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Thu 6th May 2021

Child Support – IRD Disclose the number of deaths of the non-custodial parent. IRD calls them customers and they are generally unaware of the cause of death.

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Letter from IRD.

IRD are generally unaware of the cause of death. Presumably Sue Gilles thinks what she calls the customers can apply for an administrative review if they have special circumstances. Seemingly she and IRD thinks thats an acceptable disclaimer for their policies. Men, usually don’t ask for help, they just cope. It is how they are wired. And calling the deceased customers??? WTF is that? Zero compassion.

As we all know, it is almost always the father who is the non-custodial parent. That and IRD thinks it helpful to hide the suicides inside the natural deaths, health problems identified by Nurit Zubery Thesis (click here) caused by severe stress.

Well, it looks like 2020 (year of the lockdown) was a bumper year. The best yet. Hon David Parker minister of revenue (including IRD) must be very delighted with that result. A real team effort.

I refuse to call them customers. I will only call them victims of IRD policy.

The least IRD could do is reach out to the fathers and ask if they are coping with it all. Loss of home, loss of their things in the home, loss of income, no faith. Monitor them. How they find living without seeing their kids because seeing them in the eyes of the mother would reduce payments. And when you call them, use a man because they have very good reason to distrust women.

My condolences to the children for their great lifetime of loss. No dad to help you when you need it. Not knowing the bond, love and faithfulness of a father, a grandfather.

One day, and I hope it is soon. A Government, maybe a Prime Minister will step up and say “I will no longer support policy that puts human beings in a place of hopelessness and despair”. You see NZ has these policies for unemployed, the sick, elderly, children, Maori, women, refugees, even plants, pets and live stock. But not separated fathers.

While I am not restricting general comments about the stats, if you are a dad, a grown child, extended family, friends, workmates of the deceased. If you leave a comment, please tell me if you are struggling with payments, how you were treated by IRD, the courts and the mother of your child.

Wed 5th May 2021


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During the Clark Administration there was plenty of hostility towards the feminist environment in New Zealand.

As we come into the second term of the Ardern Administration I’m interested to see if there is a revival in the trend.

I’ve found NZ women don’t have a particularly good reputation overseas so the meme caught my eye as Australia is usually a few steps behind in feminist trends.

What are our opinions these days?

Speaker Trevor

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Many years ago I went out on a limb with This Post, to make a point. This was about Mallard as an MP in the Clark Administration … you can’t comment on that though.

He was behaving like a girl then and it suited Clark not to sack him because she put herself above the principle.

Some people would call that playing God because you put yourself above the established, known, learned, previously successful principles of the past.

Today Mallard, who is now our Speaker has repeated the same silly behavior as if it was routinely acceptable.

Our current prime minister is in the same position around the same time in the political swings and around abouts of our centrist politics.

The difference is that, Mallard is now our Speaker rather than an MP.

There is only one acceptable way out of the current situation and Mallard must go.

We cannot allow the these absentee processes to take hold or we will be in a much worse position than having this isolated to the family court and any other specialist civil courts that are and might develop.

Sun 25th April 2021

Men convicted without trial & restricted from applying for employment.

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News Link Here


The police practice of issuing “formal warnings” to people who haven’t been convicted of any crime then and sharing that information with other parties has been found to be illegal.

So the process is:

1. Man gets a formal warning for an allegation of a sex nature.
2. Man applies for a job and has to sign a vetting form.
3. The allegation is disclosed.
4. No job. And the employer has the mans allegation in their office.

Justice Davison ordered the Police to delete the warning.

In law, an allegation is a claim of an unproven fact by a party in a pleading, charge, or defence. Until they can be proved, allegations remain merely assertions.

My question is, when are the Police going to compensate that man?

Sat 24th April 2021

Father and Son Music

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I thought I’d put this YouTube clip in here for fathers who like music.

If you’ve got a good link to something similar add a comment.

Fri 23rd April 2021

The Political Affect of Women

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This is from another page but in reading it I felt it hinted at the long term involvement of women in politics since they achieved voting rights.

