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Perjury is acceptable in the Family Court. – The children are the victims.

Thu 18th November 2021:

This is not a commercial video with all the gleam a newsroom presenter adds to a short 60 second story. It is unscripted. Just 2 men who want to tell other men why you can’t get involved in a live-in relationship with a woman anymore. Yes, it is from the US, but there is virtually […]

Our Confused World

Tue 9th November 2021:

Thoughts on our ‘Confused World’. In the Meditationes Sacrae (1597) by Sir Francais Bacon he says “knowledge itself is power”. In our view of

Would The NZ Police Treat A Woman Like This?

Auckland Man Bashed By Police – Sexually Assaulted by Police Seems the independent Police Complaints Authority are not so independent after all. It appears to be just a front to avoid criminal charges. The length of time to investigate one(s) of their own on physical and sexual assault has taken far too long. And why […]

Trust Is The Key

Sat 6th November 2021:

Trust is the key. I told you many years ago But you couldn’t see Trust is the key It’s what binds humanity But you wouldn’t listen to me Are you listening now. It’s the doorway to division But do you see?

NZ Men’s Summit 2022, Tauranga, Friday 29 April

Sat 30th October 2021:

The next Men’s Summit 1-day conference will be held on April 29, 2022 at the RSA meeting room, 544 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui. We are excited to announce that we have secured the attendance via internet of Warren Farrell as keynote speaker. You will be able to see and hear his presentation, ask him questions […]

When boys are treated like pieces of shit that don’t matter whatsoever, don’t be surprised if they act like the way they are treated.

Wed 27th October 2021:

Probably the shortest and frankest video explaining how the world treats boys and the guaranteed outcome. Scott Adams says when boys are treated like pieces of shit that don’t matter whatsoever, don’t be surprised if they act like the way they are treated.

Union of Fathers

Mon 25th October 2021:

I really do think some people think this group never existed. That’s about a third of the original team from around New Zealand with regional representatives from both North and South Islands that met in Wellington for the formal launch 20 years ago now in September 2001. Most of the original members came from another […]

Male Blaming Assumptions in COVID19 Outbreak

This story highlights the male-blaming assumptions commonly held by police, in this case, an ex-policeman. He saw a car come to a screeching halt outside his place, saw a woman get out of the car ‘quickly’, then said “Doors were slamming open and shut and they were obviously having quite a heated domestic”.

Bettina Arndt interviews journalist Ashe Schow

Ms Schow is doing a great job exposing misandry in US educational institutions and Bettina Arndt continues her great job of interviewing significant people. Can feminism and its supporters hold back the tide of reason and truth?

Movers and Shakers

Sun 24th October 2021:

A Labour of Love as they say: That’s the way it’s been for most people passing this way – you don’t get paid for being here … you’re more likely trying to save the remnants of your financial integrity. That aside who is making progress in the remnants of what we used to call the […]

A Just Sentence For A Mother Who Murders Her Children

Sat 23rd October 2021:

Given the recent events in Timaru, I am posting this news article in an effort to show what other nations do when mothers murder their children.

In The Real World

Fri 22nd October 2021:

I’m used to seeing anti-men memes … the flood washes over but this one was more like the dawn of reality. Thought it was worth putting here for comments.

Hostage To What?

Thu 21st October 2021:

Do the many men who have visited this site and told of their plight, feel like they were hostage to something, but they didn’t know what? Did you not feel like a hostage just that you had lost a degree of freedom and independence? Apparently there is a freedom protest at parliament today. The first […]


Thu 14th October 2021:

Maybe history doesn’t always repeat itself. But it does at least rhyme. Mark Twain. There came a point in the past where an entitled women gave up her position and accepted a humble life because she realised what the man knew was worth more than what she had. So, where in history has that story […]

Kiss is a Contract

Mon 11th October 2021:

It’s convenient to separate sex from reproduction and this is an argument that blossomed under the Clark Administration, Just a thought but what do you think?

Too Blokey

Sat 9th October 2021:

That’s what they say, sometimes; “I’m too blokey.,” Someone has to do it, right? You can’t have every male-bashed remnant riding off over the horizon on a horse of defeat. FFS – as soon as he get’s that opinion going we better get it under control. I need to be controlled? God forbid … I […]

Lost Men

Some call them ‘Pastors of Muppets’ In small out of the way places men and in some cases women too running small independent church type organisations. This one in particular came to light when the lockdown was announced for Northland otherwise it would likely have escaped the world’s attention.

A Mother’s Story

Fri 8th October 2021:

A mother’s story

The Process of Division

Wed 6th October 2021:

This I thought was interesting. I see there are some fixed beliefs surfacing in many of our current conversations. It’s always good to see other points of view.

NZ Suicide

Mon 4th October 2021:

It is hard to keep up with the politics these days but it’s annual suicide statistics time again and a few more people have died

The Men Only Vote

Sat 2nd October 2021:

Opinion Credit – Australia There is a short space of time between the male suffrage (12 years from memory) and one person one vote. Not to rehash our history – most of us know that bit. There was a long discussion on this site in 2017 and what that might mean if Ardern became New […]

Complaint about Judge going to first hearing

Thu 30th September 2021:

Complaints about NZ court Judges are not rare. Complaints proceeding to a hearing are extremely uncommon. Last season there were 162 complaints. This year, 363 complaints. Statistics show that complaints about the Family Court have doubled. The Judge is entitled to have name suppression. Judicial Conduct Commissioner’s Alan Richie on his said “On my assessment, […]


This is what separates the men from the women and the boys from the men – if you care about your country, you don’t have a choice but to understand and discuss these issues when politics fails to function.  AUKUS is

Mr Peter Joyce describes the process how he managed and got through false sex allegations.

Tue 28th September 2021:

Bettina speaks with New Zealander Peter Joyce, the author of Dry Ice, which documents the seven-month ordeal which followed a false allegation of historical rape. Peter, a retired English teacher, first heard about the allegation when a detective turned up at the door and announced Peter had been accused a rape by a daughter of […]

Update: No response from HRC so I made this video

Sun 19th September 2021:

Previously I posted the open letter to the Human Rights Commission asking them to do more for men, but they have not responded even though I did send them a reminder. So I have started a video series highlighting their human rights violations. Here is part one.

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