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Thu 1st October 2015

Morality and Law

Filed under: General — triassic @ 9:00 pm

If a woman is fighting off a rapist, should she be able to use maximum force and take his life to defend herself? i.e. Shoot, knife or bludgeon him.

If a man finds his partner has fallen pregnant to him and he decides he no longer wishes to proceed with the birth of that potential child, should he be able to use maximum force to terminate the pregnancy within the 24 week legal period? i.e. Force her to swallow the morning after pill to deal with a zygot. Punch her in the stomach severely enough to induce a miscarriage. Drug her to sleep and perform an abortion on her himself.

As you read the above you may notice that #1 tends to sound a reasonable request due to the fact that we tend to see a rapist as a sexual predator. i.e. A scum bag who just takes what he wants without consent and shows a total lack of respect for the female.

Reading #2 may make you feel a bit queemish as it entails both violence and forcing your decision upon the female. However, if you have a think about the 2 scenarios and juxtpose #2 with the actions in #1 you may discover why some men have gone down this path in order to escape a nightmare. Both actions are immoral but the law gives some protection in only one scenario.

Within the womb of the woman in #2 lies the male’s gene. Where and at what point did she obtain the right to claim that for her own? Why should the male not have a right to the destiny of his gene equal to that of the female? Not only does he lose his seed to her unwillingly but also has to endure 2 decades of financial burden in order to give her the pleasure in bringing up his seed as she sees fit.(thanks to the FC) The law leaves the male with a horrible choice in #2.

A reality check….. Leave a female without the right to have food and water and rest assure she will break the law and steal to survive. Leave a male without rights to his gene and he will break the law to survive. Logic at work of course.

‘Lorde’ just another man-hating bitch

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:50 am

For those men like us who have celebrated Lorde’s spectacular rise to fame and fortune, consider her latest music video. It shows her exchanging ‘love at first sight’ glances with a man who is already partnered, then running into his arms to be sexual with him behind the partner’s back, then at the end of the video she has him tied to a chair, kicks him into a swimming pool with inflammable liquid on it and lights the liquid to burn the man to death. (more…)

Sat 19th September 2015

Cyber Bullying and Suicide

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:21 am

This article Cyber bullying’s fatal connection reports correctly that more than 500 NZers commit suicide every year, but as usual makes no mention of the fact that about 80% of them a males. At least this article does focus on one male who apparently committed suicide after extensive cyber bullying. It also reports college principal Jim Luders stating

“Cyber bullying is hard to control. Adolescent girls, especially Year 9 in particular, are very aggressive in their attacks.”

In the light of such evidence, isn’t it amazing that the feminist propaganda machine is still able to convince so much of the public that males are the violent undesirable perpetrators and females the innocent morally superior victims.

The recommendations usually offered by authorities concerning cyber bullying and other internet dangers usually revolve around maintaining greater scrutiny and control of their children and teenagers’ internet use. Fat chance, especially since parental authority was chopped off at the knees by Bradfordonian false argument and feminist ideology.

Fri 18th September 2015

The Emperor is not wearing clothes!!

Filed under: General — triassic @ 12:10 pm

There, I’ve said it…..ok, ok, ok, I realise I now risk appearing to be an idiot revealing an IQ of less than 100.

To be a journalist today one requires big big balls because to
declare the obvious is proffesional suicide. I refer to Chris Brown and his dilemma in obtaining a visa to perform in NZ. I don’t condone his assault on Rihhana but I also don’t condone the media’s assault on Brown. Every year dozens of visitors to this country obtain visas after having assaulted other men and serving less than a year in jail having being charged with GBH.

The ruling of not admitting criminals who reach the threshold of being undesirables due to their danger to the general public is not being implemented in this case. Chris presents no danger to the public and will visit here to entertain his fans. His lyrics contain no encouragement of DV. Only a bigot could not spot the transparent reason why he is being singled out.

If you haven’t the balls to declare that the Emperor has no clothes then you contribute to the demise of reason and the rise of ignorance and eventual tyranny and chaos.

