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Archive of January 2007

Encouraging fathers to stay in touch

Tue 30th January 2007:

Dear MENZ Is there any support out there for women, like myself, who have no success in encouraging the father of a child to stay in touch with the child? The father of my daughter has literally manifested this lie that I refuse to let him see her. He ignores his own daughters messages to […]

United Future – Family Court

Mon 29th January 2007:

United Future Party January 26 2007 Leader’s Letter (Excerpt) by Peter Dunne The actions of the Family Court in the Jayden Headley case raise some interesting issues. It is not that long ago that there was a strong media campaign to “open up” the Family Court to more public scrutiny. Stop the secrecy, and let […]

Conference Calls for “Jayden’s Law”

Media Release – National Child Support Conference – 29 January 2007 For immediate Release Conference Calls for “Jayden’s Law” Child Support Reformers from throughout the country met in Wellington last weekend. The conference was focused on forming a nationwide network for reform as part of a strategy to build up a growing campaign for shared […]

Child Support Debt

Sun 28th January 2007:

Media Release Parents for Children. 28 January 2007 For Immediate Release Dunne Urged To Stop Tinkering and Address the Root Cause of the Child Support Debt Trap. “Having just pushed through a major amendment to the Child Support Act 1991, United Future Leader, Peter Dunne is back to tinkering with this fundamentally flawed legislation. His […]

Women Only, Father Amber

Dateline: Ontario, Canada By: Sharpened Pen From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) A few weeks ago, on December the 13th, the Durham Regional police force ran an ad in the Oshawa this Week News paper.

Pennsylvania Ruling Puts Verbal & Written Agreements in Serious Doubt

Sat 27th January 2007:

Dateline: US Midwest By: Zachary Horton From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) This is an interesting story about a guy who donated sperm so that a friend of his could have a baby.

No Translator, No Lawyer, No Money No Hope for Father

Fri 26th January 2007:

Dateline: Ireland By: MUMSF From: The Dads House Forum Via: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) John Marques, the father who was jailed for 3 months last July after a maintenance order beyond his means was imposed on him by the Family Law Courts, has been jailed again yesterday, by Judge […]

It Takes a Village of Lawyers to Raise a Child

Dateline: New York, New England By: Jeff Zeth From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) The title of Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village” is taken from an African folk saying, the point of which is that raising a child is the responsibility of the whole community. While I agree […]

Jayden Hedley another child failed by the Family Court

Wed 24th January 2007:

I am happy for Jayden now ? that he has returned to his dad and a loving paternal extended family. I am sad for Jayden? now seperated? from a mum and extended maternal family. I have no doubt that Kay , despite her actions, loves Jayden. ? I am angry that Jayden represents tens of […]

Health Inequalities for Men (UK)

Tue 23rd January 2007:

Dateline:UK By: Daddy Ian From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) Next for something completely different is ‘Health Inequalities’ or ‘why women live longer than men’. I am not a doctor, nor have I trained in any area of medicine. What follows is a summary of my research on this subject […]

CYF “name and shame” website

The blog site that names and shames CYF employees who parents have felt bullied or intimidated by, has caused reaction from PSA union and CYF general manager Lorraine Williams, who says she “could not promise teh department will always get it right”. Well the solution is obvious – to set up a complaints Authority to […]

IRD Child Support Cock-up May Affect Thousands of Parents.

Mon 22nd January 2007:

Parents for Children have been advised that Child Support Payments made between 12 and 19 of December 2006 were not processed till the 15 January 2007. Numerous parents have been charged late payment penalties and IRD have failed to contact affected parents. ? Given that the due date for Child Support Payments is the 20th […]

The Scope is Breathtaking (India)

Sun 21st January 2007:

Dateline: India By: 498A Crusader From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) This is a report is based on 5 years research and study on the Dowry Prohibition Act and its use and misuse. This research conducted by our own experts of MyNation part of the Save Indian Society Organization,

New Polls Tell MGTOW a Fact

Sat 20th January 2007:

Dateline: USA By: Timocrat From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) New stats out of the US tell of the clear effect of feminism on marriage.

RTE Equals Political Correctoids

Thu 18th January 2007:

Dateline: Ireland By: Sean Eire From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) For what its worth I penned a few scribblings & musings this month on the woeful mainstream media, the MSM as I and many other MRAs irreverently abbreviate them short hand.

Violence Against Men by Women TV Discussion

Dateline: Ontario, Canada Placed by: John Dias From: TV Ontario Via: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) Here is a TV discussion from Canada on female violence directed at men, and has both a clear supporter of MRAs and a Mangina excusing any and all facts

Judge Exposes Inequality Of Women’s Jurisprudence

Wed 17th January 2007:

Dateline: USA By: David Usher From: News With Views Via: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) Judge Robert Dierker’s new book, “The Tyranny of Tolerance: A Sitting Judge Breaks the Code of Silence to Expose the Liberal Judicial Assault,” demonstrates that some judges are waking up to the truth: behind the […]

Dissecting the Transnational Child Custody Feminist Agenda

Dateline: Tokyo By: Toshi From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) What follows is a dissecting of an appeal to the western media to come to the aid of foreign women in Japan who lose access to their children after divorce (though it is masked as an appeal for all spouses […]

Men in a Minefield

Tue 16th January 2007:

Several media items yesterday deserve mention. On National Radio’s “Best of Nine to Noon” there was an interview with Pauline Grogan, a nun who wrote a book about her life that has been made into a play. At age 30 years she was approached by a priest and she agreed to meet the priest for […]

Parents for Children withdraws from Child Support Advocacy

Parents for Children today announced that it will no longer be conducting advocacy work for parents facing child support issues but will commit its full organisational focus to law change. “It is clear that the real need is for legislation that enshrines equal parental rights and responsibilities into New Zealand law not an ambulance service […]

F4J (UK) Moves to Follow New Zealand Bothering Campaign

Mon 15th January 2007:

Dateline: UK By: Intrepid From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) In a move that is bound to turn heads F4J (UK) has made the first moves to copy the New Zealand MRAs bothering campaign of judges in response to the failure of any kind of reform from the UK establishment. […]

Child Abusers Rights – Law Abiding Dads

Sat 13th January 2007:

Dateline: USA By: Thurston Pundits From: The Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) The Zero reports today that Gregory would like to hire 77 new employees in Washington’s most bloated and corrupt department- DSHS. These employees would supervise visits between convicted child abusers and their children in foster care. Just to […]

“No Sex Please We are British” Is Now British Harlots

Fri 12th January 2007:

Dateline: UK By: Intrepid From: Agence France Presse through My Nation India Via: the Honor Network Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) A Durex Big Sex Survey of some 3,000 British citizens averaged a 72 per cent of people want more sex — 62 per cent of women and 82 per cent of men. […]

Feminist Psychologist

A panel discussion on National Radio yesterday about NZ’s ‘Man Drought’ was noteworthy for the comments by one of the panel members, psychologist Pru Fisher who specializes in working with women and relationships. From the interview it was evident that she was educated in the 60’s or 70’s and her world view is dominated by […]

What is Good for the Gander Isn’t good for the Goose, Yet Again

Thu 11th January 2007:

Dateline: Australia Placed: Ross Mitchell From: via Dads On Air Australia Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) Ross Mitchell: Seeing as this is Queensland, one must ask why Ms. Hagerty is not terminally incarcerated until the children are returned, as a father (who was alleged to have removed his children from Australia) was-and […]

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