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Census 2023

Thu 30th March 2023:

I’m sure we’ve had debate on previous census and the manner and the structure of questions. I spotted this comment on social media which has prompted this post: I like how desperate the census tv ads are begging NZ men to fill in the forms – after shitting endlessly on men, watching officials beg FOR […]

What Marama Said

Tue 28th March 2023:

The fallout from the Albert Park protest in the weekend continues. Hipkins supports Davidson on the basis that she had a violent altercation with a mother cycle. The handle bar of a motorcycle hit Davidson as she was waiting to use a pedestrian crossing seemingly without consequence. This was approximately 12 minutes before a Counterspin […]

NZ Youth Crisis

Sun 26th March 2023:

Recently there has been some debate about youth crime mainly because of the number of ramraids on retail shops. The escalating crime has been met with denials, misinformation and false reporting of gun crimes and ram raids. In the broader context yesterday’s protest brought out a different neighbourhood of thug who has some reason to […]

White Cis Men

At a protest in Auckland yesterday: I am the Prevention Violence Minister and I know who causes violence in the world. It is White Cis Men Marama Davidson Greens Co-leader This was in the lead up to the Posie Parker protest at Albert Park where our minister was filmed on route to support trans activists. […]

Winston Peters

Sat 25th March 2023:

Winston Peters, well known as the founder and only leader of the NZ First Party refuses to retire. He is one of the few politicians who has featured positively on MENZ at times and one might have thought would be happily retired now but was busily delivering his “State Of The Nation” speech yesterday to […]

Malachi Subecz and Mandatory Reporting

Fri 24th March 2023:

With all respects and empathy for the those close to Malachi, it’s important to consider this tragic case further. The family, Dame Karen Poutasi who conducted a review, ‘independent victim advocate’ Ruth Money and others have called for mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse. Dame Poutasi made other recommendations too, including vetting those who look […]

Youth Offending

Thu 23rd March 2023: The above article is prompted by the recent appointment of a former police policy-wonk to Minister of Police. Ginny Andersen replaces the disgraced Stuart Nash who swapped jerseys to take up the bottom position in cabinet as punishment for his mouth … again. The boy was trying to talk tough and broke the rules. […]

Coercive control – Get your man sent to jail.

Sun 19th March 2023:

This is Australian based. There are a few abstracts for some of the links below. Coercive control is the latest weapon aimed at destroying men. Be warned, It’s coming soon to a police station near you. False allegations have long been used by women to obtain violence orders to get men thrown out of their […]

Mothers Are Fit And Able Regardless

Fri 17th March 2023:

Fathers are treated as so unimportant that whoever wrote and authorized this article didn’t see any need to explain why the father(s) of these children were not caring for them when the mother was a meth addict and had already been found to neglect them. In fact, the article didn’t mention father at all. Perhaps […]

The Rise of Father Absence and Its Attendant Social Ills

Thu 9th March 2023:

Fatherless children are at higher risk of delinquency that undermines their own prospects and disrupts the communities in which they reside. Published by David C. Geary at Quillette 7th March 2023 Men’s investment in their children is one of the most remarkable features of the human family. Such investment might not seem unusual to readers […]

Misandry in Workplace Sexual Harassment

Tue 7th March 2023:

So, a male senior medical officer (i.e. highly trained, highly experienced and in short supply) communicates some suggestive texts and comments to a female junior doctor who has responded in kind on a number of occasions. The female then feels uncomfortable about the communications and complains to her supervisor. When then confronted by the hospital […]

Is Coster All Cuddles

NZ Police Commissioner Andrew “Cuddles” Coster in time will be seen as having served in one of the most dramatic upheavals in the country’s history. This should also be seen as a period of rapid social change where the shift in gender issues is yet to be recognized and discussed. Inadequate, partisan and ideological media […]

Judge Judy on Fathers’ Rights

Sat 4th March 2023:

This is a special message for mothers, bias feminist family court judges, and the legislators. If you want gangs instead of families, carry on with your program. If you want men and boys in prison rather than being productive citizens, carry on with destroying father’s rights. If you want to destroy a families’ wealth by […]

One Year On

Thu 2nd March 2023:

One year on from the end of the parliamentary protest March 2nd, 2022. The Ferals of Parliament Lawn It was the beginning of the end for Jacinda Ardern. Part way through the protest, Matt King’s defence and police mandate case in the high Court went against the government. The clash between police and the public […]

45% Of older women will be single & Childless by 2030!

Tue 28th February 2023:

Link to NZ’s path to United Nations Agenda 2030 – Dr Muriel Newman Last year, the then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the guest speaker at a private gathering in New York hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates. Ardern said “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the […]

Without Fear but Plenty of Favour

Sat 25th February 2023:

Young woman who drove drunk and kicked a police officer walks from court with clean slate WTF?! Some cases of compassion towards female offenders might be supported if, and only if, male offenders would have the same chance of being shown compassion, but of course that’s not the case. However, it’s difficult under any circumstances […]

Another extreme feminist and ideologist is tossed out

Thu 16th February 2023:

Sturgeon Quits Hot on the heals of Ardern, Sturgeon no longer has the support to rule over others. I am reminded Mr Alex Salmond was the First Minister of Scotland until a false allegation ended his career. Sturgeon put the boot in publicly. Just look at the massive number of down arrows. The world is […]

Dilworth Shame

Tue 7th February 2023:

Article in NZ Herald In a statement, Dilworth Trust Board chairman Aaron Snodgrass said: “While this is a step towards justice for Old Boy survivors, nothing we can do today can undo the past. The Trust Board is deeply saddened and disappointed this offending occurred.”

The Duluth Model – Why the narrator calls them feminists bigots

Mon 6th February 2023:

I did not agree with the swastika. But after viewing the clip I can draw a parallel between racism and the hate and persecution of the male gender. I took a closer look and realised it is a combination of the symbol for women with the swastika in it. That was the moment I understood, […]

Sat 4th February 2023:

OK so you might recall I posted a video on an Australian senator inquiry into and review of the family law and courts in OZ. There were 29 submissions. 29 Recommendation here This is just a follow up on what happened to that inquiry. Lee Derrickson reports 1. The government removed all the tragic […]

Teenage Murderers

Sat 28th January 2023:

This Court of Appeal judgement quashed the life sentences of three teenage murderers and replaced them with finite sentences and shorter non-parole periods.

What Men Have Lost

Wed 25th January 2023:

I’m cautious about memes, they can often have multiple meanings and liking them reflects your personal point of view, and sometimes not what the meme is trying to achieve. Sometimes one that I think has a genuine well intentioned perspective will catch my eye, such as this one. Feminists have wasted our time.

NZ Media Again

Tue 24th January 2023:

The spiraling insanity around the resignation of New Zealand’s prime minister has reached epic levels of exaggeration and misinformation. It’s important to realise how damaged New Zealand’s media industry currently is and that this situation does represent an embarrassing circumstance for many people in the industry. When Ardern herself made a statement

2 Sorry Letters

Mon 23rd January 2023:

Before he took his life a man wrote 2 letters to his beloved children the family court said he could no longer be part of their lives. Dear Cathy, I hope that one day you’ll be able to understand. Take care of your sister. I’ll always love you. Dad. Princess, I’m so sorry. You’ll learn […]

Jacinda Quits

Fri 20th January 2023:

Jacinda Ardern is quitting as New Zealand prime minister ahead of this year’s election saying she no longer has “enough in the tank” to lead. If you don’t have anything nice to say, best to say nothing at all – what your mother would say? Frankly, I can find very little to say about Ardern […]

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