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Suitcase Homicides

Sat 27th August 2022: Who was mum about this one?

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall loosed her cousin Mr Charles Villiers to suicide during 8 years divorce battle

Thu 25th August 2022:

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall looses her cousin Mr Charles Villiers to suicide during 8 years divorce battle. Recently Mr Villiers was declared bankrupted. Mr John Heppell wrote a comment “Yet again a man is driven to poverty by a judicial system that cannot cope with a simple concept – equality means ex wives standing on […]

Peter Boshier

Sat 20th August 2022:

Currently the Chief Ombudsman but he’s been an exploraire man and every where man from family court judge to its principal, law commissioner, White Ribbon Chairhuman, and in the end to his banished and insignificant post looking after our official information distribution. Any long time visitors to the MENZ site, would probably identify Boshier as […]

Man Drought – Caused by Family Court

Tue 16th August 2022:

Women – ever wonder why you can’t move into his home? All your questions are answered by this Canadian man. Mr Richard Cooper starts off a little slow but I promise you it does windup. Real live examples. Interviews with young men calling in, receiving advice. A few awful suicide stats to boot. 400+ watched […]

Ministry of Bullying

Mon 15th August 2022:

Ministry of Bullying New Zealand

Feminism TikTok

Sat 13th August 2022:

Giving this a run to see if it works here. Feminism is a scam — Brittany Martinez (@BritMartinez) August 10, 2022

Policies designed by women and feminists to mentally abuse men and boys.

Thu 11th August 2022:

Dame Bettina Arndt interviews former deputy Prime Minister Mr John Anderson re mens and boys abuse by women and the state. In 1996 the Governments Australian institute of health and welfare published their findings. * Mothers are twice as much likely to be responsible for domestic abuse and neglect. * 73% of abuse and neglect […]

Children searching for their biological family – Trying to workout what to say when they meet dad for the first time

Fri 29th July 2022:

At age 16 Canadian Miss Robyn Slade released her third single “Hey”. A duet featuring Clint Curtis, tells the story of a young girl meeting her father for the very first time. Clint sings the part of the father, Robyn the part of the child who never met her dad until she decided to find […]

Jim Bailey

Wed 27th July 2022:

A legend has left us. Sadly, the other Jim has now passed away. Funeral details from Javan: A service for Jim will be held at Romaleigh, 31 Ocean View Rd, Northcote on Friday 29 July 2022 at 12.30pm. I have contact details available for Javan. There was always confusion between the two Jims, the other […]

The March of Men

Fri 22nd July 2022: Link I don’t know anything about this. It’s currently of NZ social media.

Parental Alienation – Children speak out against parental alienation.

This video link starts with a presentation from Jan James. Says we need to stop listing to feminism ideology. Says one in ten children now have mental health. From minute 23 – Very sobering interviews with the now grown children.

Enemy Women

Fri 15th July 2022:

It’s rare for women to be excluded from the feminist fold. They’re very much about the collective. Occasionally, what we now call cancel-culture or a pile-on will strike the individual female whose opinion has offended the feminist ideals. But a group of women, or a professional body of women is unusual. This week nurses are […]

“She controlled how much food I was able to get and when I was able to eat”

Thu 14th July 2022:

When lockdown began, Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan and Deborah Powney decided to research Coercive control of male victims. They were hoping to get 50 participants. 2086 Participants came forward. This is their report. Male-Victims-of-Coercive-Control-2021 “I became very skinny, doctors were worried as she controlled how much food I was able to get and when I was […]

The Abuse of Men Series – Produced by On Record

Wed 13th July 2022:

The Abuse of Men Series – Produced by On Record. They cover a range of subjects. They have a full section called the abuse of men. These are interviews by the medical professionals, lawyers and people in the business of destroying men or setting men and boys up for failure. Lots of material including parental […]

Submission to Select Committee on the Employment Relations (Extended Time for Personal Grievance for Sexual Harassment) Amendment Bill

Sat 2nd July 2022:

FYI, our submission. You could do one too, due by 15 July.

Michaela Barriball and the Moral Superiority of Women

Fri 1st July 2022:

Through continued torture Michaela Barriball eventually murdered helpless infant boy Malachi Subecz whom our wise Family Court ordered to her care. None of the articles we found regarding this case made any mention of Malachi’s father. Fathers clearly aren’t even important enough to consider,

Covid Fertility

Thu 30th June 2022:

Haven’t done an authenticity test of this myself so there may or may not be something to it. The World Council for Health is increasingly concerned by the impact of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines on human fertility and once again calls for an immediate halt to the vaccination program. Pfizer’s novel Covid-19 vaccine leads to […]

Gender Covidity

Mon 27th June 2022:

We’ve had racial covid, and perhaps it does disproportionately affect some races, I haven’t really followed that, but now gendered covid has arrived as reported in the Herald this morning. Women were more likely to suffer from a variety of symptoms, including ear, nose, and throat issues, mood, neurological, skin, gastrointestinal and rheumatological disorders, as […]

50 Years of the Big D

Sun 26th June 2022:

DISCRIMINATION When we look at the significant criticism of the US Supreme Court by both the Prime minister, Jacinda Ardern and Foreign Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, along with a chorus of support, of course there is more to it …

Aucklander Sam’s Last Thoughts – “Fix The Family Court”

Sat 25th June 2022:

Find out why Sam ended his life here Surprised to see it on main stream media.

To kill a Journalist

Mon 20th June 2022:

We’ve seen numerous journalists cancelled recently and they tend to be mostly male. Once again I make the point that men’s issues are inclined to be ‘mostly’ rather than entirely male these days. The journalists that have been cancelled are the ones who haven’t been afraid to speak out, often in criticism of the government, […]

NZ Father separated from his children ends his life.

Sun 19th June 2022:

News Link Here – Dad is separated from his children. – Mother takes children to Australia, knowing dad can’t visit. – Dad asks for mental health support in person. He is turned away. – Dad ends his own life that same day. Link – In 2006 NZ Judge attacks Family Court laws. 16 Years later, […]

Doctors & Psychotherapists: Butchers & Liars

I pen this because a huge number of fathers have no say in the crap being dished to our children. Dr Peterson says medial doctors have moved from doing no harm to doing outright harm. We here in New Zealand are teaching outright harm. To install the idea to our children before they are teenagers […]

Got The T-shirt

Sun 5th June 2022:

[A screenshot from a msm clip of the Tauranga by-election. Unrelated to the post] What caught my attention was the T-Shirt in the picture and that it got mainstream attention. Tauranga has long been an independent back burner on men’s issues and it’s been the hub of probably more new (relevant) organisations than any other […]

Infanticide in the New Zealand Crimes Act and the Inequality Males Face

Sat 4th June 2022:

This dissertation looks at section 178 of the Crimes Act 1961 – Infanticide. The provisions of this section are outdated and no longer fit for purpose. The central theme is that this offence should be gender neutral, as males, as well as females, may suffer from the same antenatal and postnatal physiological and psychological effects. […]

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