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Wolf Whistling May Soon be a Hate Crime in England

Wed 21st September 2016:

What the F**k is the world coming to?? Are women becoming so protected and so offended by and afraid of the world that a man can not even whistle at one without being charged with a crime. THEY HAVE TO BE JOKING!!!.Needless to say it will happen in NZ sooner or later to.

Fathers Day Ambushed

Thu 8th September 2016:

Thanks to Father & Child and other groups who have generously supported the spirit of Fathers Day this year. Unfortunately, misandrist and femicentric forces have used the commemoration as another opportunity to bash men. A previous post – thanks Jerry – drew our attention to a couple of articles. One was about the ’10 worst […]

Gulags for NZ Men

Thu 18th August 2016:

Justice Minister Amy Adams and Social Development Minister Anne Tolley this week announced that the government is to provide temporary housing for ‘abusers’ who are ordered out of their own homes through police safety orders and/or protection orders. The reason given is to reduce the likelihood that such ‘abusers’ return to their homes because they […]

Human Factors involved in working as a judge

Tue 28th June 2016:

(This theme arose from incisive comments made by MoMA, in the post about Child Neglect Bomb in the Brain. I thought that this issue is one of the critical issues that would need to be addressed, if the familycaught$ was to be successfully functional and serve NZers.) MurrayBacon says: Wed 15th June 2016 at 11:46 […]

The Tide is Turning

Mon 16th May 2016:

The population of NZ is becoming much better informed and aware of the b.s. that has been driving gender relations and law for 5 decades now. Occasional articles are starting to appear using reason and fact to challenge the bias, hyperbole and falsehood spread by feminists. Whereas even five years ago many readers’ comments had […]

Academic Records when Child is in another Country

Mon 9th May 2016:

Hi, My daughter is currently living in Canada with her mother and has dual Canadian/New Zealand citizenship. She’s under 18 and is still at school. I am concerned about her welfare and one of the few ways I have of keeping tabs on her is to try and build a relationship with her school. Last […]

‘Mercy’ Sentence for Female Offender

Sun 8th May 2016:

This news article was posted by Kumar as a reply under a recent thread but we agree with Allan Harvey that it deserves its own thread so here it is. A woman planned and attempted to murder her three children and white knight Justice Paul Heath rode to her rescue, going to great lengths to […]

CYF Changes are Mainly Privatization

Fri 8th April 2016:

While it may seem satisfying to see CYF clobbered for failing our children and families, there seems little in the proposed changes that will improve matters. The changes are in line with the National government’s privatization agenda that it has already applied significantly to prisons and schools and is seeping by stealth into health and […]

Remembering Jim Bagnall

Sun 3rd April 2016:

A farewell will be held at Morrison’s Funeral Home, 220 Universal Drive, Henderson, at 3.00pm this Thursday, 7 April 2016. This will be an opportunity to pay a tribute and share anecdotes with a cup of tea. Jim was always adamant he didn’t want a religious funeral, but I’m sure he’ll cope with a few […]

2nd Meeting with Chief Human Rights Commissioner

Tue 22nd March 2016:

Chief Human Rights Commissioner David Rutherford has emphasized that human rights for males are as important as those for women and other groups.

Men’s High Imprisonment Just Because They’re Bad

Sun 13th March 2016:

The headline item on One News today was about a group of lawyers who asked the Waitangi Tribunal to hear a case that high Maori imprisonment and reimprisonment rates reflect racism. The Tribunal has fast-tracked an urgent hearing to deal with this travesty. The elephant in the room of course is that the difference between […]

Recent Cases Show Feminist Ideology is Unsafe

Fri 26th February 2016:

Recent cases highlight the danger our society, or at least the male half, faces under current approaches to violence. The case of Shona Maiden was one. She gave her false account of events to police and even went to news media with photos of her son cuddling her and appeared on tv with convincing tears […]

Feminist Judgment

Thu 25th February 2016:

This Radio NZ article broadcast on Monday 22 Feb left our mouths hanging open. It was called ‘Feminist Judges’ and described a project funded by the Law Foundation (to the tune of $38,000) paying Elisabeth McDonald (Victoria University) and Rhonda Powell (Canterbury University) to re-write or get others to re-write judgments in a way that […]

NZ Herald: “What scumbag would do this?”