Their involvement in the protest movement, the anti-war movement, left wing causes, and now in this age climate change and particularly in the international arena has been a more singular global voice.

There’s also an element of (more…)

Sat 17th April 2021

Hate Speech

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I hate to say this but when we have modern left-wing governments in power there are always more detrimental consequences for men.

These changes often come dressed in disguise though, and we don’t see the ulterior motives intended by any proposed changes.

We don’t see much being written on menz these days either. It’s as if men have resigned themselves to civilized failure.

So, seeing the hate laws that are being proposed by the current government of New Zealand … how do you think they might affect us men?

Fri 16th April 2021

Deceased Estates

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If a man’s life was starting to look like it wasn’t his own, you can rest assured neither will his death be once new inheritance laws are impacted.

Mon 12th April 2021

Nurit Zubery wrote a thesis on the impacts of men during and after divorce.

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RNZ Audio Link here.

Nurit Zubery is an NZ woman who was a feminist. Like many before her, she changed her mind.

Nurit Zubery wrote a thesis on the impacts of men during and after divorce. She says there was very little world research on the impact of men divorcing. This is part of what she reported in her Thesis.

Nurit Zubery Masters supervisor is Auckland University Professor of Law Mark Henaghan.

Canadian Research show;

Men commit suicide 4.8x more than woman following divorce.

Men are admitted to a psychiatric hospital 9x more after divorce.

Men have accidents double from 6 months before devoice to 6 months after divorce.

Men develop health problems at a much higher level like heart attacks and diabetes
after divorce.

Cambridge research shows.

Almost 50% of couples divorce in the Weston world.

Woman initiate about 70% of divorce.

Woman do not have anywhere near the same severe reactions to divorce.

I can’t find Nurit Zubery Thesis online. Some help from others if they can find it and add it here.

RNZ Link Here

To the Government of New Zealand – Where are the laws to reduce teen suicide? The hope and wait system is not working.

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Dear Jacinda Ardern. Here is a question for you. If a Government sits back and watches social media cause the suicide (now coined “mental health”) of its citizens and does nothing, are they to blame for the death of thousands of our youth?

Jac, if someone causes the death of someone with a weapon, car, their bare hands, neglect of safety it is not OK. If someone causes the death of another with published words it’s OK. For me I just see a dead person the pleasure and glee of someone else or organisation.

Sun 11th April 2021

RNZ Settlements

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Screenshot taken from Twitter.

This is not something I know anything about.

When I saw this from Sean Plunkett I thought at the very least media may be letting themselves down here.

Any information gratefully accepted in the comments.


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Leadership was definitely an issue being discussed in the public discourse this weekend without news of the death of Prince Philip.

A long distinguished career as the Queen’s husband has been central to his 99 years, more so than his miltary career, in the service of the Commonwealth of Nations to which New Zealand has long been a part of.

Many reading this site will (more…)

Sat 10th April 2021

Criticism In General

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I was born into the era before post war feminism took hold in New Zealand. I’ve seen the changes but I’ve never been accepting of the negative aspects of feminism that plague men in New Zealand or internationally in a more general sense.

Some changes are obvious, while others are more subtle, and some perhaps go unnoticed in the feminization of today’s society.

Criticism (more…)

Fri 9th April 2021

NZ 2021 Mental Health Report

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After reading the previous post I copied this here from a political page. It’s relevant to the previous post and I think some of the underlying causes that aren’t dealt with, that cause the mental health issue to grow rather than get better. (more…)

Thu 8th April 2021

Health Minister Andrew Little hiding true facts and information regarding Suicide facts.

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Andrew Little hides Suicide Information & Facts

The link will take you to a video.

2 Years late. Suicide figures now deleted from the NZ Mental Health Report. Andrew Little blames staff. Shawn Robinson from Newshub has asked Andrew Little how many have died under his watch. Andrew Little said he does not know. Little further says there is no more money for more services.

Andrew Little is the man who signed off on the Mental Health Report. He is the man who checked it. He knew the suicide figures where deleted. He now blames staff.

