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Sat 14th May 2022

The NZ Male Doctor

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From New Zealand today, found on Twitter, as they say, and it struck me as very odd.

Before I continue, let me say, I’ve had various dealings with female doctors for over 40 years and that has never given me any cause for concern but when I see a female Doctor seemingly proud of the absence of all but one male in the room, this is no longer the case.

I’ve written before about (more…)

Tue 10th May 2022

Bob lets us know what our children are being taught.

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What business is it to even ask such questions of a child. I thought schools were a place of learning not to push ideology. Not to force a child into discussing that personal nonsense and to withhold it from parents. It is not education.

Bizarre as it is to our elected leaders, parents raise children governments do not.

Tue 3rd May 2022


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Woman Murders 5-year-old boy

Michaela Barriball, a woman aged 27 took Master Malachi Subecz’s into her care 11 months ago. She proceeded to carry out daily assaults.

– Picked him up off the ground by his hair
– Thrown him into walls
– Held him underwater when in the bath
– Verbal abused him
– Failed to provide him medical assistance
– Causing him to be malnourished

What a nasty bitch. She deserves the maximum penalty.

Wed 20th April 2022

How to end suicide in NZ

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Link – NZ Mental Abuse of a Prisoner

Link – Andrew Little hiding suicide deaths

Link – Nurit Zubery wrote a thesis on the impacts of men during and after divorce.

Link – IRD Disclose the number of deaths of the non-custodial parent

Link – Bipartisan approach to mental health off to bad start

It seems there is a strong force within the government to do all they can to hide suicides. Mental health is the newer term for people who end their lives due to the situation they were placed.

My solution is to get rid of the things that make suicide victims end their lives. This could be,

1. Ending the family court like Australia did.
2. Ending 1 parental separation from their child, children.
3. Penalise parental alienation.
4. Taking family matters away from a judge and into a jury system.
5. Providing more funding for family court matters can be sped up.
6. Free solicitors for family court matters.
7. Ending or limiting solitary confinement (see link above).
8. Prosecuting those who mislead in court matters.
9. Change are prison for those like Norwegian farm type prisons
10. Cancelling the independent police complaints authority and putting offenders through a normal criminal court. Or at the very least give the IPC presiding judge the power to send police to a criminal court.
11. Change IRD child support to a more affordable system. Put in place government financial support system.

All I am saying is, remove the known policies or laws that cause suicide. Fairly simple, except if you are a punitive narcissist person or group of people.

Tue 12th April 2022

Many will not understand it

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The founder of Dubai, Sheik Rashid, was asked about the future of his country, and he replied, “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I ride a Mercedes, my son rides a Land Rover, and my grandson is going to ride a Land Rover…but my great-grandson is going to have to ride a camel again. Why is that, he was asked?

And his reply was, “Hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create difficult times. Many will not understand it, but you have to raise warriors, not parasites.”

And add to that the historical reality that all great empires…the Persians, the Trojans, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and in later years, the British…all rose and perished within 240 years.

They were not conquered by external enemies; they rotted from within. America has now passed that 240 year mark, and the rot is starting to be visible and is accelerating. We are past the Mercedes and Land Rover Years….the camels are on the horizon.

The greatest generation consisted of 18-year-old kids storming the beaches at Normandy. And now, two generations later, some 18-year-old kids want to hide in safe rooms when they hear words that hurt their feelings. They also want free stuff from the government because they think they are entitled to it.

The “camels are on the horizon” for sure. Something to ponder? History has a way of repeating itself.

Author unknown.

Sat 9th April 2022

Change by Redefinition

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I was reminded of this last week overhearing a conversation between two women walking along the footpath, “Have you noticed how people are changing the meaning of words?”

Ok, some of us have been aware of this mischief for years if not decades in the legal games of the country.

I see we are back to it again with, (more…)

Mon 4th April 2022


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Is there such a thing as MASCULIST ART?

Is there a way to insert photos directly?
In inline web page positions?

Thank you.