Fri 8th January 2016:

This was interesting. A woman, Shona Maiden, lost teeth and suffered a broken palate through an attack by a male unknown to her outside a bar that they had both just left. Ms Maiden said on nationwide media that after wishing her friends “ka kite ano”, the man asked her what a ‘palagi’ was doing […]

Every single life lost to suicide is one too many.

Thu 24th December 2015:

Target-setting is great for progress, but is it right for suicide prevention? Alan Woodward Mental health Opinion What is the “right’ suicide prevention target? Does a target of 50% imply acceptance that in Australia 1300 people will die by suicide each year? Setting targets has become commonplace as a way of measuring achievement and progress. […]

Females Can Do No Wrong

Tue 22nd December 2015:

pcObelix asked why the Counties Manukau Police only asked boys to hit a girl in their latest sexist anti-violence initiative. Yeah well they didn’t need to do the exercise with girls. Everyone already knows that males are the only ones who behave badly enough to worry about. ‘Cuckoo’ student who duped teacher into thinking she […]

Adam’s Christmas present to Eve

Fri 18th December 2015:

Stop right there. It’s not a religious post. I know how much some of you detest … the slightest incandescence … of religion gracing the texts of this site but I can’t help seeing the humour in the fact that our current Women’s Minister has the surname Adams. Before I go any further, I’d like […]

Historic Meeting with Human Rights Commission

Thu 10th December 2015:

A tide change is building further with a recent invitation by the Human Rights Commission for several groups to provide submissions concerning discrimination against men. MoMA provided submissions towards this. An historic meeting was held yesterday involving David Rutherford (Chief Human Rights Commissioner), Peter Jackson (Operations Manager Human Rights Commission), Kerry Bevin (MoMA), Craig Jackson […]

Male Denigration, Attack on MoMA and Child Development

A couple of interesting local experiences today were reported by MoMA’s chief executive. He attended a seminar in which the presenter Nathan Mikaere-Wallis repeatedly made comments that stereotyped men as incompetent, drunkards, violent abusers of their wives and generally inferior compared to women. When a suggestion was made that Mr M-W stop denigrating the male […]

The Red Pill movie about MRAs

Mon 7th December 2015:

A female film-maker is soon to release a documentary about the Men’s Rights Movement. Funding was withdrawn when it became apparent that her film was “balanced and “giving the MRAs a platform’”. The preview for this movie shows interviews with Voice For Men founder Paul Elam, Dr Warren Farrell, author of The Myth Of Male […]

Easily forgotten – Disadvantaged Groups & Important Thanks

Sun 6th December 2015:

I was listening to a group of people talking about the difficulties to obtain support for a charity, that gives them support. I had heard similar discussions on several occasions, over several months. After hearing the same type of conversation for the 4th time, it really hit me how harsh their situation was and how […]

Media Keep Pushing Feminist Propaganda

NZ news media carry a lot of responsibility for promoting anti-male sexism and for making it extremely difficult for men to influence public opinion with reason or facts. Yesterday’s NZ Herald carried several stories in which bad behaviour by men towards women was emphasized in gender-specific headlines. While those stories involved bad events likely to […]

New Zealand Family Court has officially ruined my Family

Sat 5th December 2015:

Having been though the Family Court for the past 9 years, of which I was given just enough hope that I may actually get “Justice” and though the family court be able to establish a relationship with my son, that the Ex would not allow.

White Ribbon Ambassadors of New Zealand

Sun 29th November 2015:

If you discover a White Ribbon Ambassador in New Zealand, post a link in the comments. If you identify a WRA (White Ribbon Ambassador) and provide evidence, in the form of a link, of their activities or any prejudice comments against men, your contributions will develop this page. White Ribbon is a politically biased organisation […]

The Pussy Pass Remains Alive and Well

Fri 27th November 2015:

While we have more recently seen occasional examples in which female offenders were given sentences comparable to those given to males, the pussy pass is still evident in most cases. This female manager behaved violently towards a subordinate, then repeatedly boasted about and celebrated her violent bullying on social media. She was found guilty of […]

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