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Archive of August 2018


Thu 30th August 2018:

It has been too long since I have seen my son. He went missing in action, taken down one of those black holes you guys talk about here. It wasn’t that is was okay for him to stop, it was necessary. We have sayings like cruel to be kind and for greater good, it happens […]

I hear they’re refurbishing the Beehive Bunker?

What for I wonder?.. certainly not for Jacindas’ new wardrobe. Can’t be the Taupo caldera, certainly not the out of control riots in the streets. or maybe the spy centre from hell for all the 6000 kiddies in foster care out there. for the hidden statistics or Paulas’ mouldy biscuits.

A GUIDE TO COURT-SHIP…but not as we knew it..

Wed 29th August 2018:

used to be that a man could be the suitor is he now the suitee used to be going steady now just going no where used to be love and romance could be a noose around your neck used to be a coming together of the sexes now only ending in senseless vexes used to […]

Lest We Forget

It was just a little scrap of recent news; the history department complaining about the reduction in funding for that department but it made the news. Somebody thought it important and contacted the media, and somebody else thought it important enough to print the story, and in our ideologically driven institutes of learning, perhaps it […]

Tort against the family court

Tue 28th August 2018:

G’day Menzies, Anyone here have ever filed a tort against the family court / The Attorney-General for loss and damage in the supreme court? Or if any smart blokes here who ( think out of the box) want to share some knowledge have been victimized by the flawed FC ? I am planning to file […]

Homeless Men

Mon 27th August 2018:

They are out there. There is a constant string of media reports highlighting this growing problem. Just how growing is the problem? How many are taken off the streets only through the benevolence of charity organizations? Having seen a map produced by Stuff News I was surprised to see homeless people showing up outside of […]

Check Out Another Damned Pussy Pass

Sat 25th August 2018:

How long are we to endure this ridiculous double standard in our criminal justice system? Here’s a violent woman who seriously injured two other women after punching a man. She wan’t even charged for hitting the man! If a man had hit a woman in exactly the same circumstances he would certainly have been charged […]


Fri 24th August 2018:

FamilyJusticeReforms FamilyJusticeReforms [email protected] Hi any one and every one,,,,,join in the conversation,, these guys want submissions from any one that has had experience with the system. I have just received an email thanking me for my email/submission and they have asked me to answer some more specific questions in due course. Im my submission I […]

Mental Health at Work

Thu 23rd August 2018:

Listen to Podcast Geoff McDonald talking about ‘Mental ill-Health’ in the workplace. This is a very far reaching cross section of the subject from an HR CEO point of view in a large corporate enterprise. Certainly of interest to the old crew will be our recognition of the same thing at the grass roots level […]

Canadian Family Court Advice Comes to New Zealand

RNZ Calls for reform of the family court system and the need for more resources are being backed by a prominent international expert on legal issues related to children and families in the justice system. Professor Nicholas Bala from Canada’s Queen’s Law School says while family dispute resolution works in many cases, much better resources […]

Greg Boyed

Wed 22nd August 2018:

TVNZ news presenter Greg Boyed, 48, has died in Europe. He had been battling depression, his family says. Sad for any family and the upfront honestly is something we seldom see in the media. It is an interesting intersection; I have no doubt many will be observing the response from within the media alongside the […]

Humanity and its Technological Drop Out

Fri 17th August 2018:

The seventies were a time that had humans rally for humanity. There was no technology driven communication being used by the masses but it seemed that hoards of people were coming together for a common concern..hee hee and lucky for them music was abound and the quality would become classic…ahhh… and I guess we have […]


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil..what a wonderful world we live in, as long as your are not one of the ‘accountables’… Accountability is the new handshake and the spoken word a whisper…. Sitting in the Smoko room with a woman colleague, I mentioned a bit about a news item I had […]

More Family Violence Bullshit

This article highlights problems in the way our media and feminist groups approach family violence.

The Real Problem…..

Tue 14th August 2018:

I have come to the opinion that the root problem for men, and in particular white males, emanates from a political dogma that was spawned by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as laid out in their published material, Das Kapital. In short, it paints a picture of the oppressor and the oppressed within an economic […]

Mother outraged after her husband was kicked out of the parents’ room by a mum while trying to change his daughter’s nappy

It is interesting that the headline and the one kicking upa skink is the “outraged mother”. A mother has been left ‘fuming’ after her husband was denied entry to a parents’ room because there were ‘other mothers in there’. Sarah Fa’avale, who is based in New Zealand, shared a rant on Facebook calling out women […]


Wriggling out of False Allegations???,, sounds wrong does’nt it?? Has any one got a GOOD ending story around this subject,,,’cause I could sure use one right now.

Choosing your preferred gender

Sun 12th August 2018:

Something seems wrong about this proposed law change that will enable people to change their birth certificates to categorize them as whatever gender they ‘identify with’. No medical or Court involvement necessary. In addition there might be a change allowing parents to describe themselves according to their preference on their child’s birth certificate as either […]


Sat 11th August 2018:

How does a group become a minority group..and how do they change the way they are treated by society, the law and the other groups that our society is made up of??? Same sex people have done it, Women are doing it, Native birds are doing it, hell everyone that can is doing it. Not […]


Thu 9th August 2018:

One would wonder, if there is a war going on here, and children are being used, whom is the protection for ?,, the child or the mother. For myself the question to ask is who is getting hurt the most???

DANGER DANGER free speech has gone missing

Wed 8th August 2018:

Dangerous Don,,, Canadian Far Right Speakers… who will put their neck out there next only to have it chopped off… Mob mentality on the rise?? Upon leaving Lauren Southern said ” enjoy Shariah”… I looked it up and was astonished at the silent waves that have been crashing our shores…if this is not discrimination, if […]

Judge Michael Jarrett

Tue 7th August 2018:

Maybe we should lobby to have this Judge jump the ditch? Mother jailed for hiding kids from their father for three years despite custody agreement By Kristian Silva Updated Fri 3 Aug 2018, 7:47pm A Brisbane mother has been jailed for 18 months after she abducted her two children and went on the run for […]

Andrew’s Garden

In days of yesteryear one would more likely be on foot as there were less vehicles around; as I am today because some bastard stole my car, stole my car, stole my car … however some small compensation was passing this piece of street art nestled in a desperate-to-not-look-too-derelict street. I almost missed this inspirational […]

The Feminist Male

Sun 5th August 2018:

They do exist, right? Do they or is it just a social hangup men have where they are inclined to defend any female under attack? I saw this comment on Menz the other day; Nice to see a firmly grounded man deeply in touch with his inner feminist side. Does this suggest

The Big Questions

Fri 3rd August 2018:

I think we have been asking what the hell is going on for a long time now but it seems we have a new book exploring that question also. I haven’t read it, so perhaps it’s asking different questions. There is an interesting list of contributing authors shown on the front cover. Penguin Books Writers […]

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