On Pedophilia (Suppressed on Blogger)

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HACKED FROM MOST PLACES ON MY HARD DRIVE- almost lost this in its entirety.
Somebody does not want you to read this or know it Ever!


Pedophilia II



The Amazing Inspiration

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Do you notice how often we are sold the idol through various media?

The three generations of academic women holding hands at a graduation ceremony. Modern authors, if you can be bothered reading the genre writing about women breaking free from their apron strings to boldly go where so many men had gone before and generally the focus is on women celebrities, rather than a Richard or some other Tom, Dick or Harry.

It’s not like the (more…)

Thu 3rd March 2022

Family Law Inquiry – 3 Men a day take their lives in Oz.

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A must-watch video.

List of 29 Recommendations

Family Law Inquiry

Sun 27th February 2022

The Family Court – Same Story – Different Dad

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Men, if you are thinking of letting her move in with you, thinking of starting a family, this video is for you.

If you are a child from a single parent family, and you wonder why your dad wasn’t there, or worst died by his own hand. Now you know.

If you are an MP, what are you doing to end this? Nothing? Yea, thats what I thought.

Sat 5th February 2022

Family Law Inquiry – Australia

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A good address from Malcolm Roberts.

The Australian politicians see and hear the destruction done to families, those politicians took action and dissolved the Family Court.

Our NZ politicians are ignoring the public and turning a blind eye to families and their distress.

Fri 4th February 2022

The Family Court – Fraud and Suicide – Where to find your Dad.

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The Wikipedia page says the definition of the term “Fraud” in law is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right.

Fraud can violate civil law (e.g., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to avoid the fraud or recover monetary compensation) or criminal law (e.g., a fraud perpetrator may be prosecuted and imprisoned by governmental authorities), or it may cause no loss of money, property, or legal right but still be an element of another civil or criminal wrong.
The purpose of fraud may be monetary gain or other benefits.

In family court, the intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain is carried out by pretending to love and care for someone when you don’t, the fraudster just wants the victims belongings and home.

If a female who intends to commit fraud lives in the victim’s home for 3 years or even just 1 and a bit years if there is a baby, can provoke the male victim to become angry, record it, then the male victim can lose the entire house, near all his belongings, his beloved children for near on 2 decades while she uses them.

The male victim is sent on a violence course, can be imprisoned if he makes contact with the fraudster or his children. At this point the female can move in her lover or new boyfriend.
The victim has to hand over his keys and not see his children. Sometimes for many years. He has to effectively start again while still paying for the outgoings on his property and children.

The female perpetrator is considered the victim and the male victim is considered the perpetrator.

He is unable to borrow to buy another home because he has to pay IRD outgoings to keep the female in his home. He will not be able to afford a lawyer and will probably go on legal aid.
Would that make the male victim to consider ending his own life? Yes – and the numbers are high. NZ Judges have identified many specific cases. IRD record how many dads die too. If the male commits suicide, the female is awarded everything.

That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of the Family Court. It does it with impunity, there are no pair reviews and there are no checks and balances. It was recently reported 7000 family court cases were before the NZ family court. That number is just the current and not the hundreds of thousands that have passed through. So you can see the situation is quite harmful to dads and children.

There are some violent males out there for sure. But nowhere near the number of wicked and deceitful women whos only intention is taking what they didn’t save and pay for.

It is important to understand if you are male, if you have assets or a good income you are the perfect target of a fraudster. She may be genuine from the beginning, however if she falls out of love with you, in love with another man, she can still provoke the male into raising his voice. That is called violence and therefore allow the fraudster to claim the family home, his children.

Suicide is considered a mental health problem. The male victim is unwell and should be held in hospital for observation and treatment. There are locks on the doors and bars on the windows. It is a prison with a medical person called a phycologist. A person who specialises in the study of mind and behaviour and the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders.

Heres the thing. Anyone who works in family law knows full well the process, the path to suicide is manufactured by Governments to take a dads children and belongings. It’s a really big step to commit suicide. You see only an abused person who is placed in a position of hopelessness with little or no chance in the family court, a future of poverty, below the breadline, unable to create what he once had commits suicide.

