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Archive of July 2006

Info Please

Fri 14th July 2006:

Hi all. Is anyone able to provide me with accurate details regarding the way the proportion of income a non-custodial partner is required to pay in child/custodial maintenance is calculated? Further, is any or all of the amount paid additive to the sum the custodial parent gets from DPB? Does anyone know ‘exactly’ how this […]

Men’s issues united

Through experiences of meeting, talking on the phone and e-mailing others on and off this site one would find all agreeing on major issues and disagreeing on minor issues. Now this has kept the men’s movement united and divided. This has kept all groups or as individuals with a small amount of power which really […]

The Really Annoyed Strike

Thu 13th July 2006:

Sometimes, for better or worse, we take matters into our own hands. We arrive at a point where we believe the law, justice, and reason deserts us. We are afloat on a sea of irrationality and to save ourselves from drowning we pitch in with the sea. And a no more eloquent example of such […]

What is the otherside doing?

I am hearing too many stories from women recently telling me that they are in trouble. Now, why would that be? Afterall, they have more rights than the men. Counsellors and the talk in childcare centres, kindergardens, schools and womens groups and centres is such; “The dad can pick you son up from school, kindy […]

Surgenor Again

Wed 12th July 2006:

Ms Surgenor and I have had a few email words over the last few days. My reply to her last is below and reading between the lines will allow you to understand the nature of my comments. “When in the act of erring, and found wanting, as appears to be the case in this instance, […]

My Family Court Experience

Tue 11th July 2006:

I thought I would just tell ever so briefly my story to add to the file. I was employed in the government power generation industry and was able to provide for my wife and family without too much hardship. When my older kids went to polytech and university, I was made redundant and my career […]

MENZ article in breach of the Care of Children Act

A couple of days ago I recieved the following email from the Ministry of Justice. I believe this is designed to suppress complaints made about the lawyer who was involved in the case, rather than to protect the children. As I don’t have a spare $2,000 lying around, and have other plans for the next […]

The Police are scarier than Judges!!

The danger of further involving the Police in domestic disputes needs to be considered seriously. I believe that the police have lost a lot of public respect since they became involved in traffic control. I shouldn’t need to explain to you why!!! Even internally there is conflict with the way domestic disputes are handled and […]

Ex-Wives Less Likely to Pay Child Support Than Men (UK Government Paper Reports)

Dateline: England Author: Timocrat From: Anti-Misandry (Part of the Priority Men’s New Exchange Program) Via: The Honor Network Ex-Wives Less Likely to Pay Support to Kids than Husbands In a report out from the UK government ex-wives were even slightly less likely to pay child support when the ex-husband has custody. The question of course […]

Ruling Men From the Bench In Canada Too

Dateline: Canada Author : Timocrat From: BC Fathers (Part of the Priority Men’s New Exchange Program) Via: The Honor Network Ruling From the Bench Takes on Whole New Meaning Canada’s Supreme Court, who have been unelected by the average man at all levels of their advancement, have taken it upon themselves to govern Canada. Twenty-one […]

From The Shower Box

Put yourself in the Judge’s seat. You are presented with an array of accusation and denial. Largely bereft of any evidence, you must attempt to sift through th chaffe because legislation asserts you must, and do so more or less blind. It seems to me there is a relatively simple way of overcoming the Family […]

Men’s Coalition Protest 9th July

Mon 10th July 2006:

Men’s Coalition protest was sent to me via Jim Bailey’s address book. I have received Andrew’s permission to post. Another series of protests were held outside lawyers home addresses in Auckland yesterday. This was the first of round 2, ,i.e. protesting outside of lawyers houses for the second time. The public support has been amazing […]

And While I’m At It

Recently, an acquaintance of mine, who is similarly battling through the FC became the butt of what appears to be an erroneous judgement from that Court. This time in Tauranga. And so my acquaintance had his lawyer file an appeal. The High Court has accepted the appeal can be heard. In other words, the High […]

Let Me Say It Again

All we need to have happen in the Family Court is for the Court to accept ‘only’ corroborated evidence. No other Court in the land….well maybe with the exception of the Employment Court….accepts uncorroborated ‘testimony’ as irrefragible fact. Interestingly, the only other law-process which brings an evil to one before one has actually committed a […]

Thank you Judith Surgenor

Mss Surgenor fell into a trap on the “Sunday” program that is usually avoided by those trained in dealing with the media. She was the best evidence in the program to illustrate what men have to face within the system. How can these slime balls state that they serve ‘without fear or favor’?? She vilified […]

What is too ‘girly’?

Which of the following do you consider to be too girly? ? Staying home as a house husband to look after the kids while the partner works full time Shaving/waxing under the armpits Wearing jewelry such as rings and studs Putting a band aid on a 10 year old boy’s knee Compromising in a conflict […]

Wayne Pruden’s walk to Wellington

Fri 7th July 2006:

I saw Wayne on the 6 o’clock news tonight leaving with his empty pram, to walk 600kms (approx) to Wellington. And inside his pram cover was the tent he may be staying in along the way. Those cold winter nights alongside Mt Ruapueha and nearby towns in winter with the snow. How brave he is. […]

From The Sauna

Thu 6th July 2006:

This evening, while my grand-daughter completed swim-training, I spent an interesting period in the local sauna. Eleven men and one woman engaged in debate of DPB, the inequity suffered by men, male child education, and more. Of the eleven men, only two had not been, in some way, molested by the system. Their reason being […]

John P.’s Insight Needs Much More Discussion!

Below is a point that I have heard John P. state on quite a few occasions and think it needs much more serious discussion. I also think this is one of the fundamental issues, which I call wing issues; I think must be addressed to be solve our cooperative efforts (and not left to die […]

What’s really happening in New Zealand?

We have a Family Court for broken up families to mediate (whether through mediation, counselling or judges decisions) the access of children, day-to-day care etc, etc. We have child support payers and receivers which the go through IRD and follow a formula the Governmet set. Some people pay small amounts, not enough to cover child […]


Tue 4th July 2006:

Amongst his (I think its a him) comments, Zeal makes one useful point amongst his socialist dross. That is; rearing children is a huge task; at least rearing them properly is so. It is also an extremely expensive exercise. My grand-daughter, of whom I am more or less the sole funder, does swimming, piano, soccer. […]

Child support Seminar held

Child Support and custody issues will be discussed during a seminar at the Kelston community Centre tomorrow. The event, starting at 7.30pm, is being organised by the Auckland Single Parents Trust in conjuction with the North Shore Mens Centre. Trust spokeswoman Julie says the evening caters for men and women. “It’s about child support and […]

On Liberty

Mon 3rd July 2006:

At the risk of appearing to lecture, may I offer the following words from John Stuart Mill, from his essay on Liberty. ‘The object of this essay is to assert one very simple principle, as entitled to govern absolutely the dealings of society with the individual in th way of cumplusion or control, whether the […]


Sun 2nd July 2006:

Hi all, Last night, in amongst much, I wrote:- Then we have to address the very nature of abuse. Surely, anything short of demonstrable violence is abuse of position, but hardly constitutes indefensible abuse, or avoidable abuse. Upon reading it, I can see the potential for misinterpretation, so please allow me to restate the case. […]


Sat 1st July 2006:

The next person who asserts we need to ‘educate’ the bludgers so well described in Jim’s article, I will strangle. I see Tamhere is being excoriated for asserting ‘benefits’ should be paid out in kind, not cash. The anti crowd rattle on about abuse of power when a state-dependent is ‘given’ other than the money […]

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