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Power and Control

Sun 25th December 2022:

A century before Duluth.

SUPERVISED CONTACT IS STATE-IMPOSED PARENTAL ALIENATION. Supervisor agency says 80% of fathers simply don’t need supervised access.

Wed 23rd November 2022:

Bettina talks with lawyer Michael Jose about our shameful supervised contact services whereas the family law system conspires with a malicious mother to teach the children that their father is dangerous. That the children might be hurt if that supervisor is not there to protect them. Michael Jose says I think it’s one of the […]

The Rugby World Cup

Fri 11th November 2022:

Radio NZ and other mainstream media are referring to ‘The Rugby World Cup’ final being held this weekend. Actually, it’s the Women’s Rugby World Cup, but that qualification is now deliberately avoided to try to elevate the significance of this tournament as equal to or greater than the established Rugby World Cup.

Parental Rights vs Presumed Best Interests of the Child

Mon 24th October 2022:

A couple of current news stories deserve comment. Firstly, this story tells of a Family Court judge who decided it was in the best interests of the child to order in favour of mummy’s preference to send a 5-year-old daughter to a school closer to mummy’s place even though her siblings all went to a […]

Dame Bettina Arndt interviewed.

Sun 16th October 2022:

Dame Bettina Arndt at her best.

Government reveals changes from 2018 Family Court review will take up to 10 years.

In 2019 a Government report prompted change to the family court system. Andrew Little said “There are incredible delays in the family court and particularly where children are concerned, that’s not fair. The children can’t sit around for 12 months waiting for their parents to sort out their issues, that’s too longer period of time […]

Tough love dad arrested and charged.

Thu 13th October 2022:

Out of control child disciplined by dad. Child calls separated mum – mum tells child to call police. See video to find out what happen next.

Domestic Violence – All women must be believed.

Tue 11th October 2022:

In NSW Australia. * Husband has doubts about his wife sincerity wants. Consults a lawyer. * Husband comes home to find his home wrecked. * His wife said to him, “you think you are smart, and you are talking to lawyers about me. Now see what i can do to you” * Wife runs to […]

Debunking Shaken Baby Syndrome

Since the 1980s, thousands of parents whose children have died have been charged with murder because a doctor testifies that they have violently shaken their baby. These “expert witnesses” would demonstrate in court by vigorously shaking a doll. In 1986 Dr John Plunkett was one of the first to question the validity this syndrome. a […]

Jordan Peterson – Says young men are alienated.

Sun 9th October 2022:

Jordan talks about how young men are demoralised with casual insults from women. When asked to explain why he supports men he becomes emotionally upset and said the now marginalised, alienated young men should have a voice and women are opposed to that.

Peter Ellis – NOT GUILTY – Psychiatrist Karen Zelas Mislead Court.

Fri 7th October 2022:

News Link Here Postcast here 30 Years of court battles. Why so long? Who is answerable to Peter Ellis injustice? Judge blames psychiatrist Karen Zelas * The Supreme Court has ruled convictions on sex charges against Peter Ellis were based on a miscarriage of justice. * Ellis was not alive to hear the rulings. He […]

Lee Smith

Fri 30th September 2022:

Matt King finished the evening by bringing the speakers together for a Q and A session. Smith was asked for her thoughts on Education and advocated for greater parental involvement, back to basics on numeracy and literacy, and better trades training for the boys. Full details available

The war on men – Could it be its all about the reduction of men on the planet? The reduction of waste?

Sat 24th September 2022:

Ever thought if some of the laws we in the west have to abide with are unreasonable? Is there something not right about that? Clear examples of this are here. – If a woman moves into your home after 3 years or less if she has a child, she owns half of what you spent […]

NZ Rugby penalised $280,000 for not placing 40% woman on its board

Tue 13th September 2022:

NEWS LINK HERE – NZ penalised $280,000 for not reaching gender diversity targets on its board NZ government mandated 40% women on boards quota by December 2021. You know, there is a lot of laws being passed by Ardern I do not agree with. How about just choosing the best person for the job? If […]

The Return Of The King(s)

Sat 10th September 2022:

News Link Here For the first time in 70 years a man is the Sovereign of this nation. After him another man, and another man after that. PM Ardern wants to be the source of all power by becoming a republic. She wants her face stamped on bank notes and coins. For a women that […]

Barry Soper

Thu 8th September 2022:

Congratulations? We can say that as it wasn’t an accident, and old Bazza seems pretty chuffed with himself. Just to allay any concerns, he is married and wife Heather is only half his age. Barry is better known for

A Rising Rage

Regeneration rather than the next generation. The next generation is in a state of turmoil, and various forms of political rage. This particular outrage was attached to a tweet from Chris Luxon (Not a political broadcast) I can understand his concerns about education though, when you see this out of the mouths of the next […]

In the case of Brett Power

Wed 7th September 2022: Link Court Case: Hawea 23rd of September. At least he’s getting quick access to justice. Not guilty trial in the same month.

Dad Joke Day

Sun 4th September 2022:

Hit us with your best “Dad Joke”

Father And Son – Flight of the Conchords

Sat 3rd September 2022:

Trigger Warning: the lyrics of this song may cause distress to a father in the throes of a traumatic separation. But it is also very funny, so I hope it will give some of you a laugh on Father’s Day.

Jordan Peterson is coming to NZ in November 2022

Fri 2nd September 2022:

Jordan Peterson is coming to New Zealand in November 2022. If you attend, you will be in good company as the person sitting next to you is likely to think the same as you. Nov. 17th 2022 – Christchurch, NZ | Christchurch Town Hall Nov. 19th 2022- Auckland, NZ | Spark Arena Nov. 21st 2022- […]

The Importance Of Fathers

Wed 31st August 2022:

US Statistics 75% Of long term correctional facilities inmates are from father absent households 90% Of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. Children from fatherless homes are; 120% Greater risk of being endangered by some type of child abuse. 4.6x More likely to commit suicide 10.8x More likely to commit rape 15.5x […]

Mahelino Patelesio

Courage Under Fire … is a story that starts out in another place: Imagine yourself with a partner and two children living the quiet life in a tropical paradise when the local village-council announces that, you must be jabbed with a needle of their choosing, in order to remain part of the community. If you […]

The Witches Coven

Mon 29th August 2022:

AM I A MISOGYNIST? … no, i’m just a witch doctor. If you’ve been paying attention, and not that you should need to, but if you have been watching New Zealand news lately with a WTF is going on, running through your mind, it’s because you’re watching the most disturbing media spectacle we’ve seen in […]

Suitcase Homicides

Sat 27th August 2022: Who was mum about this one?

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