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Archive of 2005

CYFS and our baby

Fri 16th December 2005:

WE NEED HELP. Let me introduce myself, we have a 5 month old son called Alex. Alex was born in Chch Womens hospital in June of this year and was very premature coming 11 weeks early and weighing only 780g. My wife had a very troublesome pregnancy as she suffers from several health problems which […]

males getting in the way yet again!!

I was stunned and aghast at today’s news that a policeman was able to rescue a child in Mt Maunganui yesterday. Sergeant Dave Thompson found the girl 45 minutes after she was taken by a youth in a car while walking to school with her 7-year-old brother. Are there not police women who could have […]

Men’s Centre North Shore responds to White Ribbon Day

Mon 12th December 2005:

Last week’s North Shore Times had an article titled: Men’s group says they’re victims, too. Men’s Centre was responding to White Ribbon Day on Nov 25th – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Jim Bagnall was quoted: “People need to get the whole thing in perspective. I think in most cases […]

Toots for Air New Zealand Protest

Mon 5th December 2005:

The intersection of Albert and Customs Streets in Auckland was filled with a cacophony of car, bus and truck horns at lunchtime today. Protesters outside Air New Zealand’s main office held signs which read: “If you are male and not a paedophile — toot!” On the opposite corner, Jim Bailey sat on the top of […]

A Dunne Deal.

The article concludes with a veiled suggestion that fathers should shut up, pay up, and the state will see to it that the nations children will get the financial support they are entitled to.

Bay fathers afraid to play dad

Thu 1st December 2005:

Bay fathers afraid to play dad By Natalie Bridges Mike Kino looks carefree as he rolls around with his four-year-old son Michael on the grass in Memorial Park – but he’s worried someone might accuse him of wrongdoing. The father of five from Ohauiti says a politically correct obsessed society has contributed to making him […]

Ban on men sitting next to children

Tue 29th November 2005:

Shame on Air NZ Air NZ have shamed themselves with to days revelation in the NZ Herald that they have a policy of insisting that only a female may sit next to a unaccompanied child in flight. This is outrageous, not only because it reinforces one gender as “bad” or “not to be trusted” but […]

OFF PAT – The Runaway Dads’ $500 million Cop Out.

Fri 25th November 2005:

Cow Pat was a more polite rendition of my first thought after reading Pat Booths column – The Runaway Dads. I know this column will have irritated and angered many in the community.

Ian Hassall bullied by anti-anti-smacking protesters

Ex-children’s commissioner Dr Ian Hassall claims he was bullied and insulted by protesters outside the Auckland Marine Rescue Centre last Tuesday. Mereana Ruri, from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner was speaking to a forum held to prepare for the debate on Green MP Sue Bradford’s private members bill to repeal section 59 of the […]

United Future Labelled Anti-Family by Child Support Reformers

Media Release United Future Labelled Anti-Family by Child Support Reformers “Peter Dunne’s dickensian approach to child support reform will be remembered by parents as Dunne’s disaster, and clearly shows that United Future is a family-unfriendly political party,” observed Mark Shipman, national president of Parents for Children. He was commenting on the first reading of the […]

Save the males documentary screens on TV2

Thu 24th November 2005:

Save the males promo I managed to stay awake long enough to watch “Save the Males” last night on TV2, and I must say I was very impressed with Greg Stubbings’ production. What a shame it was screened so late, at a time when the majority of working men would be tucked up in bed […]

Silly Sue and the Bradford Bill.

Wed 23rd November 2005:

That leaves me to conclude, Ms Bradford, that the only reason for your persistence is the ulterior motive.

Will Cunliffe’s Catastrophe become Dunne’s Disaster?

Thu 17th November 2005:

Parents for Children Media release Will Cunliffe’s Catastrophe become Dunne’s Disaster? “Peter Dunne really has been given a hospital pass from the Labour Government with the revival of the proposed changes to the Child Support Act 1991. Mums, dads, lawyers, economists, social commentators, child advocates… are all saying a real review of the current approach […]

News Release on Child Support.

Child Support Bill in the House before Xmas. Link to Stuff News with Comment from Peter Dunn and Katherine Rich. They clearly still miss the point – Its all about money and not about fathers. What do you think ?

Woman bites dog

Wed 16th November 2005:

The “Viewpoint” section of the November 2005 New Zealand Medical Journal has an article by Janice Giles: ‘Woman bites dog – making sense of media and research reports that claim women and men are equally violent’. The title of this article makes clear that the writer considers abuse of men by women to be so […]

Child Support Amendment Bill (No 4)

Fri 11th November 2005:

The new Parliament today reinstated the Child Support Amendment Bill (No 4) which lapsed following the dissolution of the previous Parliament in the lead-up to the recent general election.

Save The Males

SAVE THE MALES TV2 – Wed Nov 23- 11:25pm A local documentary exploring the claims of men’s rights groups that the feminist movement has gone too far. Save The Males is a documentary following men’s rights groups (masculists) who claim New Zealand has become an insidiously anti-male state, and suggesting we need a men’s movement […]

The Status of Men in New Hampshire

The General Court recognises that men are an important resource for families and children, and wishes to explore the causes and consequences of a variety of social, economic and health problems facing men.

Are NZ Schools Safe for our Boys.

Thu 10th November 2005:

A 14 year old Masterton Girl is in Custody today and will be appearing in the youth court after a vicious attack on a boy with a scapple.

CYF fails to find caregivers

Tue 1st November 2005:

The recent national recruitment campaign to find more CYF caregivers has not succeeded. With children being removed from parents in record numbers, many are being placed with foster parents who are not properly trained, where they get brutally bashed or sexually abused. It’s a pretty dangerous job in an environment where street-smart kids exploit the […]

Pre-school sex-abuse victim admits “I lied”

Mon 31st October 2005:

The McMartin pre-school molestation case in California proved to be the blueprint for dozens of other ‘satanic panics’ around the world. Interviewers at the now notorious Children’s Institute International developed considerable expertise at brainwashing small children into making bizarre accusations of ritual sex abuse. These same techniques were used in NZ to successfully convict Peter […]

Domestic abusers should loose jobs

Sun 30th October 2005:

Christchurch Women’s Refuge says employment contracts should have a clause requiring people convicted of domestic violence to be fired from their jobs. Refuge manager Annette Gillespie said employers needed to get tougher on domestic abusers and send a message that family violence was not acceptable. “We (Christchurch Women’s Refuge) definitely support employers threatening staff who […]

Boys education initiatives in Bay of Plenty

There are some great things happening in the Bay of Plenty around teaching boys to be good men, according to the Bay of Plenty Times top story Bay leads country in making good men, by Anna Bowden. Western Bay schools are leading the country with innovative strategies to better the education and attitude of our […]

Newman – Fatherless Generation

Sat 29th October 2005:

Muriel Newman has just posted an article about ‘the fatherless generation‘ on her new NZ Centre for Political Debate website. She notes that despite recent concern over gangs and youth violence, little has been said about the underlying causes of the problem. Any discussion with police or those who work with troubled youth will quickly […]

Health leader urges tougher penalties for domestic violence

Fri 28th October 2005:

By Simon Collins

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