US but there are parallels to NZ. First of all we dads experience parental alienation.

One of the things the NZ court does and continues to do is ignore alienation or not place a higher priority or importance on alienation. The US seems now to openly call alenation child abuse.

In minute 8:39 parental alienation is not commonly taught, it requires certain types of thinking.

The thinking in NZ is if a mother can successfully alienate the child, then the mother is awarded custody of the child and the family home, everything in that home. It’s a massive prize and reward. Rather than calling it child abuse in NZ we call it an abusive dad and the dad must be booted from the child’s life and have his home and stuff taken from him.

In minute 2:20 the alienator is assaulting the child’s memory, feeling, thinking, relationship with a parent.

In minute 9:37, the alienating parent is recognised as having one of three types of personality orders, or a commination.

1. Borderline personality disorder.
2. Narcissistic personality.
3. Sociopathic personality disorder.

In minute 9:49, in the US 22 million parents, adults are the victims of parental alenation, and they are not reciprocating those behaviours.

Hurting the relationship with dad has its price. It can cause the child to run away, self harm, suicide.

In NZ we wonder why we have a high rate of suicide, why we have massive growth in gangs, doubling from 2000 to 4000 in just 5 years.

The NZ Government and the Family Court need look no further than themselves and their thinking. The US is evolving, NZ is not.

Mon 6th December 2021


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We live in hope. Is that wishful thinking or the challenge of life?

Understanding ourselves or understanding the world: which is the greater challenge?

Are the arts the compromise between the sciences and our religions and cultures and our ways of life.

Who is best suited to lead that journey of discovery; Him or Her?

Are the arts our universality of life because we can’t find a universality in ourselves?

The rise and fall of civilisations – how many times do we need to try again?

Male xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Female

…..Men xxxxxxxxxx Women

…………. Humanity

……Men xxxxxxxxxx Women

X ========================== Y

Is the hour glass running out once again or have we sorted out our differences or have we lost our humanity?

Thu 2nd December 2021

And the feminists are silent ……

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Why Do Men & Boys Turn To Gangs? – Would It Be Their Families Were Ruined By Government Policy?

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News Link Here

Why Do Men and Boys Turn To Gangs? – For some, would it be their families were ruined by Government policy? By law?

In the news today I read gang numbers have gone from 2000 to 4000 members in 5 years. Extreme violent crimes from broken men who’s families were wrecked from unfair treatment of dad. Unfairly destroying fathers in the family court. Taking dad out of the family home while mum brings her new man home. Mum missing from the family home for the night. Children wondering why their once loving dad hasn’t bothered to ring. Wondering why he hasn’t been seen. Children who didn’t know he had a phoney protection order against him. Mum too busy in courtship. What does that do to a child’s mind? And what does that do to a child’s mind when dad makes contact secretly, boy says to mum, i saw dad today, then learns he was thrown in jail because mum had him arrested?

Woman back to work as soon as the child is born? How is that working for the kids? I recall my mother being within ear shot as she spent each day with us, playing with us. Caring and taking an interest in me and my siblings. Getting us dressed in the mornings, feeding us, taking us to the park to play or grandmas place to play there. Mothers saying they love their kids, but really love their career and money more.

Gangs seem to be the only home the once cared for male children turn to. Who thinks gangs will continue to grow unless policies change?

Would much prefer familyism instead of feminism.

Woman thinks its OK to take your stuff – Take the countries assets

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I don’t want this to be seen as political. Rather a woman, as usual, doing what she dam well pleases without a mandate, any debate or your approval.

Ever find a woman you let into your life who at the beginning of a relationship turns bad when that woman agrees to something then goes back on her word? Her agender was not what she said it would be? You turn around and find your stuff is taken, and your life is turned upside down.

Put that on a grand scale. Take a peek at what this woman is doing to the assets your fathers, your grand and great, great grandfathers built. The men, and it was near 100% men paying taxes to build just to be given away by this woman, redistributed so you can pay retail for the use of them.

Wed 1st December 2021


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The Under Cover Programme (UPC)

It’s been a very confusing time since the demarcation of Korea and the end of the Vietnam War.

In the fragile peace we’ve experienced since .. there has been a psychological war that has escalated … .

It’s time to understand the combat. How undercover agents were trained in victimhood.

To die a hero or survive a hero.

That’s the way we are asked to view this, and not make yourself a victim of the feminists circumstance.

Just another way men have been separated from each other and another way we should reconcile.

Mon 29th November 2021

The Disguise of Empathy

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I’ve written previously about the significance of identity. I’d like to think that we don’t dispute the importance of what we describe in so many different ways. Self respect, personal growth, birthright, credibility, social standing … how many more ways could you describe that?

We see the crushing of identity in (more…)

Sat 27th November 2021

Perspective Around New Zealand

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If you want to broaden your thinking broaden your reading and not just about history but the history of individual subjects. Anyone being more familiar with the history of media has a much better insight into our current events. Media history within countries, the history of say Pravda in Russia as an example is quite different to US media or British media history. Our early New Zealand media is iconic in leading development in the final frontier country but our current media is more reflective of periods of history in other countries.

I know from the blank faces (more…)

Thu 25th November 2021

Deadbeat female political leader introduces historical sex comment allegation to save her job.

