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Archive of July 2006


Mon 31st July 2006:

Will someone pleeeease provide the goss for what happened on Sunday. I heard on the news today that the hose-lady was to be charged with assault with a weapon of Mass Watering.:–)) I have to assume that you guys are way above pressing charges. Surely, in doing so, you all just join the ranks of […]

Says It All 2

Sun 30th July 2006:

Why Labour despises the family Daily Mail, 27 July 2006 When New Labour came to power in 1997, a battle royal took place within its ranks over the issue of the family. In one camp was Tony Blair, who understood that family breakdown was the hole at the heart of British society and who wanted […]

Honey I Drowned Our 5 Kids Mrs. Yates Found Not Guilty!!!

Thu 27th July 2006:

Dateline: US Author: Pit Bull From: The Honor Network Houston Mother Who Systematically Drowned her Five Children in the Family Bathtub Found not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Well here we have another example for two justice systems (one for men and one for women). “Equality” where are you now! Mrs. Yates benefit from the […]

Looking at possible remedies for the Family Court

The current focus of the Family Court is on ‘best interest of the child’. This, I would say, is something that is very difficult to determine. Also it ignores the presence of the parents, both mother and father and since the mother invariably ends up with the child, this makes the Family Court appear to […]

Dear Joe: An Example of Female Loyalty & Honor In the 21st Century

Tue 25th July 2006:

DATELINE: US (Grand Ledge) & IRAQ Author: Scott Rees From : F4J (US) Via: The Honor Network By SCOTT REES Staff Writer GRAND LEDGE – For the past week, Joe McNeilly’s phone has been ringing off the hook. He’s been contacted by newspapers, radio shows, and even the major television networks. That’s the way he […]

Brave new world of paternity testing

You can now get a paternity test at 5 weeks into a pregnancy: The best way to secure yourself against paternity fraud is to either get the test done or to get a written statement from the mother that she has absolutely no doubts about the paternity of the child. In other words only […]

What you didn’t know didn’t hurt you

Mon 24th July 2006:

Prior to DNA testing there was no way of knowing for sure that you weren’t the biological father of your children.? DNA testing has opened up a whole can of worms that society has yet to learn how to deal with.? The term paternity fraud is? incorrect since 9 times out of 10 the woman […]

Mr. Liam Is Now Under Arson Attack!!!

By: CARLY CRAWFORD THE first man in Australia to successfully sue for paternity fraud is living in fear after arsonists attacked his car. Liam Magill’s Mitsubishi Magna was burnt and vandalised outside a Box Hill home last weekend in an act of vandalism that has baffled police and frightened his loved ones. “We don’t get […]

Paternity Fraud – Are you a victim

Sat 22nd July 2006:

Are a New Zealand dad and a victim of misattributed paternity? Would you be prepared to share your story, this can be done anonymously, with a reporter from a major New Zealand daily news paper? Email [email protected] with a brief summary and your contact details. Regards Scrap

Down Under Takes On Whole New Meaning

Dateline: Australia Author: Soli From: Dads On Air Via: Honor Network Down Under Takes On Whole New Meaning The High Court is confronting that issue right now. Liam and Meredith Magill were married in April 1988. A son was born in April 1989. Unknown to her husband, a few months later Meredith began an affair […]

Where is the balance?

Fri 21st July 2006:

A shared parenting bill was presented to parliament in year 2000. Many people supported the bill yet it did not get the chance to go through all channels to make a new important law. Many people took to public areas to support the change. In fact alot of people got together to express concerns for […]


Wed 19th July 2006:

This process of appeals to the High Court fascinates me. It seems to me a judge becomes a judge having demonstrated a slightly greater degree of legal understanding than a mere lawyer. Then said judge (with the aid of a lawyer to assist the court) comes out with a judgement which the mere lawyer finds […]


I really wish we could all stop swapping spits about the minor details when the bigger picture needs so much energy. But there’s another issue which kind’ve interests me. I see on the board tonight there have been 810 visitors to this site, yet the comments are coming from about four folk. Does that mean […]

Family Court statistics 2004

Tue 18th July 2006:

Thanks to the community groups being shown on the right hand side of this screen, we have so much more information. Here is something interesting to look at thanks to ‘NZ Father & Child Society’ website. And ‘’ family-court-statistics-2004 Families Commission has also done some research into One child, Two homes. by Paul Callister and […]

Missed The Point?

People, causing the current internecene arguments for and against the DPB was not the point of my mailing ‘Says It All’. The whole point was to bring attention to three seperate but vitally connected issues. Issue 1. DPB offers a solution to the often morally moribund who simmply cannot be bothered getting out of bed […]

Men’s issue’s meeting for August

This meeting is being postponed. I don’t know how to say this but I am finding that women in high positions and men are aware of the problems men are having. And I am also finding that they agree that men have to be part of the solution. And that they are aware men have […]

Wayne’s walk, continued

Mon 17th July 2006:

Without any permission whatsoever, I am going to cut and paste Wayne’s recent commentary on his walk and post it here. Because it should be widely read. Wayne posted this under Wayne’s walk to Wellington tonight. My apologies Wayne if I’ve stepped on your toes .. Hi all, I am now at Wayne Furguson’s house […]

The Slap

Hi, Rory MacKinnon here from In Unison, Unitec’s student magazine. Our next issue is themed “the Men’s Issue” where we will, not suprisingly, address men’s issues. At present I’m working on an article about the cultural phenomenon of The Slap- specifically when a woman slaps a man: whether there is any justification for it, how […]

Says It All

The following is a letter the ‘apparent’ writer could have written. Jane laid this out for me just last week when I met her at a scuba diving course and over numerous intervening coffees. Remember, when you read this, she was at a scuba-diving course. The word ‘brazen’ is just too mild a word to […]


Monday July 17, 2006 By Sophie Goodchild and Jonathan Owen Teenage girls who get pregnant deliberately plan to become mothers in the belief that a baby will improve the quality of their lives, a study has found. The research reveals that girls as young as 13 are making a “career choice” by deciding to have […]

Sunday Program video

Sun 16th July 2006:

The Sunday’ item “the F Word” that screened last week on the men’s protests outside lawyers homes is on the site and can be viewed @ the f word you may have to press ‘flash player’ good luck.


Torture is any act by which severe pain, whether physical or psychological, is intentionally inflicted on a person as a means of intimidation, deterrence, revenge, punishment, or information gathering. Ask any prisoner of war and he will tell you that the worst torture of all is psychological. Physical pain can be endured by a strong […]

The Truth Will Out

Sat 15th July 2006:

The Truth Will Out….an old adage,which, like so many of its ilk, contains more than a grain of truth. The Weekend Herald today had a front page article,as I am sure most of you are aware,titled “Tea Break Justice” and contained the following excerpts: One judge admitted that reading documents on protection order applications and […]

From The Shower…Again.

I also read the article in the Herald today. Once again I was distressed by the distortions which keep rising and rising. For example, the graph does not demonstrate the numbers of female violent acts against men. But most importantly, the data does not even attempt to address the issue of women making false allegations […]

How about the man’s story?

Nicola Boyes article on “The human cost of domestic violence” appeared to be lacking good research. How about the juxtaposition of the cost of false claims of violence that leads to men being evicted from their homes and separated from their children. Are these men and their children not ‘human’? I don’t want to diminish […]

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