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Archive of July 2018

The Conned Man

Mon 30th July 2018:

This is Paul, our rugged volunteer fire fighter, from the heartland, who might otherwise have been on one of those fire fighters’ calenders. But, he’s been conned in to donning a donated dress to raise funds for Women’s Refuge. I don’t want to embarrass Paul, he’s a nice guy, been through the mill, but mate, […]

A Spanish court has jailed a woman for five years for going into hiding with her two sons.

Sat 28th July 2018:

This breaking story and its ramifications will create a ripple through the family courts but will the outcome be positive for fathers? Only time will tell.

A Glimpse of One Life

Fri 27th July 2018:

He (not his real name) was sitting in the kitchen. The closest chair to the door was turned around facing out into the courtyard. He had a king pose going on, arms folded, knees apart, feet crossed, shadowed by the darkness of the room behind him. And sunnies; those typical fail proof, close-knit eye hiders. […]

A Woman’s View

Thu 26th July 2018:

The woman’s view although they have had a liberated voice for a long time is often a little obscure. It varies from here come those crazy bitches to vary degrees of nods or silence to may God help you … (I do recall that last one being as recent as last year, whoever the kind […]

Family Court Inquiry 2018

Wed 25th July 2018:

If you’re out there at the coal face, no doubt you can smell the campaign fires burning. We’re seeing the smoke signals waving to each other through our technology. Fifteen 15 years ago Jan Doogue described the court she had been part of as a failed experiment. It’s struggled from crisis to crisis ever since. […]

Failing Boys

Tue 17th July 2018:

An honest question that I hope will create some discussion. Is society’s failure of boys is evidence of sexism against males? If boys are so easy to raise, why are we so shit at it? If as I suspect they require the same attention girls do, does the fact we give them less reflect the […]

Toxic Femininity

Fri 13th July 2018:

The misuse of female sexual power is seldom discussed, or even acknowledged. Here is an exception: On Toxic Femininity written by Heather E. Heying, published in Quillette.

About Feminism

For the average bloke it’s about the monkey on your back and how to get rid of it. When it comes to making some sense of Feminism perhaps the first reasonable answer that identifies with your circumstances and the way it has affected you is sufficient. But when it comes to change within Feminism

Laud the Innovators ..can we?

Thu 12th July 2018:

Phil and Anthony Butler and their x-ray machine MARZ… wowee.

Russell McVeagh – Woman decide to side step due process, sully a law firm and are surprised when it didn’t work.

New Story Here What has happened here is a bunch of woman thought they would arrange a protest and somehow engineer Dame Margaret Bazley to investigate and write a review on the conduct of two unnamed lawyers and shame a legal firm for having boozy parties. It turns out to what appears to be at […]

Radio NZ promotes Clementine Ford

Wed 11th July 2018:

It seems Radio NZ is happy to give their support to radical feminist and man hater Clementine Ford ( The RNZ discussion gives her free forum and unchallenged air time to promote her new man bashing book, and her feminist assertions that toxic masculinity is rife. It can be found at Anyone in media […]

Men Make Better Teachers

Tue 10th July 2018:

Recently I remembered back to my school years and recalled how much I enjoyed my male teachers and one nun! Anyway I decided to scan the net to see what people thought of the differences between men and women as teachers and came up over numerous articles that men were resoundingly said to better. More […]

No Basis for a 50/50 partnership…

I have to say I have not seen any basis for a 50/50 partnership, if up to women , with immediacy, on the running of our planet. In any case how would this be possible, maybe communism could get in vogue and we could start new schools rolling out 50/50 engineers, airline pilots, car mechanics, […]

A Hero – The Glorious Click-bait

Mon 9th July 2018:

In a land far far away a man steps out of his daily life into international limelight and heroism, as he attempts to rescue 12 boys and their unfortunate coach. Doctor, Diver, Risk-taker, Survivor. The story is enlarged, and highlighted as with other big stories on

Disrespect for Free Speech

Sun 8th July 2018:

Free speech, a prerequisite for democracy, is under attack by the self-proclaimed ‘social justice’ warriors. In this last week we have seen two appalling examples of disrespect for free speech.

Social Intimidation of Young Men

Fri 6th July 2018:

Boys, you look at each one as they come along and question how well they are making the step up to young man. Given the numbers that would now rely on a mother whose primary concern is how he might treat a future partner rather than how he might survive in the world and the […]

Google Custom Search

As a frequent user of this site function I am noticing a change in the results returned. Simply put, it is returning a scrambled bunch of results avoiding the search criteria. I can use Google independently and that search will produce what I know is there as the first match.

Principal Family Court Judge Retires

Tue 3rd July 2018:

The country’s principal family court judge will retire next month after 22 years on the bench.

Domestic Violence Workplace Policy

Mon 2nd July 2018:

Haven’t they been working hard on this. Jan Logie’s Bill is just the legal trimmings. Behind the scenes the Human Rights Commission has been busy producing a major media platform to launch with it. The loop includes known Feminists groups such as Shine and Women’s Refuge. There is also a link into a Government data […]

The Modern Addictions

Sun 1st July 2018:

Sitting quietly in the suburbs is a retired 60 something woman who calls herself a gamer. Perhaps a little unusual to see a woman of that age with such a high degree of familiarity with technology and the net, and she is retired, so is it an addiction and does it matter? For her (and […]

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