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Fri 9th August 2019:

The Phrase FAMILY LAWYER is commonly used on the Ministry of Justice website. I am not sure WHY? In my experience there was a Lawyer for HER, a Lawyer for HIM, and a Lawyer for the Baby. Three Blind Lawyers, blind to the ‘FAMILY’. Trying to make sense of the process in the light of […]

Divorce Proposition

Sun 28th July 2019:

New divorce law recommended by the Law Commissioner

60 Minutes – Incredible Story – Innocent Man Sent To Jail

Fri 26th July 2019:

Arrested. Put in jail. Ruined for money. Cheated out of his home. The police did not investigate claims. On this occasion one female detective picked up on inconsistencies and decided to investigate. It took 5 years. His parents spent AU$600,000 to find his innocence. Zero compensation. An a unbelievable toll to this man.

Alienated from Life

Tue 23rd July 2019:

The previous post is a discussion about parental alienation surfacing as a world issue and how some New Zealand citizens have taken it upon themselves to express an opinion on behalf of our country. An older post, Crusade for Free Speech discusses the role this issue played in undermining the essence of a democratic parliament, […]

Parental Alienation Disease

Sun 21st July 2019:

What was your instant reaction when you saw that … a disease? This is a proposal currently being given consideration by World Health. Previous posts on MENZ have debated child alienation from many angles but I don’t recall, disease. The process is probably following in the footsteps of addiction therapy which is mainly to do […]

I am a BOY,,, how am I supposed to be??????

Thu 18th July 2019:

I know two BOYS,,, one 8, one 10, Their Lady teachers talk to them in Baby talk, they are 8 and 10!,, 8 and 10!!! I see other Boys, often they have no Dad,,, their Mothers talk to them like Babies!!! Please some one tell me, who they will be, will they be okay, will […]

The Demonic Male

Tue 2nd July 2019:

This is where we are headed now. The day after the introduction of new Family Law Legislation we see the demonizing case carpet-bombing New Zealand media. This story from Australia is a used as a coordinated attack on our social perspective. There is a deliberate intention here, of simple-minded people who have no concern for […]

Family Violence Act 2018

Mon 1st July 2019:

This Act comes into force today, Monday 1st July 2019. It replaces the Domestic Violence Act that entered our legislation on the 1st July 1995. The elephant in the original act is that it was not designed for New Zealand by New Zealanders. It was the brain child of a bitter and twisted foreigner that […]

Family Court Reforms – Australia

Sat 29th June 2019:

Personally I’m looking back at a 25 year history of incompetence, corruption and the ensuing consequences that flow from this environment, and the arogant shit heads that infest it, and the good money bled by taxpayers for no good outcome, but that’s just New Zealand. I’m no longer a direct participant but if you are, […]

The Right to Sperm

Thu 27th June 2019:

A previous post, Just a Sperm Donor based on a case that originated in New South Wales but ended up a federal case, has so far attracted one comment from the land far far away. Does that deserve to be won in a court of law at the high court? Even though the girl was […]

What links Israel Folau’s case to the Father’s Rights platform?

Mon 24th June 2019:

As an atheist and agnostic I have no time at all for religious statements. The ancient scriptures were written by men within the context in which their society existed. The facts: Both the Bible and the Quran are fundamental documents of the respective faiths and are not banned publications. Folau refused to sign a contract […]

Philosophy is not black and white

Sat 22nd June 2019:

The concept that the law is not black and white, confuses many people, especifically those that are just curious. They haven’t taken the time to work these things out. Black and White is the foundation also of many liteary themes and a source of conflict in writing. We misunderstand ourselves inside these processes. From our

Jumping on the Family Band Wagon…

Fri 21st June 2019:

With the flurry of surveys and much talk about the rise of the want for a more Conservative governance both here and across the world, the heart of the Family is taking a bow amongst those wanting more conservatism and less Me me, individual me. There is no doubting that at the same time technology […]

Just a Sperm Donor

Thu 20th June 2019:

From across the Tasman and sourced from the ABC News: The first two blockquotes are scene setting. The third blockquote is what caught my eye when first reading the story. Does anyone have a knowledgeable opinion on the comparative Australian/New Zealand situation? Some reason for two lesbians to prefer New Zealand rather than Australia?

The Reasons FOR a Ministry for Men….getting to the heart of it…

Sat 15th June 2019:

We have talked about this, and we need to keep talking about it. If a Ministry were to exist, what information could we supply this Ministry for our Men. There has been some negativity for the idea,, but what would the positives actually be.

A Warren Farrell debate

I have a problem with the unqualified promotion of Warren Farrell. I read a couple of his books around the turn of the century when he came to New Zealand. First let’s have a look at his history; lives in the US, got married, didn’t have any children. Went through a separation. Did a bit […]


Fri 14th June 2019:

By the time something reaches the bottom, let’ just say it is not good. We have a problem Huston, we need to work at the top. I doubt if every Man Group along the stretch of our country was visited that you would find much in the way of a hearty laugh or, and […]

Order and Law…. an education, a discussion into….

Wed 12th June 2019:

Society of course needs Order, Society of course needs Law, but regardless of whether you are Rich, or you are Poor. Laws were Set, Courts to see that they are Met, but Courts without justice for all, will surely be in blatant disregard, of our Law. What of

The Demise of Social Media

Tue 11th June 2019:

I wrote a previous post on The Death of Feminism. Perhaps that is not so visible because we still have some aspiring female politicians who wouldn’t deny themselves the opportunity they worked for. A bunch of state workers in their last ten years before retirement. A few political hopeful who see a career of indulgence […]

The Arguments Against a Ministry For Men

Mon 10th June 2019:

The goal has existed since some time last century. I first encountered the idea when I met Kerry Bevin, who has been and still is I imagine, passionate about the idea. It had never found any political support before the current Conservative’s recent proposal, as far as I am aware apart from the Republican Party […]

Passed Under Urgency

Sat 1st June 2019:

It’s that ‘deadbeat dad’ label surfacing again that got my attention – I thought we’d got over the media stigma and use of this term to describe the one bad parent. The term has risen again in response to the Government’s shift on DPB mother’s not naming the father. Now, I’m confused. I thought

Ministry for Men


Child Abductions from NZ continue unchecked

Wed 29th May 2019:

As reported by Sam Sherwood this morning: A father is taking Customs and Police to court after his wife abducted their 9-year-old son and took him overseas despite a court order banning her from doing so. The father, whose name is suppressed, obtained an order in February under the Care of Children Act prohibiting his […]

NZ Wellbeing Budget 2019

Tue 28th May 2019:

“Vote for us and you’ll get the money,” is what Jacinda said. But of course, as she was talking to the girls, it comes as no surprise to see Robinson buying votes with a glossy front cover as pictured. The year of delivery? Let’s see how this works out for the boys. Look forward to […]

The Political Busker Reborn

Mon 27th May 2019:

Readers may remember Ben Easton for a variety of reasons (such as the shadow of his former being emerging from prison after a hunger strike) but perhaps not so much where he came to grief in Wellington as The Political Busker. The link takes us back to 2006, where Ben made Central Wellington his own […]

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