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News Link Here

Its all about a woman who is about to lose her job to a man. The course this woman has decided to take is to attempt to ruin a mans future over an allegation alone.

Judith Collings, a woman who has the lowest political polling’s for a National leader I can recall, clearly feeling threatened by Simon Bridges for the leadership, decides to demote Bridges for an allegation of a historical sexual comment made to a female MP Jacqui Dean 5 years ago.

Collings says she had unanimous support from the board to demote Bridges but other National party sources say there was no vote.

Collings says Bridges alleged comments to Dean has caused ongoing distress.

Is Collings trying to oust Bridges for no other reason she is about to be rolled?

Is Jacqui Dean playing along with Collings for her own political future?

Has Collings held the allegation over Bridges for 5 years if he challenges?

Is Judith Collings a blackmailer and a liar?

Is Jacqui Dean a woman who is seeking to secure her future by throwing a man under a bus with an aligation of a historical single comment?

Allegations are simply that and nothing more.

Tue 23rd November 2021

The Political Backlash

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The political backlash.

It’s happened many times in this country but the myth perpetuates that we have never had aggressive protests, and political violence in the country.

Of course we have, and people have died in some of these events, too. Looking back to the 1980s it took over 100 (more…)

Sun 21st November 2021

The psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse

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20,400 Views, 596 likes and just 5 dislikes.

Margaret Gardener helps men, boys and their families with the psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse. She deals with male suicides, the families, children that are left to deal with that.

Talks about a tweak to the UK’s law requiring bad character evidence can’t be given against the accuser, but it’s OK to be given against the accused. How that alone is convicting men who were falsely accused. Our politicians (more…)

Sat 20th November 2021

Structural discrimination at the HRC [video]

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I made another video about discrimination at the HRC

New Media

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New Media

When MENZ started out it was ‘new media’ based on new technology, back in the day. Looking back by comparison that was not long after the somewhat radical “Scoop News” had launched in 1999, but that’s another story.

In the last two decades, media has seen phenomenal changes through the rapid development of technology and very much so in the last few years.

Through that entire time ‘men issues’ and the non-woke-bloke have (more…)

Feminist Idol Worship

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Jacinda Ardern is meant to be our, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” unstoppable Jacindamania phenomenon on the world stage.

But unfortunately (more…)

Thu 18th November 2021

Perjury is acceptable in the Family Court. – The children are the victims.

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This is not a commercial video with all the gleam a newsroom presenter adds to a short 60 second story.
It is unscripted.

Just 2 men who want to tell other men why you can’t get involved in a live-in relationship with a woman anymore.
Yes, it is from the US, but there is virtually no difference in NZ.

Perjury is not only acceptable in the family court, it is engineered, encouraged and endorsed because there is no penalty. Only vast rewards and near endless sums of money and or someone else’s land, home and all the items in that home.

The children remain the victims in their wellbeing, relationships with their dad and financial future.

The men are victims, and that’s a major compoenent of your four to one male suicide rate.

State-sponsored human rights abuse. The New Zealand Government knows it. The New Zealand Government hides it. But the money is just too good to give up.

The Australian Government closed their family court for this very reason. The New Zealand Government, now running low on credit, is holding on.

Tue 9th November 2021

Our Confused World

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Thoughts on our ‘Confused World’.

In the Meditationes Sacrae (1597) by Sir Francais Bacon he says “knowledge itself is power”.

In our view of (more…)

Would The NZ Police Treat A Woman Like This?

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Auckland Man Bashed By Police – Sexually Assaulted by Police

Seems the independent Police Complaints Authority are not so independent after all. It appears to be just a front to avoid criminal charges.

The length of time to investigate one(s) of their own on physical and sexual assault has taken far too long.

And why does the media print his name and not the offending sworn police officers?

Imagine the police bashing a woman, forcing her to take her underwear off in front of camera’s. And what were the police expecting to find down there anyway?

Imagine if a woman said to police she was sexually assaulted by police and the police told her “Well, you are a good-looking woman”. What is the name of this police sergeant? And why is that called banter if it was a man?

Where are the criminal charges Supt Naila Hassan? And why do you get to keep your job if you won’t charge your own with assault, sexual assault?

If I was in a gang, and we took a drunk woman from the street, made her sit in a drivers seat of car with her bottle of bourbon to frame her, bashed her, smashed her phone when she started to video me, pepper sprayed her, handcuffed her, stripped her, ripped her panties off, rubbed her vagina. – Where would I be now? That police person needs to face a criminal trial.

These actions are not a breach of the Police code of conduct, they are a breach of the crimes act. Where are the charges?

All credit to Mr Matt Burrows, an Auckland based reporter for Newshub.

Sat 6th November 2021

Trust Is The Key

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Trust is the key.
I told you many years ago
But you couldn’t see
Trust is the key
It’s what binds humanity
But you wouldn’t listen to me
Are you listening now.
It’s the doorway to division
But do you see?

Sat 30th October 2021

NZ Men’s Summit 2022, Tauranga, Friday 29 April

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The next Men’s Summit 1-day conference will be held on April 29, 2022 at the RSA meeting room, 544 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui.

We are excited to announce that we have secured the attendance via internet of Warren Farrell as keynote speaker. You will be able to see and hear his presentation, ask him questions and discuss matters, and he will also provide an interactive experience with those attending.

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