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The Brotherhood of Men

Sun 8th August 2021:

The success of any nation is in the unity of its men, the support of its women, and the morality of its laws. Without the brotherhood of men, we risk not fulfilling our duty to those significant values that we have learned underpin the ideological basis and success, not only of a sovereign nation but […]

PM Jacinda Adern on Human Rights For All – Except No Mention For Dads, Men & Boys

Fri 6th August 2021:

PM on Human Right – Except for Men & Boys Ever wondered why you lost half your home, and all the items in it to a part-time girlfriend? Perhaps you lost the right to see your children? Maybe a huge weekly payment on top of that. Look no further than the idealogical people who get […]

The Dating Game

Tue 3rd August 2021:

History dictates that when civilization falls apart older men marry younger women. We see that in biblical history and in the history of Rome. In the current age I’ve recently seen adds saying Asian women like older men. What’s that about? If you’re currently in the dating game, how’s it going for you?

Faafoi – feedback wanted

Mon 2nd August 2021:

Justice-Minister, Kris Faafoi is in the firing line with parents rights groups over the latest invasion of the family by state legislation. Family First NZ says that if parents aren’t concerned about the conversion therapy bill introduced by the Government today, all they need to do is listen to the Minister of Justice explain […]

My open letter to the Human Rights Commission

Sun 1st August 2021:

I’ve written an open letter to the Human Rights Commission asking for them to explicitly protect men’s human rights. It’s rather long. You can read it here: No response so far.  

Woman Pours Raw Petrol Over Her Husband – Lights Him Up – Receives Plea Deal

Sat 31st July 2021:

News Link Here Daily Mail Link here It does not matter if it was a can of petrol or a gun. Angela Surtees executed this man. The sentence is still not released, but I suspect it will just be time already served. What I found interesting is 2 links on the first news story to […]

The Weight of Women

In the rise and fall of civilisations, and there have been many over the last 12,000 years, there is a screed of comparable information against which we can judge our current environment. In the sense of predicament though I think

Who needs a court when Tracy Spicer’s mission was to “Frame Men”

Fri 30th July 2021:

Causes of mental health are not hard to come by. Neither are the perpetrators who cause it. The following link has PM Jacinda Ardern claiming if there were simple fixes, she would do them. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claiming if there were simple fixes, she would do them Perhaps anyone reading this could email the […]

14 Men talk about the devastation of divorce

Wed 28th July 2021:

There is a misconception women are more heartbroken after divorce than men. The truth is the complete opposite. Quote 10 “Emotionally, it was horrible. I lost not only my wife, I lost my lover, my best friend, my teammate, and my ‘family.’ To me, divorce just was never an option, until it happened. I felt […]

Father Jailed for 2 Years for Texting Son

Tue 20th July 2021:

Father Jailed for 2 Years for Texting Son – Link Kavanach NZHC 1747 Robert aged 55 said to his son. “The problems we have, and the trouble you are causing, will take its toll on you and the family … you are only making things worse.”

An Acceptance of Failure

Mon 12th July 2021:

“An Acceptance of Failure” That is often how the comment reads. It doesn’t matter what the post was about, there is a embodied response that suggests the situation is terminal – like it was the last thing you read before the plane crashed on take off – done often enough though it is a habitual […]

Hen-Pecked Man Syndrome

Tue 6th July 2021:

Sounds far more reasonable than battered woman syndrome. A man on trial for killing his wife during their belated honeymoon in Te Anau said he snapped and he just wanted her to be quiet. Rodney Stuart Fallowfield admitted the killing, but said

Will New Hate Speech Law Apply to Extreme Feminists Speech?

Mon 28th June 2021:

Will Hate Speech Law Apply to Extreme Feminists Speech? Tova O’Brien: Jacinda Ardern has misled the public and shut down debate on hate speech laws I bet its doesn’t.

The Killing Of “i”

Sun 27th June 2021:

Identity is something I’ve mentioned before but I’m not sure we’ve had an in depth discussion about the subject on MENZ. We’re not born with identity, it’s something that is given to us, but I’m referring to more than just how we are identified and more to the content of that identity, which is us, […]

New Family Court (Supporting Children in Court) Legislation Bill – Now only one reading away from becoming law.

Tue 22nd June 2021:

In a lot of cases children who want to see dad, they will have their say. That being said, lets get down to the real world. The worlds most cunning animal is the human. To head the above scenario off, a woman need only alienate the child before lawyer for child gets to interview the […]

Greta Aurora explains: The Infantilization of Women

Sat 19th June 2021:

Greta Aurora makes a video to explain Infantilization. It is the approach or methodology where grown women act out and make others believe they should be treated as children. And the receiver of such a performance gets emotionally involved, believes it.

Mothers lying to win child custody battles

Thu 17th June 2021:

I don’t care too much for the presenters’ mannerism. Perhaps it’s her way of getting up the courage to speak. But she did receive over half a million views, 8000 comments and 34,000 thumbs up.

War is coming! – You are going to need some of those old white men.

If you ever wondered how you came to live in a democracy? It was not because people thought it was a good idea. It was not because you expected it. It had to be fought for. War is not polite. It has rules yes. But those rules tend to be ignored by the aggressor when […]

Family Court Judge allows violent woman continued custody resulted in little girls murder.

Sat 12th June 2021:

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces.

Government paid campaign to destroy the self-esteem of boys.

Fri 11th June 2021:

White Ribbon funded by the Australian Government are shaming boys by making them apologise just for being male. Mark Latham former MP says it leads to suicide. This is a massive campaign and it must stop.

Why is Trevor Mallard still the Speaker of the house?

Sat 5th June 2021:

When you knowingly falsely accuse a man of rape, have the Government pay compensation to the man using my taxes to the tune of $333,000 but then continue to accuse him using privilege, – What sort of nonsense is that? What happened to separation of powers? News Media Link

17 Strategies Used By Narcissists to Alienate the Other Parent

Tue 1st June 2021:

Have you ever wondered why your child has lost contact with you? Why they might be behaving poorly towards you or not openly communicating as they did the week before? Below is the 17 strategies used by narcissists to alienate the other parent. It has been a real struggle to get the narrative to accept […]

The 2 Clauses that almost very defence and prosecution lawyers say are unjust & unworkable. Simon Bridges says many 100’s of innocent young men will be imprisoned

Sat 29th May 2021:

Clause 8. Can’t present previous sexual experiences with the person who claims they were raped. Clause 14. Defence to present a year before the trial. As you may be aware it is the inconsistencies between statements that finds if she is not telling the truth. The complainant could get to discuss their answer with the […]

Australian Family Court Judges to be Trained About the Malicious Use of False Accusations

Wed 26th May 2021:

Many have questioned, “How will bringing the Australian Family Court into the Federal Closed Circuit Court make a difference?” It is becoming clearer the difference is wiping the Family Court rules and replacing them with the Closed Circuit Court rules. To that end Australian Family Court Judges are to be retrained. It will include how […]

Revealed how ABC journalists and producers “coached” women what to say when they make allegations against actor Craig McLachlan.

Mon 24th May 2021:

Sky News host Chris Kenny says highly disturbing footage has revealed ABC journalists and producers “coached” women what to say when they made allegations against actor Craig McLachlan. 7 News Australia has a full documentary on what happened and why he was not guilty. I can’t find or access it.

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