Andrew Little. The cause of suicide is abuse and unfairness. People put in unfair situations. The past suicide rates are more than 4 males to 1 female. If you stop the abuse and unfairness you will fix the males suicide problem.

Not only is Andrew Little hiding the report, he has actively created more unfairness towards men.

See here Removal of common law rights for men.

Andrew could have at a minimum acknowledge mens emotional pain.

See here The Denial of Mens Emotional Pain

I call on the UN for a fast track full independent enquiry.

I call on Prime Minister Jacinda Adern to rise above it and end the campaign of bitterness and nastiness towards men and boys. The alternative to that is hundreds of men and boys will be dead.

The compensation to the families who are the victims of male suicide is growing.

My humble thanks to Newhub and especially Mr Shaun Robinson who just ripped Andrew Little a new asshole.

Sat 3rd April 2021

Siouxsie Wiles

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The hot topic of the long weekend is the New Zealander of the Year Award going to microbiologist, Siouxsie Wiles.

Photo:Siouxsie Wiles

It was (more…)

Thu 1st April 2021

False Accusations & The Ministry of Health Denial of Male Emotional Pain

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Andrew Little is the current Minister of Health. He has done little to reduce the suicide rate of men.

I can only conclude Mr Andrew Little has no intention to address or raise the issue.

Mr Little the taxpayer pays you to do your job. You are not reducing the male suicide rate. The very least you could do is pay for these male victims to receive the health care they need.

Andrew Little pays the woman and the girls health costs before trial.

Andrew Little pays the woman and girls compensation before trial.

Andrew Little does not expect any money back if a man or boy was acquitted.

The men and boys get no compensation nor health care.

Men and boys commit suicide Mr Andrew Little.

Wake up Andrew Little. Do your job and reduce the male suicide rate.

I am reminded it only took a child to point out the Emperor didn’t have any clothes on at all.

Two swindlers arrive at the capital city of an emperor who spends lavishly on clothing at the expense of state matters. Posing as weavers, they offer to supply him with magnificent clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent. The emperor hires them, and they set up looms and go to work. A succession of officials, and then the emperor himself, visit them to check their progress. Each sees that the looms are empty but pretends otherwise to avoid being thought a fool. Finally, the weavers report that the emperor’s suit is finished. They mime dressing him and he sets off in a procession before the whole city. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretence, not wanting to appear inept or stupid, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all. The people then realize that everyone has been fooled. Although startled, the emperor continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever.

So you can see it from a child’s prospective. Let’s change some names in that 1837 classic.

The swindlers are the false complainers.
The weavers are third wave feminists.
The public officials are the Judges.
The townsfolk are the voters.
The child is the child.
The Emperor is Andrew Little.

Although startled, Andrew Little continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever past the children sitting beside graves of their once loving fathers, sons, brothers, uncles.

I’ll leave it to the Minister of Health to choose to be remembered as a Minister of effective action and resolve or a Minister of a department that does not address unnecessary mental health, suicides and lifelong crushing debt.

Wed 31st March 2021

Mental Health Report

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Report Link

Twenty years back this platform was a rogue nuisance demanding the freedom of such information.

Credit to Henry Cooke, Stuff’s head political journalist for his work here. Many individuals suffered the unfortunate consequences of political aggression because the media wasn’t working as it should.

I haven’t suddenly become a STUFF fan, it’s going to take more than this, but it’s a start.

Men Must Write

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I’ve copied this from a New Zealand political page … It could just as easily apply here.

Tue 30th March 2021

Dad’s story – Victim of DV !!

