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Archive of April 2021

Men convicted without trial & restricted from applying for employment.

Sun 25th April 2021:

News Link Here 2021-NZHC-743 The police practice of issuing “formal warnings” to people who haven’t been convicted of any crime then and sharing that information with other parties has been found to be illegal. So the process is: 1. Man gets a formal warning for an allegation of a sex nature. 2. Man applies for […]

Father and Son Music

Sat 24th April 2021:

I thought I’d put this YouTube clip in here for fathers who like music. If you’ve got a good link to something similar add a comment.

The Political Affect of Women

Fri 23rd April 2021:

This is from another page but in reading it I felt it hinted at the long term involvement of women in politics since they achieved voting rights. Their involvement in the protest movement, the anti-war movement, left wing causes, and now in this age climate change and particularly in the international arena has been a […]

Hate Speech

Sat 17th April 2021:

I hate to say this but when we have modern left-wing governments in power there are always more detrimental consequences for men. These changes often come dressed in disguise though, and we don’t see the ulterior motives intended by any proposed changes. We don’t see much being written on menz these days either. It’s as […]

Deceased Estates

Fri 16th April 2021:

If a man’s life was starting to look like it wasn’t his own, you can rest assured neither will his death be once new inheritance laws are impacted.

Nurit Zubery wrote a thesis on the impacts of men during and after divorce.

Mon 12th April 2021:

RNZ Audio Link here. Nurit Zubery is an NZ woman who was a feminist. Like many before her, she changed her mind. Nurit Zubery wrote a thesis on the impacts of men during and after divorce. She says there was very little world research on the impact of men divorcing. This is part of what […]

To the Government of New Zealand – Where are the laws to reduce teen suicide? The hope and wait system is not working.

Dear Jacinda Ardern. Here is a question for you. If a Government sits back and watches social media cause the suicide (now coined “mental health”) of its citizens and does nothing, are they to blame for the death of thousands of our youth? Jac, if someone causes the death of someone with a weapon, car, […]

RNZ Settlements

Sun 11th April 2021:

Screenshot taken from Twitter. This is not something I know anything about. When I saw this from Sean Plunkett I thought at the very least media may be letting themselves down here. Any information gratefully accepted in the comments.


Leadership was definitely an issue being discussed in the public discourse this weekend without news of the death of Prince Philip. A long distinguished career as the Queen’s husband has been central to his 99 years, more so than his miltary career, in the service of the Commonwealth of Nations to which New Zealand has […]

Criticism In General

Sat 10th April 2021:

I was born into the era before post war feminism took hold in New Zealand. I’ve seen the changes but I’ve never been accepting of the negative aspects of feminism that plague men in New Zealand or internationally in a more general sense. Some changes are obvious, while others are more subtle, and some perhaps […]

NZ 2021 Mental Health Report

Fri 9th April 2021:

After reading the previous post I copied this here from a political page. It’s relevant to the previous post and I think some of the underlying causes that aren’t dealt with, that cause the mental health issue to grow rather than get better.

Health Minister Andrew Little hiding true facts and information regarding Suicide facts.

Thu 8th April 2021:

Andrew Little hides Suicide Information & Facts The link will take you to a video. 2 Years late. Suicide figures now deleted from the NZ Mental Health Report. Andrew Little blames staff. Shawn Robinson from Newshub has asked Andrew Little how many have died under his watch. Andrew Little said he does not know. Little […]

Siouxsie Wiles

Sat 3rd April 2021:

The hot topic of the long weekend is the New Zealander of the Year Award going to microbiologist, Siouxsie Wiles. Photo:Siouxsie Wiles It was

False Accusations & The Ministry of Health Denial of Male Emotional Pain

Thu 1st April 2021:

Andrew Little is the current Minister of Health. He has done little to reduce the suicide rate of men. I can only conclude Mr Andrew Little has no intention to address or raise the issue. Mr Little the taxpayer pays you to do your job. You are not reducing the male suicide rate. The very […]

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