Thu 17th September 2015

A Female’s Honour is Priority for NZ Police

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:25 pm

NZ police went to a lot of effort to work with Danish police in order to arrest a Danish man who embarrassed and threatened a 15yo NZ schoolgirl and ‘cyber attacked’ her school. She had sent him naked images of herself and when she then sought to stop the online relationship he spread her images around the internet including her school and did other harassing things. (more…)

Wed 16th September 2015

Teacher Kelsey Rebekah Allen has sex with student

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:47 pm


Kelsey Rebekah Allen had a three month sexual relationship with a male student.

This news story seems to be missing the words predator, grooming.

It did however have the words “very bright and intelligent young woman”. Also had Kelsey was under stress when the relationship happerned.

Did not have a space for comments nor did it have the name of the reporter.

Please don’t get me wrong. I accept teachers have mutual sex with students. It’s just the way the unknown reporter makes out it was a mistake from a very bright and intelligent young woman and if it were a male teacher then it is called a grooming predator.

Seems to make the whole thing the male students fault.

No court trial, no threat of jail time.

Sun 13th September 2015

MRA Perspectives on Recent Events

1. Michael Murray sentenced to life for murder of Connor Morris

It’s difficult to imagine anything more provocative than seeing a P-addled gang member bashing the shit out of your brother with the real possibility of death or permanent brain damage. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to have a slasher with you and to swing the steel end as hard as possible in to the P-addled gang member’s head, causing his or her hasty death. However, cases like this show just how nasty and unrealistic it was to remove the partial defence of provocation, at least for males in situations of true provocation. Michael Murray may have been able to run that partial defence and many reasonable people would have seen that as justified. He would still have been sent to prison for years and fair enough. It would have been possible under our current murder laws to sentence him to a non-parole period of less than 10 years but it seemed that, because privileged female half-celebrity Millie Elder was upset (at losing her P supplier?), this possible way of taking into account provocation was unconscionable. Either way, Michael Murray won’t spend his imprisonment in ‘solitary confinement’ as our stupid media have been reporting, but he will be in a protection block with mainly harmless sex offenders; that won’t be very safe or feel very safe to him though. (more…)

Fri 11th September 2015

What’s bad about gay marriage?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 1:52 am

Help me here please! There must be something about the above debate I just can’t get. Marriage is a tradition from the earliest societies when humans had developed the cognisance to understand the importance of creating a safe environment for their offspring to develop in. Couples, of opposite sex, were the only ones able to create children. That’s what made marriage such a strong and sacrosanct institution. WTF has marriage got to do with benefiting adults at all? It is an institution that demands responsibility and accountability in order to protect the children and not, as is often put forward, to show love between couples.

Once again I see signs that the needs of children are being neglected in favour of catering to the desires of adults. This debate has zip to do with morality and everything to do with raising happy children. I haven’t the time to write more but if you take the time to debate this subject you will find that many of the weak and often invalid arguments put forward for gay marriage have the same roots as those used by feminists to justify their pernicious ideology.

Tue 8th September 2015

Ministry of Justice Refuses to Correct Wrong Statistics

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:46 pm

FYI, our media release 07/09/2015

Ministry of Justice Refuses to Change False Statistics

Community group the Ministry for Men has accused the Ministry of Justice and other government departments of spreading false statistics about domestic violence then refusing to correct their error after being informed.

The Ministry of Justice recently published a document called ‘Strengthening NZ’s legislative response to family violence; A public discussion document’ that claimed at its outset “On average, every year 14 women, 7 men and 8 children are killed by a family member”. The same claim appears on a Ministry of Social Development web page and has been repeated by news media and other groups.

Ministry for Men spokesman Kerry Bevin said that the figures are not in line with any official records and appear to have been plucked out of thin air.

“NZ Police figures on family homicides from the years 2007 to 2014 don’t show anything like what our Ministries are claiming as averages. The latest report from the state-funded Family Violence Death Review Committee show that the true average figures are 13 women, 10 men and 9 children.”

Kerry Bevin said the error was significant. “These false statistics lead the public to believe that twice as many women as men are killed through family violence, whereas in fact 43% of family violence deaths are suffered by men. That gives a very different picture of the problem.”

Kerry Bevin said it was concerning that the Ministry for Justice would publish misleading statistics in a discussion document that the public is being asked to read before providing submissions regarding proposed family violence law changes.