The children are victims too. Some end up committing suicide.
You ask, how can you avoid this? Is there a way to avoid a female fraudsters? Yes, but is still carries some risk and the chance of getting a partner of worth is low. i.e. if you rent you are quite unattractive to fraudsters. There is also a chance the fraudster could claim normal intercourse as rape and have you tied up in expensive criminal court for a couple of years or worse, in prison for a decade.

The method is to never allow a potential fraudster in a property you own. Trusts are ineffective today. Rent out your home and rent a home yourself. Have that home in a managed trust company and have them employ property managers. It is important you never mix money with the managed trust. That is called diverting family income. The rent will have to cover periods where the property is empty or expensive maintenance like a repaint. This is not a failsafe.

If you are a grown child, your dad committed suicide it was probably because of what your mother did to secure the property for herself. How she restricted or stopped your dad from seeing you or being part of your life. What the Government allowed her to do. What can you do about it? Nothing really. Your mother will be in a position to say whatever she wants about your deceased dad.

You could try and find out more from your dads parents or his brothers and sisters, his place of work. You may have cousins your own age out there too. Just know, you are not alone. There are relatives who know you exist. You can call your dads family. I am quite sure they will welcome you.

All you have to know is your dad loved you but couldn’t cope with the shit melted out to him from your mother, the state, IRD and family court he was entrapped in.

If your dad is still alive, you should try and reach out to him. He will know you were alienated from him and will likely rejoice in your homecoming. But do not expect too much from him. He maybe a shadow of himself, less confident and not well off, still paying down debt and unable to keep his health up. If your dad says no, it possibly could be he may not be able to cope. Maybe he is worried about the nasty things your mother is likely to have said to you about him. Your dad, knowing how he was misled and deceived, may think you were sent to find him by your mother. Your dad may not want to engage with you because he doesn’t know your intentions, was set up in the past, knows he can still go to prison if you mentioned seeing you to his mother.

You may need a lawyer to help discharge the protection order. Unsure, but I think you can do this yourself by going to the court and filling in forms. You will need ID. I would do this first without telling your mother.

Try writing him a letter, or wait and try in a year. Buy him a gift, something small like a sunflower plant. Also, please remember you will have relations on his side. Maybe grandparents, aunts and uncles and or a step-brother or sister. Approaching them first could be a good first step.

Look up his lawyer he used, your lawyer who is called “lawyer for child.” You can search electoral roles. They are stored in the National Library or in other locations around NZ. You could try a real estate agent. They have access to databases to find people and property. Your dad may have changed his name to protect himself. Unsure Internal affairs may help. Reaching out to his parents, family may find him.

If your dad has died, i’m sorry about that. But his family will still be there for you.

It’s a crap situation for children but that is what your mother wanted, easily got it over the line with the full endorsement from the Government not only in NZ but around the western world.

Any questions, put them here. Other dads may be able to help.

Sun 30th January 2022

‘Why has no one been made to pay for almost ruining my life?’ Sir Cliff Richard

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News Link Here

‘Why has no one been made to pay for almost ruining my life?’ Well, that’s a good question Cliff.

The answer is, “we wouldn’t like to prevent others coming forward.”

You wonder how that resolves or excuses the Met Police, who contacted the media and arranged to video the raid on Cliff’s home.

The media is allowed to run their own campaign months or years before a hearing. And as we all know, the accusation is the verdict.

Even not guilty verdicts are treated as “well, where there is smoke, there is fire”.

If you don’t believe me, search the words “Prince Andrew.” See what his loss is before a hearing.

If there was a law to prevent name publication until a guilty verdict, that would go a long way to prevent mental health. The mental health of the families, children of those connected to the accused as well.

Mental health is a newer term to describe people who were abused, by somebody else, died by their own hand.

Currently, New Zealand unreservedly continues to provoke and incite male suicide. They do it without penalty and then blame him by saying, he had mental health.