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Judge’s minutes >!Ah4Km37emibr2CoH9rEZMhIVHilf

The NO-MAN land ! Biased and discriminatory system – read the minutes of the impartial fair Judge !!Ah4Km37emibr2CoH9rEZMhIVHilf

A dad’s story (Victim of Domestic Violence) – Mum misled immigration and couple of weeks after she was granted NZ residency,

👉 Mum was charged “assault on a family member” + ” threatening to stab” (recorded video evidence)
👉 Their child was always exposed to the violence by the mum during many occasions.
👉 Mum plead guilty and admitted that she has assaulted him infront of their son and threatened to stab him and cut off his penis. Women refuge supported her all along.
👉 Dad was granted temporary protection order by the family court and the son stayed fulltime in his dad’s care.
👉 Mum filed an application to discharge the convictions and it was granted. She adduced new evidence on the sentencing day and the dad did not have the opportunity to view the evidence or respond to it. Police said NO.
👉Her application for discharge the conviction was granted – Read the Judge’s biased minutes and notes . Minutes on this link >!Ah4Km37emibr2CoH9rEZMhIVHilf
🎱 Now dad is presumed the violent person and mum is the innocent person !

School makes 12 year old boys stand in front of the girls during assembly and ‘apologise for rapes committed by their gender’

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News Story Here

Parents and male students were left ‘mortified’ after their school forced them to stand in assembly and apologise to their female classmates for sexual assaults committed by males.

Brauer College in the south-western Victorian town of Warrnambool held an assembly on Wednesday where boys were told to stand up in a symbolic gesture of apology to girls and women.

The move has since sparked outrage among parents of the school who say their children were made to feel ashamed about something they had no control over and didn’t understand.

Tue 23rd March 2021

On Conservatives

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Yesterday I put up a post on Todd Muller but what struck me most in the comments was not reflecting so much on his situation but more along the lines of how that might be seen in thinking about conservatives.

These days conservatism is seen as (more…)

Housing Crisis caused by Feminism and the breakdown of the family unit.

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D-day for the Government’s plan to fix housing, with few easy options

i.e. TAX.

Housing Crisis caused by Feminism and the breakdown of the family unit.

Separated families need two dwellings. Both dwellings need to have a bedroom for each child. That is not what the law says, its what a Family Court orders. said 46% of children come from separated families. That link went to a site called That link no longer works.

Those family’s costs are doubled. 2 mortgages, 2 sets of maintenance costs, 2 sets of council rates, 2 insurances, 2 sets of bedding, 2 sets of rubbish removal. And those costs have to be on one income each. Example if a house needs painting each 10 years, that is a cost of say $45 per week. Carpet replacement would cost $23.00 per week over 12 years.

And it is not cheap for local Government either. Each home has to have a road past it. It has to have power, internet, water, sewer, storm water, phone and more often than not gas. All those systems have to be maintained. I don’t know how much it costs to resurface a road, repaint it. Looks expensive to me.

There is an environmental cost too. More land is taken up for housing, roading. Even things like 2 mail and courier deliveries, more convenience stores.

And now it looks like we have to tax housing to pay for those costs. Those costs will be paid by the buyer, investor or renter.

Looks like our exports will be less competitive now.

Mon 22nd March 2021

On Todd Muller

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I was in a discussion recently about the National Party. More specifically about the year prior. I had to refer to Muller as the guy who rolled Simon Bridges because I couldn’t remember his name. I forgive myself for that, though, he was very much an unknown in the political narrative, but to be fair my memory could be suffering from disinterest.

Then this article turned up on the weekend, as you might expect, 12 months down the track from National’s failed leadership transition but it’s not the first expose from Muller, it’s another one.

I wasn’t going to be bothered reading it. Mainly because (more…)

Fri 19th March 2021

Conversation around Consent,,, and the need to understand the reasons why we are having this conversation…

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When I initially heard what the NSW Police commissioner was proposing,, I kinda liked the idea. He announced they are thinking of using an APP for consent to sex. I thought it could possibly help protect guys.. could make it worse.. debate still out.

Actually the phone I personally own doesn’t get used and my hate for the likes of vodafone and how the phone has its hooks into the human race is strong… but the kids out there are struggling around this issue,, what has changed??, sociologists must be very interested to say the least.

Morals is probably the core change in my mind but I am nigh on 57 so I would say that.. but if the lack of morals and lack of moral examples over the past, say..fourty years, is the cause, then how the hell can we get them back.

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