“Public submissions will be based on the false picture being painted, so resulting solutions can be expected to miss the mark.”

“It’s a sorry state of affairs when taxpayers cannot trust government Ministries to provide accurate information about such a basic matter, and it’s appalling that those Ministries have refused to correct their error when made aware of it.”

The Ministry for Men called on both Ministries and any other group that had repeated the false statistics to issue corrections quickly, to ensure that those taking the time to make submissions on family law changes are properly informed.


Send Women Back to Fight Too, Winston (and f*** off with them)

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:29 pm

We don’t actually agree that anyone should be sent back to Syria to fight, mainly because we think that fighting for Syria’s corrupt and inhumane dictatorship would be no better than fighting for ISIS, the Russians or most of the other ‘rebel’ groups there. How could anyone fight for their country’s ‘freedom’ in those circumstances? Freedom from whom? Not that we know that much about it.

However, we are appalled that Winston Peters recommended today that we allow Syrian women and children to stay in NZ but that we send some of the men back to fight for “their own country’s freedom”. (more…)

Mon 7th September 2015

Need support and advice

Filed under: General — maheshav @ 9:06 am

I am in a troubled marriage and facing accusations that I am a bad father and husband. It is getting to me. There is a long history to my marriage and I have recently discovered I am asexual. And then, my wife goes and tells our 15 year old daughter that I am gay, and therefore the problems in our marriage.

This is impacting my daughter, and my wellbeing, apart from the fact that my wife is very unhappy. It is not easy to simply break up and walk away, as both my wife, and daughter, depend on my income.

I just need someone to talk to and seek advise from.

Hope this is the right forum, as I just cannot afford to go to any counselors



Sun 6th September 2015

The False Gods of Feminism

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:45 am

The previous post, The Fiamengo Files while a breath of fresh air, is testament to the destructive influence of any ‘ism’ not just, as is the case here; Feminism. The deterioration in rational thinking, the censorship of opposing views, and the illusion of belief are patently evident. (more…)

Wed 2nd September 2015

NZ Centre for Political Research

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:06 pm

The NZCPR is Dr Muriel Newman’s organization and web site. She has many good thinkers providing opinion pieces. Dr Newman is we believe the only NZ politician who tried to introduce a bill into parliament for a presumption of shared care by both parents after separation; the Labour government’s feminists voted it down because it would threaten women’s DPB entitlement.

We don’t agree with everything Dr Newman and her writers say. However, she has this week written a piece on feminism and sole parenthood that is worth a read.

Here is a response to her article by one of MoMA’s team:

Thu 27th August 2015

Amy Adams’ Consultation is a Sham?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:11 am

FYI, our letter to Hon Amy Adams. For background see (hear) http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/201768136


Tue 25th August 2015

Research exploring the experience of sole fathers caring for their child(ren) and the impacts to you and your family

Filed under: General — Dominic @ 11:35 am

Sole Fathers experiences of accessing social services.

You are invited to take part in research that Jason Rushton a thesis student on the Masters of Social Work programme at Massey University is undertaking in regards to exploring the experience of sole fathers caring for their child(ren) and the impacts to you and your family.

Mon 24th August 2015

Boshier To Be Chief Ombudsman

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 6:48 pm

How can the head of the a male-blaming campaign that deliberately excludes concern for male victims be trusted to be an ombudsman? How can a person who has publicly called for more draconian state violence towards men be put in that role? NZ men can now look forward to the same discrimination they routinely experienced in Boshier’s Family Court man-denigration machine. NZ men will now be deprived of fair service from what should be a public watchdog on the behaviour of other state organisations.