The blame lays with those who cause mental health and not the victim.

Tue 18th January 2022

Mothers Parental Alienation – Crazy Making – Jays response.

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Part 1

Part 2 – Jays Response

The comment section tells it like it is. Fathers who love their children and a blind family court narrative that is completely destructive towards families. That narrative is to dad bash and make unbalanced decisions.

It is no wonder western society is crumbling under the weight of young criminal offenders, serious methamphetamine abuse and high levels of suicide. That and the people turning to gangs as a surrogate family. Those victims of the family court that includes the children who turn to the gangs and their activities that also includes prostitution.

It is very easy to say suicide, but it is not easy for a child to cope with that.

Turning towards the comments section of the video post.

Jeremy says,
After 28 times defending myself in court, I finally decided to walk away. My daughter was going with the lies in the last year. I hurt all the time but didn’t want to subject her any more to the constant attacks. We did everything together, and I pray one day to be reunited and hopefully just start where we left off. Catching every species of fish.

Terillngua’s response to Jeremy,
My heart hurts for you. I’m considering walking away now. After fighting this for 16 years I’m drained, and they are slipping away no matter what I do. Hardest decision I have ever had to make, and I’m not sure I have the guts. But I’m ready for my kids to be able to live in peace, and I’m ready to be able to live.

Jays response,

I tried for so long even after failing with the courts, the law is stacked against men here in the UK, it’s heartbreaking. What I could not believe was how brainwashed a child could be, even when you tried to show them real facts, they would always believe the other parent. She is 22 now, she is so twisted, that no man stays with her for very long, I have watched her take apart ex-boyfriends, to the point of posting nude images of one on Facebook (so I was told). I myself have had vile things said about me and spread about me, none of my family wish to have anything to do with her because what they have seen 🙁 5 members of my family including her grandfather has gone to their graves never seeing her. I wish I could say there is a happy ending to this, but there is not. There is no happy ending to the many victims out there and sadly only a few children actually wake up and realize what has happened to them. It most definitely is the worst kind of child abuse there is. As we all like to think parents would never harm us, and this is why even kids in adulthood in many cases do not believe that have been abused, it seems to be normal behaviour for them. From what I have researched on children that have grown up as an aliened child, they also either become alienator’s of their selves or alienated from their own children, it’s a problem that becomes systemic 🙁 I don`t want people’s sympathy, I just want people to know how bad it can get and how alienating a parent is one of the evilest thing one person can do to another, that it does affect a child’s mind and well-being. That the one that has to truly suffers from all this is the child. If alienating parents think they love and care for their child, then I would ask them to think about their actions. Because alienating a child from any family member or parent is not love for your child. It’s using them as a weapon for your own twisted ideals. Love for your child is allowing them to see and know and have bonds with the other side of their family.

Sun 16th January 2022

How 2 children remember their mother

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I search Kathleen Dehmlow and found there was an article how the children should forgive her for something that happened a long time ago.

Here’s the thing, the children were not children when they wrote this. They had lived their lives. A destroyed childhood by their mother. Had to be raised by grandparents for many years. Had to compare themselves to other children in their class, explain their situation to their friends. It carried on for years and into full lifelong adulthood.

That situation is not recognised as child abuse. But it damn well should be.

Wed 12th January 2022

Alleged Corrupt Heads of Bench Judges Exposed by Lawyer Tony Ellis & Journalist Karl du Fresne was watching.

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District and Family Court Judge Pete Callincos sent a woman to jail for perjury. This is what happened next.

Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2

I know in my heart these Judges will be exceedingly in agreement with this publication as it is in line with those same Judges who are always telling the accused their right to privacy and wellbeing is nowhere as important as the public’s right to know.

Karl du Fresne – Blog Here

Abstract from Karl du Fresne 1 Blog “The two senior judges, known as the Heads of Bench, acted after Sir Wira Gardiner – then head of Oranga Tamariki, the department whose social workers Callinicos grilled over their behaviour in the Moana case – had contacted them.”