Wed 19th August 2015

Convicted Killer living with Children

Filed under: General — goose @ 12:10 am


this guy has been in the media a number of times, my son is the 14 yr old mentioned in this article and the way I was treated when I asked the Police if this man was a risk to my child was awful. I am pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot, i.e I had my son living with me and my new partner was a convicted killer – cyfs would have removed the children from my care, but all I got was ‘this sounds like a custody issue so we will not be getting involved’

Tue 18th August 2015

How shallow are females on tinder?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:27 pm

In response to this article in the Herald I ran my own study. In my first post I added my close up photo and simply said I was looking to form a relationship with a woman to share the good things in life and to love and cherish her. I added that I had lost my home, my job and my children after my previous marriage failed. I then swiped right on the profiles of a hundred women, indicating that I was ‘interested’. After five hours i had received 16 matches from potential dates.
I then replaced my photo with one of me sitting in my lamborghini aventador wearing my Cartier watch and a fist full of $$$$$. After again swiping right on a hundred women, this time my profile attracted 75 matches in the five hour time frame – a 250 per cent increase on my previous post.

The Herald is right….there really are narcissistic people out there that go to these particular sites to satisfy their appetite, but they are a minority of folk and come from both genders…….that is what the Herald is saying, isn’t it?…surely!!

Sign this US petition demanding paternity testing

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:54 am

Although a US petition, changes in international law and approaches will be influential towards changes in NZ. It’s interesting that it’s being done by ‘Women Against Paternity Fraud’. Although it’s hard to avoid feeling suspicious of any women’s group these days, their motivation appears to be social responsibility and it’s important that men’s groups go all out to support any women’s group that is seeing sense, showing support for gender fairness and/or showing understanding concerning men’s issues.

Sign the petition here.

Thu 13th August 2015

Men Need to ‘Step Up’ to Support Women Into High-Paid Jobs

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:29 pm

We share and comment on an interesting broadcast by Radio NZ on ‘Te Manu Korihi’ (‘the birds singing’) on 7 August 2015. Excerpts from the transcript were as follows:

Presenter: The head of the Federation of Maori Authorities says Maori men need to step up and be more supportive of Maori businesswomen. The Authority runs an annual hui for Maori wahine to support the progression of women in top business leadership roles. Te Manu Korihi’s Alexa Cook reports:

AC: “The chair of the authority, Tracey Haupapa, says wahine face challenges in progressing up the business ladder to senior leadership roles such as chief executive and manager. Ms Haupapa says for women to move forward in business, men need to be more supportive.”


Fri 7th August 2015

Feminist Logic 101

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:06 pm

The Court of Appeal is said to have “reached a new milestone” in having its first all-women bench in its history. This was seen by New Zealand Law Society President Chris Moore as being “another step in a long road to equality”.

Mr Moore has clearly been well trained in feminist logic. ‘Equality’ for feminists means total female dominance. You just need to understand the feminist definitions of words you thought meant something else.

Tue 4th August 2015

Recent Women’s Refuge Poster

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:36 pm

WR poster 0715

So are Women’s Refuge implying that internet trolling and anonymous victimization is something men mainly do to women? All they need to do is visit almost any feminist blog to see the misandrist online violence perpetrated by women, or look through MENZ Issues to read the demeaning, emotionally abusive responses by presumably female feminist trolls to many viewpoints expressed by men.

Revise abuse guidelines – Amy Adams

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 2:47 pm

This news article disturbs me on many fronts. To allow a new or current partner secret access to someone’s historical police record that is sealed will only end in corrupting relationships and could potentially end in male suicide.

Mon 3rd August 2015

Radio NZ informed of error concerning DV statistics

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:41 pm

Dear Morning Report

At 8:28am today 03/08/2015 you broadcast an article entitled ‘Judge says change needed to make protection orders effective’. Your announcer commenced by stating “14 women, 6 men and 10 children are killed by a member of their family every year on average; pretty extraordinary statistics…”. Your web site also states “Fourteen women, six men and ten children are killed by a member of their family every year on average…”. (more…)

More gossip from our leading newspaper

Filed under: General — triassic @ 4:34 pm

This story Was front page news. It is only when one reads the facts that the headline disintegrates. The girl in the bikini was not attacked at all. Her boyfriend was the target of aggression because he took umbrage at the guys being cheeky. Things got out of hand and an object was thrown and hit the girl. This is not happening in NZ, no, this is happening way over in Louisianna USA for God sake. Why the F*** would this WELL SPUN story be of value to readers way down under? Only the Herald knows the answer to that but I’m pretty sure some wanker in the office has an anti-male agenda and the Editor is now happy for the paper to be a gossip piece. What a pathetic newspaper it has become.

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