Further abstract from Karl du Fresne 1 Blog “Chief District Court judge Heemi Taumaunu and Principal Family Court judge Jackie Moran intervened while the case was still in progress, prompting a complaint from Callinicos that their action compromised his judicial independence.”

How is it that Sir Wira Gardiner, a senior Government employee, can contact Chief Family Court Judge Jaki Moran over a decision from another Judge he didn’t agree with?

A little while back I wrote about how it was impossible to complain about the conduct of Judges as no complaints ever made it past Alan Ritchie. I was wrong. But only because I never considered a complaint made by DC Judge Peter Callinicos represented by Mr Tony Ellis about the alleged behaviour and actions of the most senior Judges and supported by a further 60 NZ Judges. A clear sign they are just as fed up as the public is with the nasty, underhanded measures from the brass when justice is served on a woman lying in court.

300 Complaints about NZ Judges in 3 years

Tue 11th January 2022

Full term abortion law while country distracted with pandemic. – Dads rights are nil. Baby’s rights nil.

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There are many good reasons to have an abortion. Medical issues for mother or child. I consider late abortions repugnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant, there are plenty of contraception methods available.

Those who votes against are listed here.’_positions

Sun 26th December 2021

More Sexism

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Do we take this lying down?

We all know it should be Ken in the wheel chair.

Thu 23rd December 2021

Family Court – What does parental alienation do to a child? – What do the children say when they grown up?

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No tears for the children who were left behind.

Family court judges who destroy loving fathers, and on not so common occasions, loving mothers relationships with their children will have no place in a future society. Hopefully will face justice themselves.

I hold the Government to account for these repugnant atrocities. These children and the alienated parent should be fully compensated.

The Division of Men

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This might be viewed and often is on this site as a division of men into various groups of men, be that religious, racial, intellectual, or some perception of right and wrong among other things … class or status is something we claim to have overcome but not so much when there are the cases we don’t hear about.

Over the preceding 50 years we’ve seen (more…)

Sun 19th December 2021

Teenage boys are 14 times more likely to suffer heart complication from Pfizer jab, study finds. Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% with one week seeing an increase as high as 700% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine!!!

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The Sun News 1

More than 280 teens & young men suffer heart inflammation after Pfizer or Moderna Covid jab – sparking CDC ’emergency’

Daily Mail UK

Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine with one week seeing an increase as high as 700% according to ONS data

Young men suffer heart inflammation after Pfizer or Moderna Covid jab – sparking CDC ’emergency’

Navy doctor spills the truth – says more soldiers have died from the jab than the virus.

Provence suspends jab for children

Dear Jacinda Ardern,

Why are you rolling out an mRNZ Vaccine known to be 14 times more harmful for teenage boys? Jacinda you are a public servant, we are the public – We pay you to serve us, not the other way round.

Dear Mike Bush,

How will history record your efforts to stop harm to teenage boys in New Zealand? Will it be I knew, but I was too afraid and did nothing? Or will it be, I am not afraid I stepped in, made enquiries and prevented harm to teenage boys. The crimes act says harming of a person means causing harm of any kind to the person. Boys are people.

To all mothers,
If you love your sons, where is your voice? What is your opinion on agreeing to allow an mRNZ Vaccine which is known to be 14 times more likely to give serious harm to your young son?

Mothers of sons, this site is not exclusive to men and boys. It is here for you to speak up and protect your sons.

Sat 18th December 2021

Sexism at the Human rights Commission – Video

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My latest video about the human rights commission, which is examples of the way they see men and women differently. Women have rights, men have responsibilities to women.

Sun 12th December 2021

Another woman speaks up about false rape. The damage it causes. The zero support for victims.

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This lady presents what happens to a woman when she has been found to have made a false complaint.

False rape is not considered a crime. It is not considered damaging to a man.

If you are charged with such a crime, and you are found not guilty. That verdict is worthless in the eyes of the police and the public.

And the woman, who made that complaint, is almost never charged with a serious crime.

Now why is that?

Why are men and boys excluded from being victims when this happens?

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